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Chanel #1: Good morning idiot hookers.
Chanel #3 & #5: Good morning, Chanel.
—Chanel and her minions[src]

The Chanels are a clique of beautiful, fashionable, mean and cocky girls who were the most popular girls at Wallace University and part of the most demanded sorority called Kappa Kappa Tau. Among the current members are Chanel Oberlin, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5. They are all best friends and were known for being cruel to other people at the university. The name of the group is "The Chanels" because the leader, Chanel Oberlin, does not care enough to know their names, so she simply calls them "Chanels," basically demoting them to minions. Each "minion" has a designated number, so Chanel can distinguish between them.

Their friendship is first seen in Pilot, though it began prior to that time. They seem to lose their friendship and love for each other in Seven Minutes in Hell, however it is revived in Mommie Dearest. After Hester framed Chanel, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 for the Red Devil murders, the Chanels get placed in a mental hospital. However, they end up enjoying their time at the asylum until their eventual release. In Scream Again, Cathy Munsch visits their apartment and asks them to become medical students to work at her hospital.

In Chanel Pour Homme-Icide, Chanel and #3 reflect the Red Devil killing spree and noticed that they need a group of less attractive, less popular, less interesting people around for the Green Meanie to kill before them. Thus they decide to recruit patients from the C.U.R.E. hospital to join the Chanels as cannon fodder such as Chanel #7, #8 and Chanel Pour Homme. Moreover, Hester suggests that she should rejoin them since she, as a former serial killer, knows what the Green Meanie would do next and she could help them choose who is fit for being cannon fodder and Chanel agrees.

After Chanel Pour Homme is killed and Dean Munsch finds out that the Chanels recruited new Chanels, she decides to add #9, #10 and #11.



The Chanels morning routine.

Chanel Oberlin introduces herself as the queen of Kappa Kappa Tau and her "minions", aka the Chanels. She goes on to say that she "doesn't know their names, and doesn't want to know their names", so she labels them as Chanel #2, #3 and #5, She also explains that #4 died from meningitis.

The Chanels without Chanel #2.

When Cathy Munsch and Gigi Caldwell announce their plans to allow anyone into Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel #5 goes to alert Chanel about this unsettling news, causing outrage between the Chanels and the new pledges.

Later at night, the Chanels finds the maid, Ms. Bean's "creepy collage" dedicated to Chanel, so she storms down to confront the maid, forcing her minions and the new pledges to follow her into the kitchen, proceeding with her prank (to pretend to burn Ms. Bean's face in cold fryer grease to scare the pledges). Unbeknownst to Chanel, the fryer was actually turned on, presumably by the Red Devil, so when Chanel decides to dunk Ms. Bean's head in the fryer, it actually starts to burn her face off. As Chanel lets go in fear, Ms. Bean quickly lifts her head out of the fryer, revealing that she is suffering from severe burns and eventually dies. Grace leaves the kitchen to get the police when Chanel threatens to pin all the blame on her, and even convinces the Chanels and pledges (excluding Grace's new best friend Zayday Williams) to take her side. They take Ms. Bean's body and store it in a freezer, where Chanel swears the pledges to secrecy and invites everyone for cocktails.

The Chanels having a blood oath.

Believing that there is someone messing with her, Chanel and her Kappa sisters take a blood oath, where Chanel #3 reveals she has HPV and Chanel #2 is stressed that they are going to get caught by the authorities, so she decides to go home, but while packing she is murdered by the Red Devil. Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 are later seen screaming at the horrifying discovery of Chanel #2's body. Chanel rushes over and believes that Ms. Bean is still alive and taking revenge, but refuses to call the police because of her "attempted murder" on the maid, yet she is happy that Ms. Bean is alive because she will not have to live with the burden of having killed someone. The new pledges then arrive for the beginning of the hazing event called "Hell Week," but Grace refuses to allow any of the girls to get hazed, so Chanel takes her to the Grind to "iron out their differences", while Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 take over the hazing and dig holes to put the pledges in that would fill up to their necks in the ground. While Chanel #3 and #5 are away, Tiffany's head gets mowed off by the Red Devil. Chanel also offered Grace a prominent position in Kappa as Chanel #6 but she declined.

