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Biographical Information
Full name: Sadie Swenson
Gender: Female
Hair color: Honey blonde
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): College student (formerly)
Sorority sister (formerly)
Inmate (briefly; wrongful arrest)
Asylum patient (formerly; wrongful arrest)
Sperm bank worker (formerly)
Medical student (formerly)
Executive Producer
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Chanel #3
Dr. #3 (by herself)
Mom; Dirty Helen (by Hester)
Nut-bag #3 (by Cathy)
Dead Inside (by Ingrid)
Relationship Information
Family: Charles Manson (biological father)
Mr. Swenson (adoptive father)
Kristy Swenson (mother)
Charles Manson Jr. (paternal half-brother)
Valentine Manson (paternal half-brother)
Freddy Swenson (maternal half-brother)
Miss. Swenson (maternal half-sister)
Rosalie Willis (ex step-mother)
Leona Stevens (ex step-mother)
Relationships: Mr. Swenson's friend (boyfriend; deceased)
Unnamed university student (ex-boyfriend)
Chad Radwell (one-night-stand; deceased)
Sam (kissed; deceased)
Asylum Nurse (ex-girlfriend)
Dr. Cassidy Cascade (boyfriend; deceased)
Friends: The Chanels
Catherine Hobart (deceased)
Zayday Williams
Dr. Brock Holt
Enemies: Red Devil
Boone Clemens (deceased)
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Jane Hollis (deceased)
Freddy Swenson
Mr. Swenson
Wes Gardner (deceased)
Green Meanie
Frenemies: Hester Ulrich
Cathy Munsch
Grace Gardner
Victims: Chanel Oberlin (survived)
Hester Ulrich (survived)
Cathy Munsch (survived; x2)
Boss: Chanel Oberlin
Cathy Munsch (formerly)
Employees: Denise Hemphill (formerly)
Other Information
Interests: Fashion
Cotton Balls
Snapchat Filters
Recycling Blood
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
The Chanels
Weaknesses: Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
The ghost of Dead Gay Boone
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Elmwood Community College
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneSeason Two
Episode count: 23
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Billie Lourd
If it was possible for me to feel anything, I would totally be crying right now.
—Chanel #3 to Sam[src]

Sadie Swenson, better known as Chanel #3, is a main character on Scream Queens. She is one of Chanel Oberlin's minions, and a former member of Kappa Kappa Tau.

At the end of Season One, she, Chanel, and Chanel #5 are sentenced to life at the Palmer Insane Asylum after being framed for the Red Devil murders by Hester Ulrich. Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families. In Season Two, they are hired by Cathy Munsch to work as medical students in her hospital, where yet another series of murders take place. Afterwards, #3 becomes the executive producer for Chanel's TV show, Lovin' the C.

She is portrayed by Billie Lourd.



Chanel #3 with Chanel and Chanel #5

Chanel #3 is introduced as one of Chanel Oberlin's minions (along with Chanel #2 and Chanel #5), who calls her Chanel #3 because she does not know her real name and does not want to, possibly because she's too lazy. She is part of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. During her first scene, she is watching Chanel #1 sleeping with the other Chanels and after she wakes up, #3 shows her a bag to use which #1 rejects, even after all of the bags have been shown to her. After #2 leaves for a colonic, #3 is present when Chanel makes fun of Ms. Bean while she is cleaning the floor of the house of Kappa Kappa Tau. #3 says that all the things #1 says are hilarious, and #1 thanks her.

After dean Cathy Munsch announces that this year every girl who wishes to become a pledge will be accepted at the KKT rush party, Chanel #3 does not look pleased. Scenes later, #2, #3, and #5 notify #1 that there's a "creepy collage" in Ms. Bean's room. #1 gets really angry and says she wants to kill Ms. Bean, but this is just part of a prank that no one knows about so the new Kappa pledges get scared and quit the sorority, however, Chanel #2 likes the collage. However, #1 accidentally kills Ms. Bean for real, so Chanel #3 and the other Kappa sisters get really scared. Grace Gardner attempts to tell the police what Chanel Oberlin did, but she blackmails #3 and most of the other members to say that Grace was the one who killed Ms. Bean if she dares to say a word. They all later put Ms. Bean's dead body in a freezer, which disappears.

Subsequently, the Chanels are doing a blood oath to promise to not say what they witnessed earlier, where Chanel #3 reveals that she has HPV (human papilloma virus). Chanel #1 gets shocked and asks why she got it, but #2 interrupts says that she cannot keep the secret of what happened to Ms. Bean, and says that she is going home, leaving the other Chanels surprised, but while packing she is murdered by Red Devil. When they find the body, #3 and #5 seem concerned, but #1 thinks that #2's death is the solution of all her problems, because that would prove that she did not kill Ms. Bean (#1 thinks that Ms. Bean killed #2) and she will remain with her popularity. Chanel #3 is confused because she does not find #2's death amazing, and says that then there's no reason why they should not call the police, but #1 grabs her phone and throws it away because the police would never believe that Ms. Bean was resurrected and is now killing everyone one by one. They decide to keep her body in that room.

The "Hell Week" from their sorority begins, but #1 goes for a cup of coffee with Grace and leaves #5 and #3 in charge. Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 buried the pledges Hester, Zayday, Sam, Jennifer, and Tiffany up to their heads. They leave them alone to spend the night buried (which is to help them get close) , but the Red Devil later appears with a lawnmower and drives towards the girls. Since she is deaf, Tiffany does not notice the Red Devil until it is too late, and she thinks instead of screaming, they are singing a Taylor Swift song and starts singing, and she ends up getting her head mowed off.

Hell Week

Chanel #3 is present when dean Cathy Munsch introduces Detective Chisolm to the Kappa Kappa Tau girls. She is not very pleased when the Dean tells them that they cannot go out of the campus, but has to stay in the sorority house.

The Chanels later discuss they should do something with #2's body soon before Detective Chisolm finds it. Chanel #5 says that they should feed a pig with her body, and Chanel #3 thinks they should give her as food to one of her uncle's animals of his farm, but #1 rejects both ideas, thinking that they are stupid. Suddenly, Hester Ulrich appears behind them and says that she knows what they should do because she is obsessed with death. #3 quickly insists that #2 is not dead, just sleeping. Hester gives the insane ideas of putting her in food processor or boning her, but #1 decides to put her in the same freezer where they put Ms. Bean's body. At the freezer, Hester says to them if she can call them "mom" because she feels so protected by the three of them, and #3 says that is a new pop culture trend where young women desperately in need of role models call other girls they look up to "mom". Later, Gigi introduces Officer Denise Hemphill to Chanel #1, #3, and #5, who has rather odd methods in protecting the girls from the killer.

The Chanels then continue their reign of terror as they continue "hell week" for the new pledges. They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes. Afterwards, Boone goes talk to The Chanels and says to Chanel Oberlin that he knows that she is going to tell everyone about his real sexuality and ruin his reputation, because she found out about his homosexuality scenes before. Boone explains that he wants to come out on his own and later join Kappa Kappa Tau, and this makes The Chanels laugh. Chanel #5 and Chanel #3 decline his offers really quick, but #1 ultimately likes the idea.

Chanel is writing things on the bellies of the Kappa pledges, but later is attacked by Red Devil and Chanel #3 seems worried for her. The Kappa girls go to check if the Red Devil is still in the house. When they enter to a room, they see "SLUTS WILL DIE" written on the wall and scream horrified. In the last "hell week" dinner, the Kappa girls are fighting about who is the killer, but they are interrupted by Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell announcing that Shondell and Boone are dead, leaving Chanel #3 preoccupied.


Everyone is seen walking with candles towards the campus at night, because Dean Cathy Munsch has an announcement. Chanel #3 is trying to light her candle, and Sam arrives and lights her candle with hers. #3 asks if she is is hitting on her, but Sam says that she is only trying to make friends, but later reveals that she spied on her last night when she was changing her clothes and noticed that #3 has a tattoo that says "8/69", and asks what it means. #3 says that Sam looks really cool, but tells her to not ask a lot of questions. Later, Sam is present when Dean Munsch introduces the new Wallace University mascot, Coney.

