Slade Hornborn.png
Biographical Information
Full name: Slade Hornborn
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): Reporter
Status: Deceased
Relationship Information
Friends: Arthur (colleague)
Killer: Ingrid Marie Hoffel
Other Information
Interests: Journalism
Medical ethics
Talent(s): Writing
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 1
Only appearance: The Hand
Portrayed by: Roy Fegan
Something very weird is going on at the C.U.R.E. Institute.
—Slade to his colleague Arthur[src]

Slade Hornborn is a minor character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He was a reporter from the Northeast Journal of Medicine, who was invited to C.U.R.E. by Cathy in order to document Dr. Brock Holt and his surgery on Anna Plaisance, a woman born with extra limbs.

He is portrayed by Roy Fegan.


The Hand

After Brock meets with Anna Plaisance and diagnoses her with polymelia, Cathy encourages him to perform a risky operation to remove Anna's extra parasitic limbs. She then confesses that she has already contacted the Northeast Journal of Medicine, which is sending Slade, an associate editor, to the hospital to cover the procedure.

Slade later arrives at the hospital and is introduced by Cathy to Dr. Brock, who has handcuffed himself to the table in a desperate attempt to keep his transplanted hand under control. Slade is immediately confused and questions his decision to do so, and Brock cleverly explains that surgeons are slaves to their work, to which Slade responds that he's never heard that saying. Brock then removes his handcuffs and approaches Slade to shake his hand, but Brock's right hand, having a mind of its own, slaps Slade across the face instead. Slade is alarmed and clearly caught off guard, but Brock swiftly apologizes and lies to Slade, claiming that where he's from it's a custom to slap people that you admire. Slade then asks where Brock is from, and Cathy quickly interjects by saying Baltimore, and going along with the lie, she claims she's from there as well and immediately slaps Brock.

Cathy then tells Brock to give an overview of the procedure to Slade, but Brock clarifies that he isn't doing the procedure, and an annoyed Slade quickly turns to Cathy in confusion. Brock goes on to explain that Anna is suffering from C-stage heart failure, making her heart too weak to withstand such a major operation. Slade is noticeably perturbed, but Cathy insists that they will still move forward with the procedure, as Brock will not only be removing Anna's extra limbs, but also giving her a heart transplant. Cathy assures Slade that this will go down as the most spectacular surgery in modern medical history before taking him on a tour of the rest of the hospital.

As Brock prepares for Anna's surgery, Cathy and Slade, with a notepad in hand, are spectating through the clear window of a room adjacent to the operating room. Before the surgery starts, Chanel and Cassidy secure Brock's right hand behind his back, so that it doesn't get out of control during the operation. Slade is astonished, and asks Cathy why the chief surgeon would be restricting his right hand. Cathy then informs Slade that Brock intends to do the surgery with only one hand to showcase what an incredible surgeon he is, which makes for an even better story, but Slade seems unconvinced. After Brock successfully removes the extra limbs and it comes time to transplant the heart, his hand starts freaking out, making it difficult for him to place the donor heart into Anna. Slade immediately starts tapping on the window, asking what the delay is, and Chanel explains that Brock is pausing for dramatic effect. Slade then says it would be much easier if he just used both of his hands, but Chanel aggressively tells him to shut up. The Chanels then begin singing to Brock to calm him down and settle his hand, and Slade looks on in total bewilderment. Brock is finally able to get the heart into Anna, and after the monitor displays a heart beat, everyone cheers, except for Slade, who has an unimpressed look on his face.

After the surgery, Slade goes to the basement to call Arthur, one of his colleagues, to inform him about all of his strange findings at the hospital. He admits that he has seen more ethics violations within his two days spent there than he has in his entire career thus far. He goes on to explain that there are several illegal occurrences at the hospital, such as Cathy impersonating a doctor, Nurse Hoffel being an obvious drug addict, and first-year medical students acting as attending physicians and assisting in major surgeries. He even says that he saw Hester Ulrich, having recognized her from the Netflix documentary in which she was convicted of murder, and tells Arthur that she works there. As he is browsing around the basement, Slade then stumbles upon the cryogenic freezer with Denise still inside, telling his colleague that they could be in the middle of a major medical ethics scandal. He encourages Arthur to visit the hospital to see for himself, and also tells him that he will forward the photos he took during his visit as soon as he returns home. However, just then, the Green Meanie creeps up behind him, stabbing him in the top of the head with a machete. He collapses to the ground, dead, before he is able to share all of the information he gathered during the time he spent at the hospital.

Lovin the D

After Slade's death, his colleague, Arthur Annenburg, visits the C.U.R.E. Institute to investigate his disappearance. Arthur explains to Cathy and the Chanels that before Slade went missing, he contacted him about some unorthodox practices at the hospital, and therefore came to follow up on them.

Later, Hester decides to call a Green Meanie summit, inviting Ingrid, Cassidy, and Wes to come together to discuss the past and future plans for murder. To get everyone on the same page, Hester plans a game called "Who Killed Who?" and reveals a board filled with pictures of each of the various murder victims. Ingrid then proudly takes credit for Slade's murder, among a few others.

The following night, Arthur is shown speaking with Cathy, commending her for the way she is running the hospital. He confesses that Slade must have had a breakdown before his disappearance, seeing as all of the medical standards are being followed at C.U.R.E, in opposition to what Slade had claimed.


As Slade is snooping around the basement at C.U.R.E, he phones his colleague to inform him of his suspicious findings. He explains that the hospital is in violation of several medical malpractice laws, and tells his colleague that he will send him various photos he's taken once he gets home from the hospital. However, before he can pass the information on, the Green Meanie sneaks up from behind, unbeknownst to him. Not giving Slade any time to react, the Green Meanie lifts up their machete and quickly thrusts it into the top of Slade's skull. The Green Meanie then rips the machete out, causing Slade to collapse dead to the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood.


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