Seven Minutes in Hell
Season One, Episode Six
Air date: October 20, 2015
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl
Production code: SQ-106
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Guess it's just matter of time before one of us, or all of us, ends up dead.

Seven Minutes in Hell is the sixth episode of the first season of Scream Queens, and the sixth episode overall. It was written by Ryan Murphy and was directed by Michael Uppendahl. It had its official release on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 on Fox. After this episode, there was a two week break due to the World Series.[1]

In an attempt to protect herself from the killer, Chanel makes a surprising decision, which leaves Zayday in a position of power. To stay close to each other, the girls of Kappa Kappa Tau host a slumber party, but when a shocking discovery is made, not everyone will survive the night.


The episode opens with the Chanels and pledges placing their votes, Jennifer counts the marbles, white for Chanel and black for Zayday, it comes to a tie.

Kappa's presidential voting has begun.

Zayday suggests they both be co-presidents, which sends Chanel into a fit of rage, causing her to run up to her wardrobe. When Chanel 3 and Chanel 5 enter, they see her crying and go and comfort her until she starts to laugh and tells the Chanels how it was part of her plan and opts to cede her presidency to Zayday. She walks downstairs and tells everyone about it, and then the title card rolls.

In her room, Zayday and Grace suggest they throw a slumber party and play 'Truth or Dare' to find out who the killer is. When she announces the idea to the sisters, they argue about it until #3 suggest they play "Spin the Bottle" and some of the sisters give in.

At Dickie Dollar Scholars, Earl confronts Chad about him sleeping with Dean Munsch and Denise, which he happily confesses to and announces they should have a 'panty raid' at Kappa.

Back at Kappa, the sisters play "Spin the Bottle" which results in Hester and Jennifer kissing and Chanel #3 and Sam kissing. Afterwards, #3 talks to Sam in the bathroom and tells her why she wears earmuffs. She wears them because a boy was obsessed with her ears and sent her an email threatening to cut them off if he even saw them again and so she hides them with earmuffs.

Hester kisses Jennifer so Chanel doesn't have to.

That night in the kitchen, Jennifer and Sam tell the sisters that all the doors and windows are locked, Chanel thinks someone might have hacked into the security system she had installed after watching "Panic Room" with Chad. When Jennifer says it's only a matter of time before one or all of them are killed, the lights suddenly go out and the sisters scream.

Chanel then calls Chad with her satellite phone as the phone lines are down and he tells her he was coming over anyway and confesses about sleeping with Dean Munsch and Denise to her. When the frat brothers arrive with a ladder, Chad climbs up, breaks the window and climbs in, when he looks out he sees the Red Devil and shouts at his brothers to climb up. Earl and Roger manage to, but Caulfield, having no arms, struggles to get up. When he makes a quarter of the way up, the Red Devil knocks over the ladder, causing Caulfield to fall and the Red Devil then chops him in the chest twice with an axe before chopping his head off.

Sayonara, Caulfield.

Regardless of what happened, the Kappa sisters and Dickie Dollar brothers decide to play "Truth or Dare" to determine who the killer is. The game ends up with Sam revealing that Chanel #3's father is Charles Manson. Angered but confused by her feelings for Sam, #3 orders her to go down into the basement take a nap in the bloody Kappa bathtub. Sam walks down and when she's get to the bathtub, she sees there's blood and soon the Red Devil appears behind her and bangs her on the bathtub and lifts her into the bath. She asks them to take off their mask, which they do but we don't see, and she says "I knew it. I knew it was you" before the Red Devil walks behind her and suffocates her with a sheet of plastic.

Goodbye, Sam. You will be missed.

The group soon decides to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven" and Chanel picks Chad and they are then seen in Chanel's closet making out, until she says that Chad must promise not to sleep with anyone else and pinky swear on it. Soon it's Chanel #5 and Roger's turn and they walk in. Chanel and Chad are walking back into the living room when they hear a scream. They go down to the basement and find Hester who discovered Sam's body and some of the sisters claim that Hester's the killer as she was the first to find her.

Back in Chanel's closet, Chanel #5 and Roger, who probably didn't hear the scream, are making out until Roger starts talking about how happy he is to be separated from his brother, Dodger. While he continues to talk, Chanel #5 sees the Red Devil behind him and Roger is shot three times with a nail gun and falls to the floor as the Red Devil continues to shoot him with the nail gun while #5 watches in horror. The killer continues to shoot him until they run out of nails and they leave, #5 then screams.

Roger gets killed

Chad and the others enter the closet and are shocked to see Roger dead, but accuse #5 of being the killer. Chad mentions him and his brothers fighting two Red Devils, letting everyone knows there's now two killers. Chanel claims Pete as the killer as he hasn't been seen yet, Grace says he told her he's studying. Soon Chad finds a trap door under one of the Chanel's shelves. The group suggest that's how the killer got in and left after killing Roger. Chanel and Zayday go explore it.

Chanel rescues Zayday.

Down in the tunnel, Chanel shows Zayday portraits of some of the pass Kappa presidents and tells her a bit about them. When discussing where they'll be, the Red Devil appears with two axes and chases them, with both of them narrowly escaping after Chanel saves Zayday.

The next day, Grace talks to Detective Chisolm about how the murders may be related to Kappa, except Coney's. While the detective talks about having uniformed officers protecting the house 24/7 and Dean Munsch saying that's fantastic news, Grace receives a text from Pete saying "Done studying. Wanna make out?" Wes then appears and says they're leaving, but she refuses, claiming that her sisters need her.

In the bathroom, #3 and #5 are both distraught by the murders of their significant others and decide to make a pact to outlive Chanel, whatever the cost. Chanel decides to give the sisters a pair of pink nun chucks and they start to dance while the Red Devil watches through the window.


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Character Cause of Death
Caulfield Axed in the stomach twice and head chopped off by the Red Devil.
Sam Suffocated by the Red Devil with a sheet of plastic.
Roger Shot in the face multiple times by the Red Devil with a nail gun.

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Red Devil.
Character Situation
Chanel #5 Survived the Red Devil attack while in the closet.
Zayday Chased and attacked by the Red Devil with two axes and then saved by Chanel.
Chanel Chased by the Red Devil, but escapes.

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  • This episode is the last of the three-part Halloween special, the first is Haunted House and the second is the Pumpkin Patch.
  • Chanel calls Grace "Nancy Drew." Coincidentally, Emma Roberts famously portrayed Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie.



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