Sam is hanging a picture of a woman on a motorcycle in her room when Chanel #3 enters and says she wants to be good friends and tells Sam her secret, which is she found out her father was not her real father and her real father is Charles Manson. She says they should be "ali-buddies" to back each other up if another murder occurs. They are later seen talking together until #3 interrupts their conversation to reveal to the other girls that she also dated Chad Radwell. #3 is seen surprised when Chanel Oberlin introduces Hester Ulrich as Chanel #6, after she gets a makeover. At the end of the episode, Chanel #3 is seen scared when after Gigi got attacked by Red Devil.

Haunted House

The Chanels and Jennifer staring at Chanel as the police take her to the station

Chanel #3 briefly appears at the "Chanel-o-ween" video at the beginning of the episode, preparing the Halloween presents for Chanel Oberlin's fans. She is later seen carving Charles Manson's face on a pumpkin. After Zayday Williams announces that she is going to run for president of Kappa house and will make a Halloween party to raise money for sickle cell anemia to show that she is a serious candidate, #3 is seen really shocked. This makes Chanel #1 be worried about her position in the house as president, so she is really sad in her closet sharpening knives. #3 and #5 comfort her giving her the idea of making a party at a haunted pumpkin patch that will raise money for the "black hairy tongue" decease, so this will make everyone vote for Chanel at the elections. This makes #1 very grateful and the three of them share a hug. While giving the invitations for the party, #3 reveals that the main reason she joined Kappa was because she did not know who she was before joining. The Chanels are later eating cotton balls, so they will not gain weight, but Chanel #1 is tired of that and decides to go and get some pizza, but a guy named Tommy and his friend Rick interrupt them saying really sexist comments, this makes the girls get angry and start to a fight with them, kicking and punching them. When the both guys are lying on the floor with pain, everyone starts to clap at the girls, celebrating what they did to defend their rights as women. At the end of the episode in Kappa house, Cathy Munsch and Detective Chisolm are naming the bodies that were found at Zayday's party in the Shady Lane house. They forget to mention Chanel #2, so #5 reminds them about her and #3 says that she thinks that #2 was think that she was in the Art History class with her.

Pumpkin Patch

Chanel #3 to Grace about Zayday's abduction

Chanel takes the Chanels to meet her party planner for the Pumpkin Patch and the Chanels were tasked to hire musicians, Chanel #3 tried to get Fergie but got Sarah Ferguson instead. Chanel then takes the Chanels to show off her costume of Jackie Kennedy and that the Chanel's will be dressing up as the wives' of Fallen Presidents. Cathy Munsch gather the Dickie Dollar Scholars and Kappa Kappa Tau to tell them that she is going to close down campus. But Chad gives a speech about "courage".

Chanel #3 was seen alongside Hester, Jennifer and #5 when Chanel is blamed for Ms. Bean's murder and is arrested. Grace and Pete go over to talk to the Chanels, who are having lunch. They try to reason a change in the house since Chanel is arrested, and try to help find Zayday, but Chanel #3 says that she is next in line to be the leader. Angry with Grace and Pete's pleas, #3 slams her hands on the table and talk about if they do search for Zayday during a curfew then that would give Cathy a reason to end the sorority and orders them to leave.

Chanel #3 and Sam go to bail Chanel out of prison. Later on, Chanel has begun the voting for Kappa without Zayday. Zayday then busts in threw the room and reveals that the Red Devil kidnapped her and put her in a pit and also reveal that the Red Devil prepared her a dinner date but escaped once she stabbed him in the hand with a fork. Grace then walks in and hug Zayday. But Chanel then says it is time to vote for the next president of Kappa Kappa Tau.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Sam and Chanel #3 kissing

The episode picks up right where it left off as the girls continue to vote for the next KKT president. Grace asks what happens if it is a tie and #3 responds that it has never happened before but Kappa laws state that they must rule together. Jennifer then confirms that it is a tie and Chanel is not happy about the reveal and blames #5 for her placement. After Chanel storms off, Chanel #3 and #5 go find her in her closet and find a crying Chanel who then turns to laughter as she reveals that she voted for Zayday. She then goes on to reveal that she wanted to relief her responsibilities to decrease her risk of being Red Devil's next target, saying that she does not want to be the leader in a time of crisis. But then says that she was hoping that the Chanels would betray her but says that being co-president works out even better. Chanel then confirms that the pumpkin patch were all plans to get Zayday killed, and selfishly save her own. She calls #3 out for being a hypocrite when she was looking for protection from Sam and #3 says that she just likes hanging out with her and that she is cool to talk too. Chanel then instruct the Chanels to phase #2.

When Zayday announces a plan to have a slumber party, Chanel is unhappy with this and #3 defends Zayday's plans and thinks it is a brilliant idea because she wants to play "spin the bottle" and Grace says that playing truth or dare will be much fun (to find out who the killer is) but #3 becomes more aggressive as she demands to play spin the bottle and calls to a vote, making the slumber party possible.

During a game off spin the bottle, Chanel #3 takes her turn as she hopes it lands on Sam to explore her confusing feelings towards her, but lands on Grace instead. But then calls out a new rule that "you can re-spin". Spinning again the bottle lands on Sam and they both make out. Later Chanel #3 meets Sam in the bathroom and #3 mentions her confusing sex life as she reveals that one guy she dated got so obsessed with her ears that he threatened to cut them off, thus she wears earmuffs. But goes on to say because she is Charles Manson's daughter, it makes it hard for people to fall in love with her as it drives them insane and why her and Sam may never fall in love. Leaving the bathroom, she says if she had feelings she would cry.

Later she is seen making s'mores with the Chanels, using packing peanuts. Jennifer and Sam reveal that all the windows and doors are locked. Grace goes on to reveal that her father might have done this with the system security for their protection and #3 says that he is a horrible parent. But Chanel thinks it is the killer hacking into her security system. Chanel then calls Chad to help them. However during their break in to help them, Caulfield is killed by Red Devil.

The Dickie Dollar Scholars and Kappa Kappa Tau then gather to play truth or dare in order to find out who the killer is. Grace then asks Sam truth or dare? Sam picks truth as Grace asks "what is Chanel #3's deepest, darkest secret". Chanel #3 is convinced that Sam is gonna reveal that she has feelings for her. During Sam's answer, #3 blurts out her confession, however Sam reveals that #3's biological father is Charles Manson, shocking everyone about both revelations. Chad accuses #3 of being the killer, which she denies and is furious about Sam's failure to keep her true parentage a secret. Chanel #3 then angrily asks Sam truth or dare? Sam picks dare and #3 dares her to go downstairs to visit the creepy Kappa house basement and take a nap in the bathtub, which she agrees.

During a break from the game, #3 goes to confront Sam, saying that she trusted her and all her feelings for Sam now are rage. She then orders Sam to sit in the bathtub, gives her the keys and she walks away, where Sam is killed by Red Devil.

The next day, Detective Chisolm reveals plans to have around the clock protection on the house and Cathy Munsch reveals to Zayday that she's happy about this because she can alert parents to allow their children to continue going to Wallace University as long as they are not a Kappa or affiliated with them then the college can resume. Chanel #3 then comforts #5 about Rodger and Dodger's passing and #5 says that she is sorry about Sam's passing. Chanel #3 then says that she misses her and still loves her and #5 asks her if she's a lesbian but #3 denies this and confesses that while kissing Sam, she did not care what gender she was and that she is in love with love, indicating that #3 is pansexual rather than bisexual. She then vows to just admit her loving feelings to someone. Chanel #5 is upset that Chanel accused her off having teeth in her vagina and #3 says that she'll find a man who would love her for who she is and vow to out live Chanel. Chanel later gather the house and bought them gifts, revealing to be pink nun-chucks for protection. Zayday then goes on to finish the slumber party that they did not finish with a dance party.

Beware of Young Girls

At Chanel #2's funeral, she privately apologizes at the open-casket for taking her clothes after her death. She is later seen participating in the Ouija board to communicate with the spirit of Chanel #2. Chanel #2 reveals that Chad is cheating on her, to which Chanel discovers is not true and tells the girls her discovery and decide to do the Ouija board again, only for Chanel #2 to claim that Chanel is the Red Devil, and the Chanels make a pact to kill Chanel shortly after. However, during the night. Chanel is visited in a dream, by Chanel #2 whom wants to apologize and reveal the Chanels plans to kill her.

