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Biographical Information
Full name: Sonya Herfmann
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Age: 19-20
Occupation(s): College student (formerly)
Sorority sister (formerly)
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Chanel #2
Some Dumb Hoe (by Denise)
Relationship Information
Family: Mr. Herfmann (father)
Mrs. Herfmann (mother)
Relationships: Chad Radwell (hook-up; deceased)
Friends: Chanel Oberlin
Chanel #3
Chanel #4 (deceased)
Chanel #5
Enemies: Red Devil
Killer: Boone Clemens
Boss: Uday Hussein (formerly)
Qusay Hussein (formerly)
Other Information
Interests: Fashion
Water slides
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau
The Chanels
Weaknesses: Alcohol
Education: Wallace University
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 6
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Blood Drive
Portrayed by: Ariana Grande
I love a creepy collage.
—Chanel #2 to The Chanels[src]

Sonya Herfmann, better known as Chanel #2, was a recurring character on Season One of Scream Queens. She was introduced in Pilot as one of Chanel Oberlin's minions and part of Kappa Kappa Tau. She was killed by the Red Devil in that same episode, and it is later revealed in The Final Girl(s) that Boone Clemens was her killer.

She is portrayed by Ariana Grande.



Introduction of Chanel #2

Chanel #2 is introduced as one of Chanel Oberlin's minions (along with Chanel #3 and Chanel #5), who calls her Chanel #2, as she does not want to know her real name. Chanel #2 is part of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. During her first scene, she and the other Chanels are watching Chanel #1 sleep, and later after Chanel wakes up, #2 shows her a bag to use, which #1 rejects. She later states that she has to go because she has to attend to a colon cleansing at 10:00. Later, the Chanels enter #1's room to alert her that there is a creepy collage of her in Ms. Bean's room. #1 gets really angry and claims to want to kill Ms. Bean, but this is actually just a plan that no one knows about, so the new Kappa pledges get scared and quit the sorority. Accidentally, Chanel actually kills Ms. Bean, so Chanel #2 and the other Kappa sisters get really scared. Grace attempts to tell the police what Chanel did, but she gets #2 and most of the other members to blackmail Grace by claiming that Grace was the one who killed Ms. Bean if she dares to say a word. They all later put Ms. Bean's dead body in a freezer. Subsequently, the Chanels are doing a blood ritual, to promise to not speak about what they witnessed earlier. Chanel #2 states that she cannot stay silent, because one day the police is going to find out, and if she does not say the truth, she will never get to be a network newscaster. 

Chanel #2 getting stabbed by Red Devil

Chanel #2 goes to her room to call her mom and pack her things to leave because she is scared, but she gets a text message by an unknown person that reads, "Brave enough to open the door?" Soon, someone tries to open it, but they cannot open the door. Chanel #2 gets scared and opens the door to see who it is, and she gets surprised when she sees the Red Devil. The Red Devil starts typing on a cell phone and sends her another text, "So you want to dance with the devil?" #2 starts thinking that someone is just trying to flirt with her and texts back "Maybe." so the Red Devil makes a romantic dance move holding her in their hands. #2 finds it strange. "I'm going to kill you now.," is the next text that she gets.  Chanel #2 gets shocked and replies with a "Wait whaaaat???!" The Red Devil takes out a knife and stabs her in the shoulder while she screams and falls down. Chanel #2 later kicks him hard and the Red Devil falls too. "Stop!!!!! Please stop!!!" she texts them and grabs her computer to tweet that the Red Devil is trying to kill her so she can get help. When she is just about to hit "Send", the Red Devil stands up and stabs her in the head and she dies. #2 resurrects for few seconds to hit "Send" and dies again. When the other Chanels find her body, #1 thinks that Ms. Bean killed her, after her body disappeared from the freezer. This later makes #1 to think that #2's death is the solution of all her problems, because that would prove that she did not kill Ms. Bean and she will remain with her popularity. They try to think what to do, and finally say that they will keep #2's body there until they find out what really happened.

Hell Week

Chanel #2's body in a freezer

At the beginning of the episode, Dean Cathy Munsch asks where Ms. Bean and Chanel #2 are, and Chanel Oberlin replies saying that it is suspicious that they are not there. The Chanels later discuss they should do something with #2's body soon before Detective Chisolm finds it. Chanel #5 says that they should feed a pig with her body, and Chanel #3 thinks they should give her as food to one of her uncle's animals of his farm, but #1 rejects both ideas. Suddenly, Hester appears behind them and says that she knows what they should do because she is obsessed with death. Hester gives the insane ideas of putting her in food processor or boning her. #1 gets disgusted by Hester's ideas and decides to put #2's body in a freezer until she decides to revisit the question of what to do with her. When they put her in the freezer, Hester closes her eyes so she will not take one of them with her.


