Welcome to my hospital.
Cathy Munsch
Scream Again
Season Two, Episode One
Air date: September 20, 2016
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Ian Brennan
Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Brad Falchuk
Production code: SQ-201
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Scream Again is the first episode of the second season of Scream Queens, and the fourteenth episode overall. It was written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan and directed by Brad Falchuk. Filming for this episode began on July 19, 2016, and it had its official release on Fox on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.[1]

Years after the murderous events at Kappa House, Dean Munsch purchases an abandoned hospital under the guise of fixing the healthcare system in America. After recruiting surgeons, Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade, as well as medical student Zayday Williams, the Dean shocks everyone when she enlists the services of the disgraced Chanels to join the ranks at the teaching hospital. Meanwhile, secrets from the hospital’s past begin to reveal themselves and a new killer surfaces.[2]


Nurse Thomas is interrupted by a distressed Jane.

The episode opens with a flashback to October 31, 1985 during a Halloween party at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering. Nurse Thomas is shown dancing, before being interrupted by a pregnant woman named Jane, who's husband, Bill, has COPD and needs medical assistance immediately. Though reluctant to leave the party, Nurse Thomas goes to check on Bill, and along the way meets up with Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike determines that Bill needs to have his lungs drained, but wants to wait until the morning to perform the procedure, so that him and Nurse Thomas could return to the Halloween party. However, he agrees to do the operation after Jane threatens to have his medical license revoked and the hospital shut down.

Nurse Thomas and Dr. Mike throw Bill's body into the swamp.

After Jane leaves, Dr. Mike administers Bill a sedative, but instead of wheeling him to the operating room, he and Nurse Thomas take him outside to the swamp behind the hospital, where they dump the body. Dr. Mike then admits that he was lying about the procedure and actually gave Bill a drug that will kill him within the hour. Nurse Thomas seems hesitant about the situation, explaining to Dr. Mike that she grew up in the area and heard stories from other kids about a monster that lived by the swamp: the Green Meanie. Dr. Mike points out that the swamp is the real monster, as it could decompose a body in a matter of days. He then takes off his cape and Halloween mask and throws it over the floating body to prevent anyone from recognizing them. The pair then happily return to the Halloween party, as Jane sits in the waiting room, rubbing her pregnant belly, completely unaware of what just happened to her husband.

In the present day, Dr. Cassidy Cascade and Dr. Brock Holt introduce themselves to their first patient, Catherine Hobart. In the exam room, they diagnose her with a severe case of Hypertrichosis, otherwise known as werewolf syndrome. She confesses that she has been to hundreds of doctors and almost gave up hope, until Cathy found her in a creepy disease chat room and said she could cure her. Cathy then walks in to introduce herself, and her narration reveals how she came to be the owner of the C.U.R.E Institute. During a flashback to Cathy's presentation on C.U.R.E, she explains that after her name became synonymous with "New New Feminism", she decided to take on a new cause: reforming America's health care system. She opened the C.U.R.E. Institute using her own personal publishing fortune, with the intent of hiring only the best doctors to solve the world's most incurable medical cases.

Cathy announces C.U.R.E Institute Hospital.

After she is asked about the Chanels at the end of the presentation, it is revealed that they were released from the asylum after Hester confessed to the murders, and an award-winning Netflix documentary series turned them into a national obsession. Cathy also expresses that she thought all of the Kappa girls were useless, except for Zayday Williams. She goes to visit Zayday at the restaurant where she works, where Zayday reveals that she managed to graduate from Wallace University in only 2 years and is now working three jobs to pay for medical school. Cathy then offers to pay for Zayday's medical school if she agrees to work at her hospital as a medical student.

Back to the present, Zayday gets acclimated with the new doctors. Dr. Cascade confesses that he wanted to become a doctor after seeing the terrible medical care his family has gotten throughout the years, and Dr. Holt explains how Cathy hired him after seeing his spread in Playgirl's "Ten Hottest Doctors." Zayday then questions Brock about the scar on his wrist, and he admits that he is the recipient of the world's first hand transplant. A flashback to 2015 shows Brock at a Super Bowl party, when suddenly the power goes out. As Brock is doing the dishes, his Harvard class ring slips off his fingers, and he reaches into the drain to get it, not realizing that his friend has actually turned the garbage disposal on. Just then, the power comes back on, causing the garbage disposal to shred his hand completely. He tells Zayday and Cassidy that at 23, he was a surgical prodigy, and for years, he was the one to call when no one else could do the job. However, after he received his new hand, he couldn't get a job, and that's why he is so thankful for Cathy giving him a second chance. As Brock walks out, Zayday touches Cassidy's back and mentions that he feels like a block of ice, and after he leaves, she appears a little freaked out by her new co-workers' revelations.