Chanel later gathers the Chanels and reveals to them that she knows about their plans to kill her and that they should discover whom the real killer is as Chanel does not believe that the real killer is Feather McCarthy who had just gotten accused of the murders. Chanel thinks that the real killers are Grace and Zayday.

In the final moments of the episode, the Chanels watch over Grace and Zayday from the balcony as they walk into the house.

Mommie Dearest

The Chanels are seen in the living room together discussing Zayday and Grace as the killers. Chanel #3 then goes to the kitchen to see Denise Hemphill, whom reveals that she moved into Kappa house. Chanel #3 then makes a bet with Denise to prove that Zayday is the killer, which she agrees. Denise then updates the Chanels in her investigation on Zayday as the killer, but came up nothing. She then asks for an advance in her resources, to which Chanel leaves the room, with Denise and the Chanels following her.

However, they smell something burning and discover a dead Jennifer whom got turned into a human candle. Later Dean Munsch holds a moment of silence for Jennifer and the Chanels are setting up candles under an oak tree for her. The Dean also says that she is closing down the university.

Denise is then seen dressed as a Chanel, giving orders to the girls, however Chanel walks in and is unhappy with Denise's announcement because she is still in charge as Kappa co-president.

Ghost Stories

Boone scaring Chanel #3

The beginning of the episode shows Boone Clemens continuing pretending to be Joaquin Phoenix, however his disguise falls off as Chanel #3 encounters him. As Boone is trying to explain himself, #3 believes Boone to be a "ghost" coming back to haunt her, which he continues to pretend to act as #3 runs away in fear. Later, #3 is seen joined by the other Chanels in Chanel's closet for a last meeting before the campus closes down. Chanel reveals to them that she is invited to spend thanksgiving with the Radwell's. Denise makes the chanels pack their clothes in bubble wrap, however as Denise continues to pop the bubble wrap, #3 panics and reveals that she is haunted by "dead gay Boone" and she is terrified. However, Denise does not help the situation as she plans to reveal her own "ghost stories".

Denise meets with the Chanels after being attacked in the bathroom by the Red Devil. However, instead of leaving early Denise wants to hear a ghost story to calm herself down, which Hester agrees to tell them one about the killer in the backseat urban legend.

After Zayday and Grace have a run in with Boone, they go downstairs to reveal that he is not actually dead which confuses #3 and Chanel #5 reveals that she is leaving before she is next to die, which the rest of the Chanels and Denise appear okay with her leaving. #6 later returns to campus after being attacked by the Red Devil. While the others talk about what to do, Chanel #3 has a panic attack and asks someone to tell a ghost story to calm herself down. However Hester comes in and reveals that she is pregnant with Chad's child.

Chanel gathers #3 and #5 to apologize to them for taking their friendship for granted and #3 accepts her apology. Chanel reveals her plan to get rid of Hester by killing her and needs ideas to kill her. Later on, Chanel invites Hester to take any clothes she wants from her closet and the other Chanels also invite her to try some sushi, cheese and champagne when Chanel reveals that these were tricks to reveal that she is not really pregnant, but Hester claims to have not known that they are damaging to a pregnancy. But Chanel wants her to pee on every single pregnancy stick they have. But Hester reveals that she was never pregnant as part of a plan to go to the Hamptons in Chanels place for thanksgiving, where she'll be trying to get pregnant. Chanel chases after Hester to apologize to her for feeling like an outcast, when the other Chanels follow her. Chanel then reveals that her apology was a lie when she pushes Hester down the stairs where she dies.


Chanel #3 arrives home for Thanksgiving, and talks about in voice-over how Swenson family thanksgivings are disappointing. When she enters the house, she is greeted by her mother and they go to see her father and brother, Freddie, whom are watching a football game in lazy boy chairs with TV dinners, and because #3 was late, her father orders her to sit in the back with the help. While sitting at her tray, she gets upset and demands she is leaving because her family's lack of interest in her life. She goes back to Kappa house, referring it to as "home". She enters hearing chopping and slicing sounds, and goes to investigate, arming herself along the way. She sees a dead turkey in the kitchen and screams, but is interupted by Dean Munsch. Chanel #3 then decides to join Cathy for thanksgiving at Kappa.

Chanel #3 is seen helping Dean Munsch cook the thanksgiving dinner with Zayday. Cathy reveals plans for a game during dinner. The game is revealed to guess who they think the Red Devil killer is? Cathy guess the Red Devil killer as Boone and Chanel #3, which shocks #3. Cathy then refers back to the night of Gigi's chainsaw attack when noticed #3 running up the backstairs of the house, which she thought was suspicious, and #3 professes her innocence by says that she does not like to use the bathroom upstairs and prefers to wait until everyone is asleep. Cathy then goes on to believe that #3 lied about Charles Manson being her father. Cathy then proceeds on calling the police, but #3 interrupts her and says that she would like to play the game and says that the killer is Cathy. Cathy then allows #3 to prove that she, herself is the killer, when Chanel #5 joins them. Chanel #3 then continues with her theory that Cathy is the killer; because she hates Kappa and allowed "losers" to join the sorority, to which Grace says that #3 has a good point, pointing out that she could have known where the bathtub twins are and used them as her killers. Cathy denies this and Zayday refers back to Sophia's death and that Cathy could have plotted revenge for 20 years. Grace continues to believe that Cathy waited for her because she was Bethany's daughter in order for her revenge to take place. Chanel #3 then continues and noticed that Cathy had a balony sandwhich, which Grace realizes that Cathy is supposed to be allergic and believes that she was responsible for her ex-husband's murder. Chanel #5 then realizes that balony is deli meat which is in her stuffing that Cathy is eating and #3 says that there is meat in the wine that Cathy is drinking also, and that she is going to call the police. Wes then interrupts them and believes that the killer is Grace.

Chanel #3 and #5 join the others in the living room, where #5 believes that Grace could be the killer because it would fit with her horrible determined personality and #3 agrees, saying that she was obsessed with her mother and #5 believes that Grace already knew about her mother's identity and plotted revenge to redeem her mother's greatest shame. Pete then joins them and reveals that Zayday has been live tweeting the events and that Grace is not the killer, but Wes continues with his theories and refers to Mandy, whom no one knew where she was for 20 years and died after coming in contact with Grace. Grace claims that Pete was also there. It is revealed that Grace visited Kappa house when Melanie Dorkus' spray tanned was replaced with acid, and was met by Chanel #3 and #5 who kicked her out. It is also revealed that Grace was talking to someone one night when Wes followed her. It was, however revealed to be Pete in the Red Devil costume because he's the mascot. Pete then believes that Wes is the killer because he did not want Grace to join the sorority and knew about the secret tunnels. It is also revealed that Wes was in the meat lockers to steal the meat, but claimed to have never found a body. It is also revealed that Wes is Boone's father, which also makes him the father of the Red Devil, but Wes did not know that it was his children. After the air clears up, they decide to all finally celebrate thanksgiving, when Chanel joins them after a horrible dinner with the Radwells.

As Chanel thanks everyone to join her for thanksgiving and reveals the turkey, they all scream in horror as it is revealed that Gigi's decapitated head is in the platter.

Black Friday

At the beginning of the episode, Chanel reveals her love for Black Friday because of the cheap shopping sales to buy friends and easily manipulate them, showing in a flashback that Chanel bought #3 and #5 presents for Christmas, the latter recieving black toilet paper, while Chanel awards herself with a her own present. The Chanels begin to leave for their shopping spree but are forbidded to go by Cathy, saying that the police want to question everyone about Gigi's death, but Chanel says that it would be hard to track the killer since everyone was in the ktichen at some point and leave to go to the mall. 

While at the mall, Chanel asks #3's opinion on what to get #5 for Christmas. But #5 reveals her disappointment that Chanel ruins the gift surprise before they get it and also cheap outfits. Chanel realizes that they should mean alot to her because they are her best friends and leave to buy expensive gifts elsewhere. However, the mall closes, locking them inside and they go to find an exit but are trapped as they are caught and chased by the Red Devil. Chanel leads the other Chanels away to safety, while she goes to confront the Red Devil, saying that she knows that it is Dean Munsch and for the killer to shoot her as away to anger her and the killer shoots her in the shoulder, but as the killer closes in to finish killing her, Denise comes into the rescue, revealing that she is the new chief of police while the Red Devil kills a male co-worker of Denise's and gets away.