Chanel #2's post on Instagram

Chanel and Chanel #5 are arguing after they discover that Chanel #2's body is missing. #5 explains that she was bored and went to the freezer to find that #2's corpse disappeared. Both start fighting, and #5 says that she does not care what happened to #2, because that's #1's problem, and when people start noticing that she is missing they will start snooping about Kappa Kappa Tau. Later, Grace and Zayday go to Chanel #2's room to see where she's been. When they get in, they notice there's a red spot on the floor. Zayday asks if it is a bloodstain, and suddenly Denise appears to say that it is indeed blood. She tries luminol on the spot, to prove that it is not a stain of another thing. Denise shows them the tweet that #2 posted on Twitter in Pilot, but Grace and Zayday still do not believe that #2 is dead, because The Chanels told them that she had a nervous breakdown and returned home in California, and the fact that #2 is still posting on Instagram makes them doubt about her murder.

The three go to her home in Bel-Air to find out what happened. When they arrive, it is revealed that #2's real name is Sonya. They tell her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herfmann, that she is missing and that there's a serial killer on the campus. Both get surprised and worried, but when Grace shows them the picture she uploaded to Instagram and they think that her drinking problem is back. Her parents say that she has been in-and-out of rehab, and when she met Chad, he helped her to overcome this problem. Mr. and Mrs. Herfmann show them a letter that Chad sent to her, revealing that they had a secret relationship. Mr. Herfmann says to Grace and Zayday that they have to find her and never bring her back home and then they all finally leave and go to their respected places/location(s).

Grace and Zayday ask Chanel #5 if she knew that Chad and #2 were secretly dating last year. #5 is surprised that he did not tell her because they were dating too. Chanel later refers to Chanel #2 and Chanel #4 after she turns Hester Ulrich into Chanel #6, and says that she did it because two Chanels died and she's running out of minions.

Haunted House

Chanel #2's body posed in the haunted house.

As they run through the Shady Lane house after seeing the bodies of Red Devil's victims, Chad and Hester open a door to find Chanel #2's body sitting on the floor posed against the wall. When Cathy and Detective Chisolm are mentioning the bodies that were found at the Shady Lane house, they forget to mention her. Chanel #5 reminds them about her, and Chanel #3 says that she believes that Chanel #2 was with her in Art History class.

Pumpkin Patch

Chanel #2 is mentioned by Chanel Oberlin when she says that she cannot believe that #2 and Tiffany are dead when Grace and Zayday are still alive.

Seven Minutes in Hell

After Hester finds Sam's dead body in the bathtub, Chanel thinks she is the killer. Hester says that makes no sense considering everything she has done for her, mentioning Chanel #2, referring to the time when she helped hide #2's body in the freezer.

Beware of Young Girls

Chanel #2 during her funeral

Chanel organized an open casket funeral for Chanel #2; mentioning in the eulogy how happy she was for #2 to be burning in hell, after finding out about #2 and Chad's relationship. She also says that #2's parents went to celebrate in cruise after they found out about her death. Chanel approaches to Chanel #2's coffin and says that's what happens to sneaky backstabbers. Chanel #3 later comes and says to her body that she kept all her clothes. When Chanel #5 approaches to her coffin, she says that it was really sad that she had to die before they found out about her real ethnicity. Chad comes to #2's body and says to her that he loved having sex with her. Later, Chanel is crying in her closet for the bad friends she has. The other Chanels come in to talk to her, with #1 mentioning that #2's body was incinerated and her rests were taken to Cape Canaveral. #5 says that she cannot stop thinking of Chad and #2 having sex, and #6 cannot believe that #2 would betray Chanel like that. #3, #5, and #6 have the idea of contacting #2 through a Ouija board so she can ask for forgiveness. While trying to communicate with #2 from beyond the grave, #3 explains how #2 is going to answer and #1 asks what if she is doing sexual things with Hitler or Satan. They start using the board and #3 asks if #2 is there, and she says yes. To make sure it is her, #5 says they should ask her a question only she would know, and #1 asks if #5's vagina has teeth and #2 answers yes. The board starts moving and it says that Chad is cheating on Chanel. #1 is shocked and says it is not true. She stands up really angry and says that #2 is just trying to mess with her from beyond the grave and that she will prove her wrong. Chanel goes to Chad's room to verify that he is not cheating on her, but when she enters she discovers him naked in bed with a goat. Angrily, Chanel says that she is breaking up with him because #2 told her that he is cheating on her. After Chad explains that he is lactose intolerant and that a goat's milk is lactose free, #1 says that she will not let #2 get into their relationship again because she is just clearly trying to break them up from beyond the grave.