Later, Zayday, Brock, and Cassidy all seen tending to Catherine.

Chamberlain tries his best to cheer up Catherine.

Cassidy and Brock claim that there is nothing they can do for Catherine's condition, as it is a chromosomal deformity, but Zayday is adamant that they try harder. Then, Chamberlain Jackson, the hospital's candy striper, arrives to cheer Catherine up with candy and other delicious treats, but instead, he ends up upsetting her by calling her "Hairy Mary." Catherine momentarily considers leaving the hospital, but Zayday convinces her to stay another week. Zayday then goes to Cathy's office to discuss the possibility of hiring more ladies, to which Cathy responds that she has an idea.

We then see the Chanels, now living in a run-down apartment. Chanel's monologue reveals that although they were innocent of crime, they were still guilty of being awful, and not only did their families disown them, but society as a whole began to ostracize them. To fix their public image problem, they decided they needed to improve themselves. They went back to college and got degrees in Communications, which they later realized were useless. Chanel #5 got a job as a dental receptionist, Chanel #3 got a job mopping floors at the local sperm bank, and Chanel got a job as a phlebotomist, but they were still poor and resorted to eating nothing but fruit pies every night as they lounge on the stoop of their apartment. Just then, Dean Munsch pulls up in a limo, and after seeing that they have some experience in the medical field, offers them jobs at her hospital, to which they accept.

The girls catch Brock showering.

Zayday is then seen doing her laundry at the hospital. She hears noises in the distance, and goes to investigate, only to find the Chanels walking towards her. She drops the laundry and screams in terror, but eventually embraces the girls and remarks on how fun it will be to work with them. They are all lead to the locker room by Cathy and are given assorted scrubs to choose from. They protest at first, but when they catch a glimpse of Dr. Brock showering, Chanel quickly slips down into her underwear. The four new students are then seated by Cathy, and the Chanels are told that they will be ghosting: observing what the doctors are doing and not saying a word.

The Chanels are later seen shadowing the doctors as Zayday speaks with Catherine. Zayday explains that she has done extensive research and may have discovered a procedure that could alleviate Catherine's hair growth. However, the Chanels interrupt and begin asking Catherine rude questions about her condition, to which Zayday is noticeably angry, and Brock apologizes on their behalf. Zayday continues to give Catherine information on the experimental procedure and suggests drilling a small hole in her skull to target her hair folicle cycling. Catherine freaks out about the thought of getting a lobotomy, but Brock and Zayday assure her that there are not many other options, and she eventually agrees. The doctors then request that she sign a consent form before moving forward with procedure, and she does as she is told.

As the Chanels are leaving Catherine's room, they are approached by Ingrid Marie Hoffel, after making a remark about how the nurses are their servants. Ingrid introduces herself as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and the head of C.U.R.E's administration. She expresses her distaste for the Chanels and questions why Cathy even hired them, as they are unqualified to be working in a hospital setting. Chanel retaliates by explaining that the girls are headed to a personal meeting with Cathy, and that she will be sure to pass along Nurse Hoffel's concerns. Ingrid then threatens the Chanels not to mess with her before they head off to Cathy's office. When they arrive, they see Zayday there, who told Cathy about the girls' humiliating remarks to Catherine in the examination room. Cathy puts the Chanels on academic probation and confines them to their dormitories until further notice. She also requests that they write a 10,000 word essay on bedside manner in clinical practice. Chanel then asks if they will still be getting paid, to which Cathy responds that they were never getting paid, since they are receiving free room and board, and are being put through medical school. All three girls begin screaming in horror at Cathy's revelation.