Chanel gathers the sisters at Kappa house and reveals her suspicion that Dean Munsch is the killer. While all the Kappas agree that Dean Munsch is the killer, except Zayday. Chanel proposes that they kill her to prevent anymore murders. Zayday disagrees with the plan and is shocked when Grace agrees with Chanel and plans to stand by her plan. Grace and Chanel then propose that they murder her.

To trick Dean Munsch into drinking the poison, it is revealed in a flashback that they went through her online profile and discovers her love for apple cider. In another flashback, it is revealed that they used puffer fish poison, which #3 reveals would kill a single person in minutes.

Chanel later asks for updates on Dean Munsch's status, but she's not yet died from the poison. Grace decides to cancel her plans because there is still not enough evidence for her to be the killer, but Chanel decides to kick Grace out of Kappa with the rest of the Chanels in agreement. Zayday then reveals her change of heart that although murder is wrong, they still have to stop Dean Munsch, whom is "obviously the killer".

The Chanels and Zayday later trick Dean Munsch to join them for a sauna but in reality they put her in a cyrogenic booth, where Dean Munsch freezes, but when they open the door, she did not die, much to Chanel's disappointment. The Chanels and Zayday discuss new ways to kill Dean Munsch and why she did not die and they eventually decide to drown her instead.

Chanel #3, #5 and #6 go to the store, and they so get caught up in an argument with a sales clerk that they do not notice Chanel signaling them through their phones to come to the swimming pool, where they were supposed to drown Munsch. Because they failed to show up, this prompts Chanel to write an mean email to the Chanels and Zayday.


In the beginning of the episode, Pete refers to the Chanels as the real "monsters", not the Red Devil, to Grace, along with his confessions about the Kappa murders. In a flashback, it is revealed that Chanel played out her sexual fantasies with Pete, however in reality, they were meerly tricks to humilate him in front of her minions.

It is now revealed that Chanel's mean email to her Kappa sisters has been leaked and went viral as she is now known as "the most hated woman in America". When Chanel and Zayday tie up the guy posing as the Red Devil up and bring him downstairs. The Chanels come down to witness the man. It is revealed that the man is a pizza delivery man whom was knocked out by the real Red Devil killer and forced to attack Chanel and Zayday because he had dynamite strapped around him. The bomb begins to countdown as the Chanels and Zayday run for their lives and explodes, killing the man.

While the police investigate the living room of the house, Chanel #3 and #5 are in the dining room as #5 panics from what she had witnessed, however #3 tells her to move on and stop talking about the incident. Chanel walks in and tells her to stop making the situation about her and to stop wallowing in it. Chanel then goes on to reveal that she is a changed woman ever since her chat with Zayday and is planning on regaining her reputation. She comes to the conclusion that she needs to go on an apology tour, starting with Melanie Dorkus.

When the Chanels (excluding Hester) arrives to see Melanie at her house. Chanel #5 leaves because a guy swiped right for her on Tinder while Chanel goes to apologize to Melanie while #3 records it, however it is revealed that Chanel was never planning on apologizing and is intent on killing her, believing that she is the Red Devil, when Grace and Zayday walk in to stop them to reveal that Hester is the real killer.

They go back to Kappa house to put an end to Hester, and arm themselves when they hear a scream coming from upstairs. They find #5 in the bathroom, whom reveals that her tinder date was a fake profile. They go into Chanel's closet to find Hester with an heel embedded in her eye. Hester wakes up and points to #5, screaming "Red Devil, Red Devil".

The Final Girl(s)

Hester is rushed to the hospital (after planning to jam the heel in her eye), in order to get away with the Red Devil murders and continues to pin the blame on #5. While Chanel and the others, interrogate #5 as it is revealed that #3 and #5 used to be roommates in the house and she used to confess secrets in her sleep. This causes Chanel to believe that #5 murdered #2 and confessed it after having sex with Roger and Dodger, causing her to kill them. Chanel promises to have #5 executed as Denise walks in and reveals that the deceased body of Boone was found. However Grace reveals that they already knew that Pete killed him and goes on to say that #5 is not the killer because the real killer is Hester. Hester then walks into the house and reveals that there is no major damage on her eye, but Grace is adamant that Hester is the killer as she brings up her fake high school, but she lies saying that she was embarrassed because she was homeschooled. Grace continues to reveal that Pete revealed that Hester and Boone shared the same DNA, but Hester justifies that Pete could not be trusted because he confessed to being a killer and points to #5 as his partner in crime.

Hester's "parents" then arrive and it is made clear that they are actors that she hired to pretend to be her parents in order to take the scent off her. Chanel #5's parents arrive to reveal that she was adopted and that they were asked by Gigi to take care off her. It is revealed two weeks before, Hester had a meeting with #5's parents whom wanted to disown her ever since she learned how to talk. Denise then places Chanel #5 under arrest, but Hester stops her and reveals Chanel #3 as the other killer. It is revealed that the night Tiffany DeSalle died, she disappeared from the White Stallion because she had stomach issues and refused to use the bar's bathroom because it was disgusting. So she went back to Kappa house to use the bathroom. It is revealed that Hester drugged her drink before she was buried up to her neck. Hester then accuses her off murdering Sam because she saw someone running away wearing earmuffs. Hester then goes on to reveal that #3 receives letters from her father, Charles Manson, on how to kill her friends. One of the letters references an idea to strap a bomb to a pizza delivery guy. It is revealed that #3 has a split personality called "dirty Helen" whom goes to see a psychologist whom she threatened. Chanel #3 then believes that her split personality may be one of the killers. Denise then places #3 under arrest, but Hester does not end there as she pins Chanel for being a killer too as she has security footage of her buying the murder weapons at home improvement, but in reality it was Hester disguised as Chanel.

Zayday then mentions that Chanel killed Ms. Bean, but Hester was the one who turned on the fryer and #3 mentions that she also tried to kill Melanie. Chanel confesses her innocence by saying that if she was really a killer then she would have killed Grace and Zayday by now, which Hester points out by noting that she did not to cover up her tracks and Denise arrests Chanel and calls in back-up to have them taken away.

Five months later and it is revealed that the Chanels got arrested without bail and Hester, Zayday and Grace had a memorial wall build to remember the ones who got killed by Kappa when Dean Munsch approaches them to congratulate them on the memorial peace. When Grace and Zayday leave, Cathy reveals that she knew that the killer was Hester because she recognized her as the baby in the bathtub. Hester goes on to reveal that she would never kill again and that people like the Chanels are the reason why the Greek system fails. Cathy then says that she is going to turn her in but Hester blackmails her for the cover up of her mother, so Cathy decides to turn the other cheek. The Chanels are found guilty at court as it is revealed that #3's real name is Sadie Swenson and sentenced to an insane asylum. The Chanels began to fit in at the asylum as #3 found love with a lesbian nurse, #5 is put on medication which "makes her seem more tolerable" and Chanel loves staying at the asylum as Chanel got voted president. In the final moments of the episode, Chanel is attacked by the Red Devil, leaving her fate unknown (in Warts and All, it was revealed that Chad Radwell snuck into the asylum to see Chanel).

Scream Again

During a flashback to Cathy Munsch's introduction of the C.U.R.E Institute Hospital, a woman in the audience asks Cathy about the Chanels. She confesses that she hasn't thought about them for over two years, but then a Netflix documentary series turned them into a national obsession. In the documentary, it is shown that Denise Hemphill, who is now a special FBI agent, comes to the Chanels' defense by showing the jury a VHS tape of the real killer's confession. Cathy then reveals that the Chanels have not been seen since and Hester was arrested for the Red Devil murders at Wallace University.

It is then revealed that the Chanels are now poor, working manual labor jobs and live in an apartment together, after their families' disowned them for the "murders". Despite being blamed for Hester's crimes and let off, they are still being punished as everyone in the public still hates them. It's revealed that they went back to college and majored in Communication studies because it was the easiest; however, they soon discover that the qualification is worthless. Chanel Oberlin then decides that in order for them to change their image, they must do nice deeds for the community. Chanel #3 gets a job at a sperm bank and oddly enjoys working there, but despite this, they still are not enjoying their new lives, as they are still poor and exhausted. Cathy then appears to the Chanels and tells them to major as medical students and come work at her hospital, the C.U.R.E Institute Hospital.