The Chanels try to contact #2 again from the Ouija, and she answers. Chanel says that she is really done with her and thank her sarcastically for lying and saying that Chad is cheating on her with a goat, but #5 interrumpts her and says that #2 never said anything about a goat. #6 asks #2 to use her magical dead powers and say how many tampons she has on her purse to prove it is really her, and she says 9 which is the right answer. #3 asks now for her to use her special dead telepathy powers to answer a question for which #3 only knows the answer to, what breakfast cereal she accidentally breathe into her lungs and almost died when she was two, and #2 says Kix, which is also the right answer. #5 suggests to stop playing because it is freaking her out, but #1 asks another question. "Who is killing everybody?", she asks and #2 says that #1 is the killer. This makes #1 really angry and says that she is, once again, done with "this dead lying bitch" and wishes her fun in her dinner with Osama bin Laden in hell, leaving the room. This causes Chanels #3, #5 and #6 to secretly plot to murder #1 because they really believe what Chanel #2 said.

Chanel #2 talking to Chanel in her dream

Chanel #1 is sleeping and dreams of someone waking her up, and it is a dream hallucination of Chanel #2. Chanel quickly asks angrily what she is doing there. #2 says she came back from the grave to apologize to her and Chanel cannot believe it. Dream Chanel #2 says that hell sucks, that it is not fun. She explains that there are water slides lined with razor blades and you splashdown into a pool of boiling pee. Also, there are no dinosaurs, which shocks Chanel. #2 says that as soon as she got there she asked where the dinosaurs were and she was told that Jesus broke in and stole them. She also says that her job in hell is to pick up food from Uday and Qusay Hussein's beards with her teeth for the rest of eternity, making Chanel to express her disgust. This led #2 to go to hell's front desk and asks what she has to do to get to heaven, and Carl Sagan said to her that she has to do things right with Chanel, so that's what she is there to do. #2 reveals that she always admired Chanel and that is sorry for never telling her but she was just intimidated by her beauty and intelligence, which makes Chanel glad. She also apologizes for sleeping with Chad, but she did it because she was jealous and wanted what Chanel had. #1 asks why she used the Ouija board to tell everyone that her boyfriend cheated on her and that she was the killer, but #2 apologizes to her and says that she was just in a bad mood because Adolf Hitler was motorboating her boobs. Chanel thanks #2 and accepts her apologies, and says that she is sorry that she got murdered and died. Chanel #2 reveals to Chanel that the other Chanels will try to kill her with a bowling ball that they are going to use to smash her head as soon as she gets asleep, this really shocks Chanel and makes her say that she is going to kill them first. #2 stops her and says that she has to be the bigger person because Kappa Kappa Tau needs her and that she should rise up and be the good leader #2 knowns #1 can be. Chanel suddenly wakes up from her dream. When the Chanels are reconciling, Chanel reveals to #3, #5, and #6 that Chanel #2 appeared to her last night to tell her to be a better leader.

Mommie Dearest

Denise Hemphill refers to Chanel #2 when she says to Cathy Munsch that she now wants to sleep in the "dead girl's room" rather than in the patrol car outside the Kappa house.

The Final Girl(s)

Hester and the others interrogate Libby, since she was the one who noticed #2's body gone, maybe because she already put it in the house of Shady Lane. Chanel also accuses Libby of killing Roger and Dodger because she probably revealed to them that she killed Chanel #2 while she was asleep. Sonya's name then can be seen shortly before the Chanels' verdict is settled, along with all the other victims of the Red Devil. Later, Chanel #2's name is listed on the memorial plaque along with the other victims of the Red Devil conspiracy.


After Tyler's death, Chanel says that they should leave the body in the meat locker, however, Sadie says that last time they put dead bodies in a meat locker, they all went missing, referring to Sonya and Ms. Bean.

Halloween Blues

Chanel Oberlin mentions Chanel #2 when she and Denise Hemphill play with a Ouija board to contact Chad Radwell. To make sure it isn't Chanel #2 messing with her like the first time, she asks the spirit only questions that Chad would know. Chanel also references to her dream about #2 in Beware of Young Girls.