Back at the Chanels' apartment, Chanel begins ranting about her future and her crushed dreams of becoming a network news anchor. She realizes that instead of being a newscaster, she could become a medical correspondent for Fox news, and have her own television show like Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil. She knows that in order to accomplish that, she needs to get back in Cathy's good graces, and thus decides her best option is to figure out a cure for Catherine before Zayday does. Chanel goes to visit Brock as he is looking through Catherine's medical records. She reads the nurse's report and points out that Catherine has very irregular eating habits, with a diet consisting of beef, liver, and kidney beans. Brock states that her diet isn't unhealthy per say, as it is rich in Vitamin D, but he then comes to realize that the Vitamin D was boosting Catherine's testosterone levels, causing the uncontrollable hair growth. Chanel and Brock then barge into the operating room just as Cassidy and Zayday are about to give Catherine the lobotomy. Brock recommends putting Catherine on a soy-based diet and giving her dihydro-testosterone to spike her estrogen and bring her hormones into balance, which will eventually cause her to lose her hair naturally. Chanel and Brock's discovery ends up rendering Zayday's procedure unnecessary, and Chanel makes sure to announce that she has found a better cure than Zayday.

In the morning, the Chanels go to check up on Catherine. They discover that not only is she cured of her hypertrichosis, but she has also lost every inch of hair on her body and now looks like a cancer patient. Catherine is noticeably upset about the situation, so the Chanels decide to give her a full blown makeover to lift her spirits. Catherine is extremely grateful for everything the Chanels have done for her, and Cathy praises the girls for their hard work. The Chanels then head over to the elevator, discussing how easy being a doctor can be, when the elevator door opens, revealing Ingrid and Cathy on the other side. Ingrid once again clarifies that the girls do not belong there, and says that just because they solved their first case, it still doesn't make them doctors. As the Chanels enter the elevator and the doors close, Cathy tells Ingrid to continue hounding the girls, as she has plans for them, and Ingrid confesses that she does as well.

The Chanels are then seen in the locker room getting ready to head home. The girls have gotten back on Cathy's good side, and their academic probation has been lifted. However, Chanel #5 still has to work the graveyard shift, as Chanel and #3 both have dates with Brock and Cassidy. Chanel #5 gets angry and protests, bringing up how her and Chanel were best friends back when they were confined to the asylum. Chanel then yells at her for choosing to get off her medication after being released and for trying to make Chanel feel bad for wanting to move on from such a traumatic experience. Chanel tells her to take the 6-hour night shift to think of ways to be a better friend, and Chanel #3 tells her she's not a nice person, before the girls both leave to go on their dates with the doctors.

Chanel #5 goes to get Catherine and brings her to the basement for a hydrotherapy bath. The tubs are equipped with a self-locking mechanism, and not only does #5 accidentally lock Catherine in the tub, but she also locks herself in as well. Upon realizing this, Catherine starts to panic, but #5 assures her that Chamberlain will come to get them in an hour. After an hour passes, the Green Meanie creeps into the room, waking up the girls. Chanel #5 calls out for Chamberlain, but receives no answer. After hearing the scraping of knives and a record start to play, the girls sense that something is wrong and begin shaking their tubs in an attempt to unlatch the hinges of the lock. The Green Meanie then draws back the curtain, revealing himself, and they both scream loudly in fear. After taunting them for a bit, he strikes Catherine with his machete, and her decapitated head rolls directly onto Chanel #5's tub. As #5 lets out one last scream, the Green Meanie slashes his machete downward, leaving her status unknown.


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Character Cause of Death
Bill Hollis Sedated and dumped in a rancid swamp by Dr. Mike (flashback)
Catherine Hobart Decapitated with a machete by the Green Meanie.

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Green Meanie.
Character Situation
Chanel #5 Attacked with a machete by the Green Meanie and survived.

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Carrie Gibson as Adelaide Ruddy
  • Shaan Sharma as Alf
  • Christina Leone as Audience Member
  • Molly Durand as Punky Brewster
  • Jayme Andrews as Driver
  • Jill Johnson as Passenger
  • Phil Abrams as Dean of Students




  • As the show flashes forward to the present day, it says it would be 2016. This, however, has to be a mistake as Cathy Munsch states that there is a two year time gap between the Season One finale and Scream Again.



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