Zayday is later seen getting her laundry when she hears a strange noise. She goes to investigate, only to discover the Chanels. Zayday isn't happy by their unsuspected arrival and screams. They claim that they are now medical students working at the hospital, after Cathy gave them a job. Zayday manages to put aside her feelings towards them and takes them to see their work clothes, but they refuse to wear them. Cathy then appears and introduces the Chanels to Brock. Cathy then goes over their job roles, and that the Chanels must only observe the doctors and must not attend the patients.

Zayday, the Chanels, Brock and Cassidy then appear to offer Catherine good news about her condition; however it's only experimental research by Zayday and not a "real doctor". Zayday then gives Catherine more information about the procedure and she eventually agrees. While talking badly about nurses, the Chanels are met by Ingrid Marie Hoffel, a nurse, who turns the tables on them and offends their status at the hospital. In addition to the Chanels making a new enemy, Zayday then calls for them to come to Cathy's office, where she reveals the incident of how they offended Catherine Hobart. Cathy makes them return to their dorms and gives them a temporary suspension until Thursday. She also reveals that they were never going to get paid, making the Chanels furious.

The Chanels give Catherine a makeover

Chanel #3 in the Chanels' apartment

Back at their apartment, Chanel reveals a plan to become "TV doctors" instead of news anchors. They then decide to get back in Cathy's good books by finding a non-dangerous cure for Catherine.

Chanel #3 with Chanel and Chanel #5

The Chanels also get new stylish uniforms and go to see Catherine without body hair for the first time, but Catherine isn't happy because she completely lost all of her hair. The Chanels then give Catherine a makeover, while Cathy and Zayday watch. Cathy is amazed by the Chanels kindness, and they go to the elevator, where #3 reveals that she thinks being a doctor is "easy". Ingrid and Cathy then appear from the other side of the elevator, where Ingrid tells them that they don't belong in the hospital, but the Chanels ignore her diss and decide to celebrate with appletinis. Cathy reveals to Ingrid that she has "plans for them", but Ingrid confesses has plans for them also.

The Chanels get changed to go home, and Chanel gives Chanel #5 the graveyard shift job. Chanel and Chanel #3 reveal that they have date plans with Dr. Brock and Dr. Cassidy Cascade. A flashback shows Chanel #3 being asked on a date by Cassidy and she agrees. #5 refuses to work the graveyard shift, and brings up how her and Chanel were best friends in the asylum. Chanel reveals that the friendship ended after she stopped taking her medication subsequent to being released. Chanel then forces #5 to make it up to her and #3 by taking the shift and becoming a better friend. Chanel #3 then calls her a "not nice person" and leaves.

Warts and All

After Chanel #5's terrifying encounter with the Green Meanie, the new serial killer who just decapitated Catherine Hobart in front of her. Chanel and Chanel #3 arrive into the room, where a crime scene investigation in taken place and are convinced that #5 killed Catherine for attention. They are also convinced that she is jealous because she is the only one without a love interest. It's also revealed that they had to cut their double dates' short because of the murder. After Chanel #5, is done showing her fundraiser video on Tyler, the Chanels give her advice to begin a relationship with him with he is still deformed, feeling that she has a better chance with him now.

After Cathy Munsch is attacked by the Green Meanie, Chanel #3 and Dr. Cassidy rush to save her but the killer had escaped, making Cathy very annoyed at #3 and Cassidy for distracting her.

Cathy and Denise Hemphill take Chanel and Chanel #3 to see Hester Ulrich in a maxim security prison. Chanel #3 compliments her "memory drawings" and reveal that they want to ask her about the new killer, the Green Meanie. She reveals that she knows who the killer is and the connection to the 1985-86 flashbacks, but has conditions before revealing the killer's identity. She wants to moved to the C.U.R.E Institute Hospital and beauty products that have been discontinued.

The Chanels then ambush #5's date with Tyler and reveal that they were testing him to make sure he can stay loyal with her, despite her flaws and also reveal the got the laser that can cure his condition.

After Chanel #5 reveals to the other Chanels that Tyler's surgery was starting early, they are confused because Dr. Brock and Cassidy left to go home, meaning that the Green Meanie has taken Tyler and has put him under the laser without any anaesthesia. The Chanels rush to save him but are too late, when Chanel comes to the conclusion that they "have another serial killer on their hands."


The episode picks up where it left of as Chanel accuses #5 of being the killer, but she denies killing Tyler. Chanel #3 then suggests that they give into Hester's demands and allow her to stay at C.U.R.E Institute Hospital, however Chanel and #5 disagree and decide to play detective and use Hester as a last resort. Chanel then decides to take Tyler's body to a meat locker, however Chanel #3 reminds Chanel of the times that Agatha Bean and Chanel #2's bodies kept disappearing. Cathy then appears and takes the Chanels with Tyler's body to the swamp at the back of the hospital and that they must not tell the police because the hospital would be shutdown.

The Chanels and Cathy visit Hester and ask her the identity of the killer and again, however Hester asks of her demands again and threatens to keep on adding to her bribe-list if they do not comply. She also tells them that body count will keep on rising. Cathy then gets a text from Chad saying that he knows who the killer is and leave the prison.

Cassidy and Chanel #3 get closer.

Chanel #3, Dr. Cassidy and Cathy are then met with a woman named Sheila Baumgartner, whom has Genital Arousal Disorder and Dr. Cassidy reveals that using anti-depression medication could suppress her condition. Later after hours, Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #3 clean up and she reveals to him that she never had an orgasm and also confesses that she never really feels anything. He also confesses that he is "dead" and reveals that he died from choking on his vomit and is cursed to walk the earth. Chanel #3 appears confused by how he is still breathing, but it's clear that Cassidy doesn't know much about his condition. They then begin to feel closer and eventually kiss.

Zayday joins the Chanels at their apartment and plays scrabble with Chanel #5 and cracked Hester's code left for Chanel about her skin revealing "nurse" as the clue. The Chanels, Zayday, Cathy and Denise then go Lynn Johnstone, the only remaining survivor of the 1986 massacre at the hospital and only survived due to being on the toilet for a really long time and was paid shush money. He also reveals that he was best friends with Nurse Thomas, who was freaked out by Halloween after what happened the year before when she murdered her patient alongside Dr. Mike. He also reveals that he recently got anonymous phone calls presumably from the killer and thinks he heard a woman's voice and thought it could have been that patients' wife or maybe her unborn child.

The Chanels, Zayday, Denise and Cathy then theorize who the killer is and come to the conclusion that it is a male who is over 6'0" tall and in his 30s. Chanel then suggests that Cassidy could be the killer. But Cathy says Chad, and Denise reveals that he was held back in elementary school for 8 years. Chanel #3 then suggests Chamberlain Jackson which shocks Zayday. Cathy then leaves in a rush to stop Chad from performing surgery.

Cassidy and #3 watch over Sheila.

Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #3 then watch over Sheila who is now cured from her disorder and but is appearing "nutty" as a side effect according to #3. Cassidy and Chanel #3 then do yoga together to try and achieve the same condition that Sheila got from when she first started doing yoga for Chanel #3. Chanel #3 then feels a slight orgasm for the first time ever.

Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #3 then perform minor surgery on Sheila's genitals so that she doesn't have to feel her condition anymore and she is now cured. Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #3 then kiss and prepare to have sex but the musical choices are making her feel emotional. She then stops him because he feels cold. He then proves to her that he is dead when a thermostat shows that he is 61 degrees.

Chanel then shows off her new engagement ring from Chad to the Chanels and Zayday and offers Chanel #3 and Zayday to be one of her bridesmaids who accept the offer and asks Chanel #5 to be the ring bearer which offends her. She also tells him that the wedding is tomorrow.

She is then seen attending Chanel and Chad's wedding, but Chad is appearing late to the alter when Chad's body falls from the ceiling, dead.

Halloween Blues

After Chad's death, Chanel #3, Zayday, Denise, Cathy, Cassidy, Brock, and Chanel #5 rush over to Chanel at the hospital's morgue to comfort her, while she is literally crying over Chad's body. The rest of the Chanels then take Chanel out of the room after Denise dismisses her. Denise then makes everyone else leave to examine the body (when in reality she wanted to be alone with the body and vows to find his killer).

Chanel #3 warns Chad's lawyer about Chanel's temper.

