Biographical Information
Full name: Steven Munsch
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Occupation(s): Professor
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Dr. Munsch
Relationship Information
Relationships: Cathy Munsch (ex-wife)
Feather McCarthy (girlfriend)
Enemies: Cathy Munsch
Killer: Cathy Munsch
Other Information
Interests: Younger Women
Playing the Guitar
The Beatles
Talent(s): Playing guitar
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 1
First appearance: Beware of Young Girls
Portrayed by: Philip Casnoff
Feather and I are in love.
—Steven confessing his love for Feather to his wife Cathy[src]

Steven Munsch was a minor character on Season One of Scream Queens. He was the husband of Cathy Munsch, until he left her for one of his students, Feather McCarthy. The pair were together until he was murdered by Cathy in Beware of Young Girls.

He is portrayed by Philip Casnoff.


Beware of Young Girls

During her interview with Grace and Pete, Feather McCarthy describes how she and Steven met, which culminates in them falling in love and breaking the news to Cathy. Steven then tells Cathy that he wants a divorce. He is kicked out of his house by Cathy and forced to live at the Kappa house until Cathy gets Feather kicked out of Kappa. After the divorce settlement, which gives Steven back the house, he and Feather move in together.

After her interview with Grace and Pete, Feather comes home to find an arrow drawn with blood on the floor. She follows the arrow and soon finds a dismembered hand pointing out where to go next. She then sees writing in blood on the walls giving her further clues, which lead to a door with a dismembered foot pointing to the next direction. As she reaches the last of the directions she opens a door to one of the rooms (with the words "just a head" written in blood on it) and finds Steven's severed head in the fish tank. She calls the police and Cathy is arrested for his murder.

However, after finding a bologna sandwich at the crime scene with Feather's DNA on it, she is arrested for the murder and Cathy is released. However, in a voiceover by Cathy, she is revealed to be the one that murdered Steven, and she planted Feather's DNA on the sandwich to frame her.

The Final Girl(s)

He is mentioned by Hester in the series finale when Cathy confronts Hester and tells her she knew Hester was the Red Devil killer. Cathy says that Hester should be turned in for the murders she committed, but Hester says that if she does so, she will turn Cathy in for murdering Steven.


Steven is lovesick, goofy and has alot of aspiration. He is deeply in love with his new girlfriend Feather and divorces his ex-wife Cathy to runaway and live with his one true love. He is a college teacher and Feather was his student, he plays the guitar and loves to play for Feather to impress her while thinking about living in a fantasy world with her.

Steven wears a brown tuxedo with a white checkered shirt and a red-ish patterned tie, he wears blue pants and multifocal glasses.


Cathy, being scorned at Steven the whole time he left her for Feather, describes in her monologue that she killed Steven in revenge by cutting his head off and placing it in the fish tank. She then made a bologna sandwich and used fake teeth to bite a piece out of it. She also used Feather's tooth brush to rub her DNA on the sandwich. Cathy successfully frames Feather for murdering Steven, and Feather is sent to solitary confinement. Before Feather is taken, she first discovers Steven's head in the tank when she comes home and follows bloody arrows and bloody messages with some of his body parts on them directing her to the room and she screams in fear.


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