Biographical Information
Full name: Sophia Doyle
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): College Student (formerly)
Sorority Sister (formerly)
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Whatsername (by Mandy)
Relationship Information
Family: Boone Clemens (son; deceased)
Hester Ulrich (daughter)
Relationships: Wes Gardner (hook-up; deceased)
Friends: Amy Meyer (deceased)
Bethany Stevens (deceased)
Coco Cohen
Mandy Greenwell (deceased)
Other Information
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 3
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Haunted House
Portrayed by: McKaley Miller
This is super embarrassing. I didn't even know that I was pregnant.
—Sophia after giving birth[src]

Sophia Doyle was a recurring character on Season One of Scream Queens. She was a pledge for Kappa Kappa Tau in 1995. It was revealed in Thanksgiving and The Final Girl(s) that she is the mother of twins Boone Clemens and Hester Ulrich.

She is portrayed by McKaley Miller.



Sophia Doyle was a student at Wallace University and a former pledge of Kappa Kappa Tau. On the night of a party in 1995, Amy called Bethany, Coco and Mandy to the sorority's bathroom to find Sophia all bloody in the bathtub while holding a baby. Sophia apologized to an angry Bethany for the embarrassing situation, stating that she did not know that she was pregnant, and asked to walk out and get some gatorade. However, Bethany, Coco and Mandy decided to leave Sophia with Amy and deal with her later because they did not want to miss their jam, Waterfalls by TLC, which was being played at the party. When the three girls finally came back, Sophia was already dead, presumably due to blood loss, leaving the girls scared and confused on what to do next.

Hell Week

Grace was snooping and checking out the bloody bathtub and Sophia's dress, and the soundtrack when Chanel caught her downstairs at the basement. Chanel then told Grace what happened at the old party. A flashback continued to the bathroom scene in the Pilot, with the girls freaking out and trying to think of what to do when young Dean Munsch and Ms. Bean entered the room and caught the girls. It was later presumed by Grace that Dean Munsch helped cover up Sophia's death.

Haunted House

In a flashback to 1995, Dean Cathy Munsch, Ms. Bean, and the other Kappa girls decide what to do with Sophia's body after she died in the bathtub. Ms. Bean suggests they grind Sophia's body up into sausages. Cathy then declares that they will all have to bury the body and takes Coco, Mandy, and Bethany with her, while Amy stays with Sophia's baby. They later bury the body, while Cathy explains to them that they will be thankful for this one day. Back in the present day, an older Mandy reveals to Grace and Pete that Sophia had a baby girl.

Mommie Dearest

Dean Munsch tells Grace about the girl who died in the bathtub, and mentioned that she does not know anything about the other girls.

Ghost Stories

Dean Munsch reveals to Grace and Zayday that Sophia had twins before she died. The Red Devil and Boone are the twins. Cathy knew Boone was one of Sophia's twins. Before Boone dies, he revealed that his mother would have understood him.


It was revealed that Wes is the father of Boone and the Red Devil. It means Grace, Boone, and the Red Devil are half siblings unknowingly. Sophia and Wes hooked up during the "Secret Tunnel" party nine months before the twins were born.


Sophia is neutral, helpless and not good at making good choices in her life. She is very dull and confused as she did not know that she was pregnant the whole time in Kappa house when she got knocked up and it appears that she is mostly good friends with Amy.

Sophia wears a long classical yellow dress with a styled flower on her left shoulder, she has brown eyes, pale skin and light brown hair.


While Bethany, Mandy and Coco are partying downstairs, Amy comes down and heads towards them with blood on her hands and explains that it is not her own. The foursome then heads upstairs to the bathroom and sees Sophia in pain and in distress holding a baby that she has just given birth to. Amy is holding her hand and freaking out on what to do when "Waterfalls" by TLC comes on and Bethany instead decides to go downstairs and party to her favorite song instead of trying to help Sophia. When Bethany, Mandy and Coco return, they witness a distressed Amy holding Sophia's baby wondering on what to do now while Sophia's body remains lifeless and bloody in the tub.


  • She is the first character to die in the series. Sophia is also the first to die of something other than murder (the second is Chanel #4).
  • Sophia is the mother of twins Boone and Hester.
  • Sophia hooked up with Wes Gardner, causing her to become pregnant with twins Boone Clemens and Hester Ulrich; which makes them Grace's half-siblings.
  • She is the first recurring character to die.
  • Both she and Bill were the first two characters to die first in the beginning flashback of their respective season.
    • Their deaths lead to a chain of events through their respective communities they died in.
    • Coincidentally, both she and Bill died because people decided to party rather than help them.


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