The Chanels then attend Chad's will reading, and it is revealed that he left all the Radwell wealth to Cathy and the C.U.R.E. Institute. The lawyer then goes on to say that Chad changed the will recently before his death and didn't leave an explanation. Chanel then begins a temper-tantrum, and Chanel #3 tells everyone to leave, but it's too late when she attacks Chad's lawyer as everyone rushes to stop her.

The Chanels then participate in Chanel's Chanel-o-ween video for 2016, but instead of her usually nice and somewhat expensive gifts, she gives her fans actual body parts that she got from the hospital.

After Dr. Brock gives Chanel medication for her rash, she wakes up the next day and screams in horror at the sight of her blue dyed skin. The rest of the Chanels then rush to her rescue.

After Chanel finds out that Brock and Cathy had sex on her wedding night, she walks away and finds someone in the hospital dressed like Ivanka Trump with a mask. She is amazed by the costume and asks the identity of the person, guessing that it's Chanel #3. However, the masked person doesn't respond and gives Chanel a death threatening gesture, before throwing an IV stand and chasing after Chanel, using the stand as her weapon. Chanel manages to escape, before the person takes of their mask, revealing that it's Hester. After Chanel is attacked by Hester disguised as Ivanka Trump, Zayday bandages a wound on Chanel's leg. As she describes the details of the costume, Chanel #3 and Zayday look at #5, whom they helped in making her Ivanka Trump costume. Chanel #3 then opens #5's closet and discovers that the costume has disappeared. They then begin to accuse #5 of being the killer, and the Chanels disown her as a friend and uninvite her to the Halloween party at the hospital.

Chanel #3 is then seen at the Halloween party with the rest of the staff. Hester appears dressed as Ivanka Trump, while Chanel #5 appears dressed as her mother. Everyone at the party becomes suspicious, as they are unaware it is Hester wearing the Ivanka costume. Suddenly, a wave of hospital patients appear in critical condition, and Hester hides away in the crowd, while the staff rush to help the patients after they were all poisoned by apples.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

The Chanels, Cathy and Zayday rush to save #5 after Chanel heard her screams, only to discover Denise's dead body and #5 injured on the floor. Cathy then tells them that they must put Denise's body in the swamp, which Zayday finds crazy, but Cathy thinks it will spare the hospital as the Green Meanie's rising body count could potentially shut down the hospital. However, they hear a scream and rush to discover bodies all around the hospital. Cathy tells the Chanels to get out of their Halloween costumes and asks Zayday to follow her.

The Chanels (with the exception of #5), Zayday, Dr. Brock and Cassidy, alongside Cathy are met with a new patient with an interesting ailment in which she keeps changing her accent. Next, Chanel and #3 are seeing washing bed pans, when Ingrid Marie Hoffel appears and gives Chanel #3 catheters to also clean. Before she leaves, she also asks #3 to get her a semen sample from a man in a coma, who's wife wants to pull the plug. Chanel then comes to the conclusion that they miss being the boss, and decide to make unattractive patients the new Chanels.

Chanel and Chanel #3 evaluate the new recruits.

Chanel and Chanel #3 put out an ad on the internet for new Chanels, but fail to find any, so decide to interview patients at the hospital instead. They get Marguerite Honeywell and Daria Janssen. But Chanel doesn't think it's enough to spare them from the Green Meanie, so decide to call in Tristan St. Pierre, the Chanels #1 fan who writes explicit fan fiction about them and sent his work while they were in prison. Three weeks later, Chanel's lawyer gives Tristan her phone number and he begins texting her, which begins to borderline stalking.

Chanel then introduces the new Chanels to #5, alongside Tristan who is not only the first male Chanel but now goes by the name "Chanel Pour-Homme". Chanel #5 isn't happy about a male joining the Chanels, and believes that Tristan is a serial killer. But Chanel ignores #5 and congratulates the new Chanels.

Chanel #3 and Dr. Cassidy talk with Penelope about her condition, when Dr. Brock Holt appears and diagnosis her with Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Chanel moves Hester back into the Chanels and she goes by #6 again, which Chanel #3 and #5 protest against it, but Chanel argues that because she was once a serial killer, it could help them avoid being killed by the Green Meanie. Chanel then asks Hester which one of the new Chanels they should use as bait for the killer. Hester tells them to use Tristan, which all but #3 agrees to, however, she accepts only if she shares a room with #5, and but protests not to kill Tristan. Chanel then changes the bait to Daria.

Chanel #3, Dr. Cassidy and Brock investigate Penelope's ailment while posing different accents, believing her they contracted her condition also. They then suggest giving her steroids which could suppress her changing accents. They discover that they also need to watch/listen to American accents to suppress the fake accents, however Cassidy has to leave.

Daria returns to the Chanels apartment, where #3 reveals to her that they are planning on having a sleepover at the hospital, with makeovers. Hester then sends Daria on a scavenger hunt in hopes that she will get murdered by the Green Meanie, however, Tristan intervenes and Daria leaves, leaving Tristan to be murdered by the Green Meanie.

The Chanels in Cathy's office.

Cathy then hires three new Chanels for Chanel in hopes it would spare her life too, but she still isn't convinced by Chanel's lies on Hester's whereabouts.

Blood Drive

Chanel #3 admits to Cathy that she recyles blood.

The episode begins with Cathy demonstrating the lack of blood within the hospital to the Chanels, Ingrid and Zayday. Chanel #3 then confesses that she has been recycling blood from the Green Meanie's victims. Chanel then suggests a blood drive to get blood donations and Cathy agrees.

Chanel #3 at the Blood Drive Contest announcement.

During Ingrid's inner monologue, she reveals that her sister is Agatha Bean, Chanel's former maid and has been watching over the Chanels since they're release from the asylum and vows revenge on them for the murder of her sister. Ingrid then gives the staff an announcement, and reveals that the employee who collects the most will be going to blood island, when in reality the island is a horrible place to live.

The rest of the Chanels give blood per request from Chanel who is still trying to win the competition to go to Blood Island with Brock.

Chanel #3 is seen reading a magazine, when Chanel is trying to take more blood from #5, however, after realizing that she has given away too much blood, and asks Chanel #9 for her blood again. Despite her fear of blood, she agrees to donating her blood.

The Hand

Despite being accused of being the Green Meanie by Cassidy, Brock remains at the hospital, where #3 tells him that Cathy wants to see him in her office.

While Cassidy is training at the swamp, Chanel #3 approaches him and tells him he may have Cotard's syndrome, which is a psychological trauma used to explain why he thinks he's dead. She also goes on to explain that she can't be in a relationship with a guy who thinks he's dead.

Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 perform a neurological test on Cassidy.

Cassidy is then given a neurological test by Chanel #3 and #5, which ultimately confirms he has Cotard's and the reason why he always feels cold is because the condition mimics what he truly believes in. However, after he leaves. Chanel #3 tells #5 that the tests prove that he is a psychopath and possibly a killer. They also conclude that he could be the Green Meanie, however, Chanel #3 refuses to turn him into the police, believing that she deserves her chance at happiness.

Chanel #3 then makes a confession to a corpse in the morgue, where she is conflicted about turning Cassidy over to the police and whether or not he is actually in love with her.

Chanel #3 is then seen with Dr. Cassidy and a patient who is really ill and with an unusual skin condition. The girlfriend begs Dr. Cassidy and "Dr. #3" to save her boyfriend's life. Dr. Cassidy promises to find out the man's condition and save his life.

Chanel asks for advice with Chanels #3, #5, and #6 about Brock and his psychotic hand. Chanels #3 and #6 believe that Chanel should continue seeing Brock, and the latter drops a hint that Brock isn't the Green Meanie. Chanel #5 then asks Hester to tell them who the killer is, but Hester asks #3 about the killer, implying that she knows about Cassidy being the killer, however, #3 walks away, while Ingrid stands outside the door, who is also an accomplice of Cassidy.

Dr. Cassidy gives Chanel #3 a hazmat suit to talk to the couple about his condition, where he reveals that the man was poisoned by the Russians, and can't find a cure, however, his girlfriend refuses to leave him until Dr. Cassidy finds a cure.

Dr. Cassidy tells Chanel #3 that he doesn't understand the girlfriend's need to save someone, despite putting her own life at risk and #3 tells him that that's what true love feels like. They both then say that they love each other, however, Cassidy also reveals that he has to kill Chanel, which makes #3 decide that they need to find a cure for him after they find a cure for the women's boyfriend.