Chanel #2 is timid, disloyal, and least daring. She usually shrugs things off and is very calm when shocking new problems happen, like when the new misfit pledges join Kappa or when she meets someone scary and strange like the Red Devil. #2 is also really aware of danger, she did not want to prick her finger with a needle that the other Chanels used for the same thing during the Blood Oath so she will not get any STD's, or when she decides to not make a pact of not revealing to anyone that Chanel killed Ms. Bean because one day the police will find out and if she goes to jail then she will not be able to accomplish her dreams of becoming a network newscaster.

Chanel #2 has brown hair and eyes. Her style is playful, but at the same time, daring. She likes to wear faux fur jackets and really high platforms. She usually wears her hair in a unique styled ponytail and wears dresses with short tops or long skirts with tops. She sometimes wears furry pink and white coats.


The Chanels

Main article: The Chanels

#2 with the other Chanels

Sonya is part of The Chanels, the most popular girls of Wallace University and the leaders of Kappa Kappa Tau, where she is known as Chanel #2. Their leader, Chanel Oberlin, is the president of the sorority. Along with Chanel #3 and Chanel #5, #2 does everything Chanel says and wants.


After Chanel #2 finishes the blood oath, she decides she wants to go home and immediately goes to her room to pack up her things. As she picks up her phone, she gets a text from an "unknown" contact, who asks her if she is brave enough to open the door. She lets the person in and sees that it is the Red Devil, but assumes that it is actually just one of her friends and keeps on texting them. Chanel #2 then realizes that it is not one of her friends when the Red Devil sends her a text saying he's going to kill her, and she then gets stabbed deep in the shoulder. The Red Devil assumes she is dead, but she suddenly breathes and kicks the Red Devil in the stomach and sends him a text begging him to stop. She rushes to her laptop and types out a tweet for help instead of calling 911 or running away. Just as she is about to publish the tweet, she gets stabbed in the back and collapses. She briefly comes back again to hit send, then finally dies.


Season One (5/13)

Season Two (1/10)


I'll see you ladies in bio. I have a colonic at 10. (Pilot)

I love a creepy collage. (Pilot)

Chanel #2: Look, we're all just freaking out, okay? Let's just rub our fingers together and promise to keep quiet.
Chanel: Fine.
Chanel #2: Wait, what about STDs? What if one of us has, like, genital warts or... chlamydia or something?
Chanel: Idiot, you don't get STDs from blood oaths. You get STDs from dirty toilet seats and drinking the water in Mexico. (Pilot)

Chanel #2: I can't do this.
Chanel: Oh, God, fine. You know what? Forget the blood oath. Every time I try to plan something, you dumb bitches ruin it.
Chanel #2: I can't stay silent! Somebody murdered Ms. Bean, and someone's gonna find out, and I want to be a network newscaster. I'm calling my mom, and I'm going home. (Pilot)

[Pushes Chanel down the stairs on purpose] Oops, sorry, Chanel. (Beware of Young Girls)

Chanel: You! What are you doing here?
Chanel #2: Hey Chanel, it's Chanel #2
Chanel: Yeah, I know who you are! I asked what you're doing here, I thought you were dead.
Chanel #2: I am dead, I'm burning in hell! I came back from the grave to apologize to you.
Chanel: What? Seriously?
Chanel #2: That's right. See despite what you've heard, hell sucks. It's not fun! Yes there are water slides; but they're lined with razor blades, and you splash down into a pool of boiling pee. Also, zero dinosaurs!
Chanel: There are no dinosaurs?!
Chanel #2: No! As soon as I got there I was like 'where are the dinosaurs?' and they were like 'we know, Jesus came in and stole them'. Also do you know what my job is? I have to pick food out of Uday and Qusay Hussein's beards with my teeth for the rest of eternity! (Beware of Young Girls)


  • Chanel #2 is the first character to be killed by the Red Devil on-screen.
  • She is the only one of the five Chanels to be recurring instead of main.
  • It is revealed in Chainsaw that her real name is Sonya Herfmann. She was known as "Chanel #2" previously.
  • She is the second Chanel to die, first being Chanel #4. Although she is the first and the only Chanel to be killed by the Red Devil.
  • She is the first Chanel minion to have her name revealed.
  • She died on October 3rd, 2015 at 9:48 PM. Though on her BTS Memorial card, it is wrongfully shown that she died on November 3rd, 2015, even though they show Halloween episodes after that.
  • With her death, Chanel #3 is the second-in-command of the Chanels, after Chanel Oberlin.


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