Chanel #3 and Dr. Cassidy then discover that the girlfriend has been poisoning her boyfriend to gain sympathy, however, the man reveals that he has been poisoning himself because he hates his girlfriend. While arguing with his girlfriend, Chanel #3 leaves the room and Cassidy follows after her, and reveals that she doesn't believe in true love anymore and decides to turn him into the authorities, but he threatens to kill her and she storms off.

Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Brock then preform surgery on Anna Plaisance, a women with an unusual condition in which she merged with her twin in the womb, resulting in four arms and four legs. Dr. Cassidy then ties Dr. Brock's hand to prevent him from hurting Anna. To help Brock calm down while preforming surgery, the Chanels preform a song from his past, which works and Anna is cured.

Dr. Cassidy tells the patient from earlier that his skin condition actually saved his life, and after he leaves, tells Chanel #3 that he is sorry and promises not to kill the Chanels. He also confirms to her that there is another killer in the hospital, but can't confirm their identity.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

After Wes Gardner's surgery for a tumor which turned out to be a hairball, the Chanels, Cathy and Dr. Brock stand by his bed side and it's revealed that he has been pulling out his own hair and eating it due to the stress off his breakup with Cathy.

Chamberlain Jackson complains to the Chanels about Zayday's lack of interest in him, but Chanel stops him and gives him an improvisation, where Zayday's number is blocked, and will allow him to text only once a day.

Chanel later complains to the other Chanels that she is losing Brock to Cathy, after he said her name during sex. Chanel #3 suggests that Chanel should take more interest in him, but Hester says it's a cultural difference due to them being from different generations. They decide to give him a themed dinner party to show Chanel's appreciation.

Hester and #3 at Chanel's dinner party for Brock.

Brock arrives at the dinner party hosted by the Chanels, and appears horrified by Chanel's lack of knowledge of his actual age, as they wore clothes from World War II. Brock becomes offended and goes home, making Chanel upset.

Lovin the D

Chanel #3 is attacked by one of the Green Meanies.

The episode begins with the Chanels working a graveyard shift together, and Chanel #3 and #5 talk about Zayday who is still missing (after being kidnapped by Jane Hollis). The Chanels then rush as they hear #1 screaming, as she finds two corpses, one covered in green vines and moss, while the other is wearing a Kappa shirt and covered in knives, the other Chanels also scream. The Chanels then try to make an exit out of the hospital, but keep getting cornered by the Green Meanie. One of the Green Meanie's were about to attack Chanel #3, but another Green Meanie blocks them to prevent them from attacking. Chanel #3 winks at the Green Meanie, meaning that it's Cassidy in the costume.

The Chanels are all next seen watching "Lovin the D", a doctor's show starring Dr. Scarlett Lovin, who Chanel loves because she is attractive, has her own TV show, and was a former Kappa sister. Cathy introduces the Chanels to Arthur Annenburg, an editor who has come to investigate the disappearance of his co-worker Slade Hornborn. He asks Cathy if he can see the Chanels credentials, to which Cathy hesitates as the Chanels are under-qualified to be working in a hospital. She then lies for the Chanels, saying that they passed the test with flying colors. When Arthur leaves, Cathy tells the Chanels that they will have to do the test, to which they all complain about.

The Chanels then meet their idol, Dr. Scarlet Lovin who has come to ask Dr. Brock and the Chanels to preform a surgery live on TV. The Chanels get excited, and she gives Dr. Brock the patient Garrett who has a tumor in his face that needs to be removed, and the Chanels will assist him in the surgery. Dr. Brock then outs the Chanels as not real medical students, to which the Chanels agree to take the test so that they could go on TV.

Dr. Cassidy is then thanked by Chanel #3 for saving him, and she tells him to stop killing people, otherwise she can't date him anymore. He then makes a point that the killings will still continue since there is two other killers and he admits he is doing for his mother; whom he is scared of. Chanel #3 offers to speak to her together to stop Cassidy from killing again.

Zayday is still trapped in the secret well within Jane's house. She hears Cassidy calling out his mom, making her realize that Cassidy is Jane's son, to which Jane sarcastically congratulates her for figuring it out. She then goes to meet her son who has brought Chanel #3 with him. She then tells #3 that her attempts to convince her to stop Cassidy from murdering people at the hospital will fail. Jane then continues to make fun of Chanel #3 for her social media footprint and blackmails Cassidy into thinking that he will fail her if he doesn't avenge his father. He then apologizes to Chanel #3 as he chooses his mother over her, and she leaves.

The Chanels recieve high scores on the mCATs.

The Chanels are then forced to start the test early as the patient has already boarded the plane to get to C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital for Dr. Lovin's TV show. The examiner then comes back and reveals that the Chanels all past their test. It's then revealed that the Chanels actually cheated on the test with help from Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Brock, while Chanel #5 passed on her own.

The next day, the Chanels begin the surgery for TV, however, Dr. Lovin is killed by Chanel's poisoned coffee, which was drugged by Wes. Despite this, the show must go on and Chanel reveals to the viewers that she passed away. They then continue with Garrett's surgery and complete it by removing his tumor from his face. The producer then congratulates the team on the surgery, then offers the Chanels permanent spots on Lovin the D and Chanel excitedly agrees.

After Cathy discovers Wes' burnt body while wearing the Green Meanie costume, she faints and later wakes up surrounded by everyone. Ingrid and Cassidy then place the Green Meanie kills on Wes. Chanel #5 then mentions her concerns of Zayday being still missing as Cathy only realizng this, wants to find her. She also reveals for the first time of her ailment as she is dying with Kuru and it's incurable.

Drain the Swamp

Chanel #3 is first seen filing paperwork, when the Green Meanie approaches from behind her. She turns around and screams when the Green Meanie comes in closer with his machete. She pleads for her life, when the Green Meanie takes of the mask, revealing it's Cassidy whom tells her he's sorry. She thanks him for not killing her and he says he doesn't want to kill anymore and will have to kill his mother to stop the cycle. Chanel #3 tells him that they should just talk instead, and he agrees. They then agree to meet later on.

Chanel #3 is next seen with #5, when Chanel comes in excited when she reveals that she snooped on Brock's phone and researched for hours and discovered that he was googling "cheap engagement rings" but is excited because he is planning to propose to her and the Chanels scream with her until Ingrid appears and tells them to shut up. She then tells the Chanels to come to Cathy's room as Dr. Brock has an announcement to make. Thinking that it's a proposal, Chanel and her minions skip to Cathy's hospital room. As every co-worker gathers in the room, it's soon revealed that Brock was planning on proposing to Cathy, smashing Chanel's dreams in the process. Cathy accepts the proposal and everyone is happy for her expect the Chanels.

Cassidy tells #3 that Ingrid has got something huge planned.

Chanel #3 joins Cassidy and his mother out for dinner; and he tells her that he no longer wishes to kill anyone. Chanel #3 then points out as long as people think Wes is the killer then Cassidy and Jane have gotten away with murder. Cassidy then pleads with her and tells her that the killing is something that she wanted to do, not him. Jane then clears the table and angrily jumps out of her seat and tells him that the killing ends when the hospital is shut down and that Cassidy will not get in her way of her motive. #3 then asks her "how can she speak to her son like that?" Jane then disowns Cassidy and gives him away to Chanel #3, calling her a "Jezebel" before storming off. Chanel #3 then comforts Cassidy, but he is worried because Ingrid remains a threat and reveals her as the other Green Meanie, scaring Chanel #3.

Chanel #3 is next seen attending Cathy and Brock's wedding in the hospital, where Chanel has changed her tune (as Brock told her that he will go back to her once Cathy is dead). Later on, Chanel meets with the Chanels and tells them that she was pretending to care, but the Chanels already knew this. Chanel reveals that she really hates Cathy and is planning on throwing a piping hot latte on her brain during her surgery. But the Chanels are convinced it won't work to kill her but merely hurt her. Chanel remains adamant with her plan and storms off.

During Cathy's brain surgery, Cassidy tells Cathy that the procedure is about to happen as she is high on really strong medication. He tells her to sing her favorite song, while he removes a piece of brain tissue to check if she actually has kuru. Chanel then approaches Cathy with her latte (to pour on Cathy) however, Ingrid intervenes and gets in the way, splashing it on her instead. Chanel then claims that she tripped and it was an accident, however, Cassidy says that it was obviously not an accident. Cathy's surgery is complete, when the other Chanels try to drag her outside.

Chanel #3 is next seen by Cathy's bedside as Chanel #5 then reveals that Cathy doesn't have kuru, however, it was inconclusive so the tests could still prove to be kuru. Chanel #5 then tells her that the only other similar symptoms could be severe dehydration. Cathy then realizes that she only drinks alcohol, and never any actual water. Cathy then talks with the shaman who gave her the brains over the phone, and he confirms that she ate brains. Cathy begins to cry as she knows that she actually has kuru. However, she didn't eat human brains, but lamb brains instead, making her happy as she only has dehydration. Chanel #8 then appears and tells them to meet Ingrid in the basement for Cathy's celebration.

However, this was a trick to trap them in a cage as she has been planting a fertilizer bomb in the basement. Cathy then realizes that she is the Green Meanie, and then she outs Cassidy as the baby and the other Green Meanie. Ingrid then reveals that her real name is Ingrid Bean, but the Chanels don't remember Ms. Bean, her sister. Ingrid then reminds them that she was Chanel's maid that she killed with a deep fryer. Ingrid becomes adamant that everyone will die and Cassidy will take the blame, however, Zayday appears with Jane, whom has changed her mind on the hospital after seeing that the facility now cares about it's patients. Jane then regrets her part in the Green Meanie conspiracy but Ingrid shoots her in the chest and tells Zayday to drag her body in the cage. As Jane dies, she apologizes to her son for everything and that his father will be proud. Zayday also promises her that the hospital will continue helping the incurable, as Jane passes away. Cassidy then threatens to kill Ingrid. But she knows this is impossible as he is trapped. She then reveals her bomb, and bids the Chanels a life in Hell. Denise Hemphill then appears after her slumber (as Ingrid unplugged the cyro-chamber). Before Denise could catch up Chanel points out the bomb ticking away. Denise then tries her lucky hand at disarming the bomb from her experience watching Quantico and it works.

Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 watch in horror as Ingrid drowns in the swamp.

As Ingrid walks away, everyone gathers and chases after her, grabbing her machete as she runs out of the hospital. Ingrid then throws her machete at Chanel #3, but Cassidy jumps in front of the blade, killing him as he dies in Chanel #3's arms. She forgives him for his murders, but everyone else doesn't see it that way, however, #3 cuts them off. Cassidy then confesses that he truly loves Chanel #3 and dies. The group then chase after Ingrid who then runs into quicksand. Chanel then decides to let her drown, as none of the masked killers actually face justice. Cathy then calls a vote to save Ingrid, but no one agrees and allow her to die, walking away. But Cathy feels bad and goes to save her but it fails and she instantly drowns, dying in the process.

As the coroners office takes Cassidy's body away, Chanel #3 dramatically chases after the body when Dr. Brock stops her. It was revealed that Chanel and Chanel #3 then left the hospital for their new TV show "Lovin the C", with Chanel as it's host and #3 as her executive producer. At the end of her show, Chanel goes to her car when she sees KKT jewellery in her car, before a light reveals the Red Devil in her backseat and she screams in horror.


Chanel #3 is open, sensible and is a sassy low key individual. She is very low key and indifferent about almost everything, she can sometimes be very aloof. She slightly cares for the other Chanels as when Chanel #2 died, #3 tried to call the police and considered her as her "friend" and when Chanel #5 gets picked on by Chanel and is upset, #3 often comforts her and promises to be on her side. #3 talks in a very dry tone and rolls her eyes a lot because of her sarcastic, sardonic nature and says things that come to mind without hesitaition. She is very deadpan, and has a lot of deadpan humour and seems to be the most sensible out of the Chanels. When she gets angry or stressed she always gropes her earmuffs which are her fashion style and her shield for her ears because of an ex lover who in the past threatened to slice her ears off. #3 does not care much about her sexuality either, she claims that she is in love with love and especially is in love with one of the new misfit pledges Sam. #3 feels very comfortable with Sam and befriends her without Chanel's permission. #3 always hangs around with Sam when she gets the chance and feels very comfortable telling Sam her personal secrets like that fact that Charles Manson is her father and that she has weird feelings towards her.

Chanel #3 is the Spice Girl of the group. She keeps her look in the pastel color palette like the others Chanels, but she likes to put her own spin on it. She’s more playful and takes more risks, like wearing earmuffs with a tulle skirt and cropped top.[1]


Main article: Chanel 3-Sam Relationship
Chanel #3-Sam Relationship is about the budding romantic feelings with Chanel #3 and Sam. Sadie eventually became fascinated with Sam, in a way, and became close to her. They are both friends or as they call each other "Allibuddies." Chanel #3 opens up to Sam with most of her private personal information, including the identity of her father and the fact she has possible romantic feelings for Sam. They perhaps could have become a couple until both of these secrets were revealed at the sleepover, causing Sadie to feel betrayed. The budding relationship came to an end when Sam was killed by the Red Devil.

Main article: Chanel 3-Cassidy Relationship
Dr. Cassidy Cascade is Chanel #3's new love interest for Season 2.


Season One (13/13)

Season Two (10/10)


  • Billie said that the earmuffs are a homage to her real life mother, Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy and in Episode VII.
    • Also during the episode The Final Girl(s) when she was being taken to the Asylum, she wore her hair into buns covering her ears. The same hairstyle Princess Leia Organa wore in the original Star Wars Trilogy.
    • So far, Chanel #3 has only been seen without her earmuffs a total of four times: Pilot, Hell Week, Thanksgiving, and The Final Girl(s). She's never been seen without her earmuffs in Season 2.
  • In the show, the reasoning behind the earmuffs is that she was dating a guy, who was too obsessed with her ears, so when she broke up with him, he wrote her threatening letters about how he was going to cut her ears off if he ever saw them again (Seven Minutes in Hell).
  • She has a tattoo that says "8/69" (Chainsaw).
  • With Chanel #2's death, Chanel #3 is the next in command of The Chanels after Chanel Oberlin, as revealed in "Pumpkin Patch".
  • She is pansexual/panromantic (Seven Minutes in Hell). It was also confirmed in Lovin the D
  • Emma Roberts has said that Chanel #3 might be her favorite character. 
  • Chanel #3, Chad and Denise are fan favorites. 
  • When she is scared or stressed out, she gropes her earmuffs.
  • Thanksgiving at the Swensons' explained why she doesn't usually eat.
  • It was revealed in The Final Girl(s) that her first name is Sadie, and in Chainsaw that her last name is Swenson.
    • She is also the last living Chanel to have her full name revealed, which happens during the last minutes of the first season. (Referring to the main Chanels, not the ones recruited in Season 2.)
  • She lost her virginity to a Nickelback song, as revealed in Dorkus.
  • In Dorkus she showed interest for pizza, real food.
  • Thanks to her performance of Chanel #3, Billie Lourd is considered one of the break-out stars of 2015.
  • She is one of the 10 survivors of the first season. She's also one of the 8 survivors of the second season.
    • She is one out of 9 characters to appear in both seasons (with Chanel, #5, Hester, Cathy, Zayday, Denise, Chad and Wes).
    • She is also one out of 5 characters to be in all episodes (with Chanel, Libby, Hester and Cathy).
  • She was only attacked once in Season 1, while in Season 2 she was in danger three times. During two of these attacks she was saved by Cassidy. The other time, Cassidy, as the Green Meanie, refused to kill her.
    • Among the Chanels, she is the only one who hasn't been harmed directly by the killer. Chanel has been shot with a crossbow by the Red Devil and Chanel #5 has been stabbed in the back by the Green Meanie.
    • She's also never been attacked alone. She was always with the Chanels or other characters. That time Cassidy tried to kill her doesn't count since she wasn't really in danger.
    • This makes her the least attacked Chanel. Neither the Red Devils nor the Green Meanies are as interested in killing her as in killing Chanel Oberlin and #5.
  • Out of all the characters, it can be concluded that she's the least affected by the murders. She's alive and hasn't been physically harmed either. The other characters who haven't been harmed are Zayday, Grace, Cathy and Brock. However, all of them have fought against the killers at some point, while #3 was always saved or managed to run away.


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