Hell Week

The Chanels still do not know how to dispose of Chanel #2's body. After Hester suggests putting her in a food processor or boning her, Chanel decides to put the body in the same freezer where they put Ms. Bean's dead body. Hester swears to secrecy of #2's death. 

Boone talking with the Chanels.

Boone goes to talk to the Chanels to tell Chanel that there is no need for her to tell everyone about his sexuality, because he wants to come out in his own way soon. He proposes that after he comes out, they accept him in Kappa, and Chanel likes the idea because that would give her a good reputation as the first girl who accepts a gay man in his sorority. Chanel #5 disagrees, but Boone leaves knowing that they will consider his idea of joining Kappa.


Chanel introducing Chanel #6.

Chanel is seen in the freezer shouting to Chanel #5 about what happened to Chanel #2's body. Chanel #5 says she is out and that Chanel should figure it out on her own. When Chanel #5 leaves, Chanel says she will end her and calls her "bitch".

Grace talks to Chanel #5 about Chanel #2 and Chad dating. It was revealed that both #3 and #5 dated Chad behind Chanel's back. Chanel #5 says Chad forced her to watch him play with his knife collection. Chanel then comes down the stairs with a newly transformed Hester, who is now named Chanel #6, which outrages Chanel #5, who says that they cannot take a pledge in as a Chanel.

Haunted House

The Chanels and the pledges are carving pumpkins, and when they reveal to Chanel their pumpkins, Zayday announces she is running for Kappa president against Chanel, which angers her and makes her vow vendetta.

Pumpkin Patch

The Chanels walking down the stairs to talk with the Designer

The episode opens up with the Chanels talking to a designer about their pumpkin patch then went to Chanel closet where she assigned their Halloween costumes (dead Presidents' wives) which annoyed Chanel #5 which starts a small fight with Chanel giving her a choice between dressing up as Mary Todd or leave the room, she choose to leave. They are together later when Dean Munsch announces that she will be closing the University and institutes a curfew on Halloween night. Chanel #6 walks into the kitchen to see Chanel #5 is making toenails cookies and is mad that Chanel gets all the credit for everything and Chanel #6 says that she is a switch-hitter. Chanel #5 is somewhat confused due to the fact that a "switch-hitter" is a person who is bisexual, so Chanel #6 corrects #5 with a different term. Chanel #6 has a plan to bring Chanel down. They then go into Jennifer's room and convince her to join by saying Chanel has a closet full of candles that she threw out after using them once, and Jennifer is mad, and soon agrees to the plan.

The Chanels and Jennifer staring at Chanel as the police take her to the station

Chanel was under arrest for Ms. Bean murdered and as she taken to the police station. The Chanels and Jennifer are staring as she leaves. While Chanel 3, 5, 6, and Sam are fake eating, Grace Gardner  and Pete Martinez  think that since Chanel is gone they should start to look for Zayday Williams (kidnapped at Haunted House) but Chanel #6 says no and Chanel #3 says no because she does not want Dean Munsch to kick them out. Later Chanel is bailed out by Sam and Chanel #3, and Chanel is thankful for them. As Chanel arrives back, she goes into her closest and is outraged to see #5 in a Jackie Kennedy costume, which Chanel is also wearing. Chanel yells at her for telling the cops but #5 says #6 is trying to frame her but Chanel does not believe it and makes #5 light all the pumpkins as punishment. After the accident at the pumpkin patch with #5, Chanel calls the president election early but is interrupted when Zayday walks in and she tells the group what had happened to her. As Chanel tries to have to election but is interrupted by Grace who is happy to see Zayday is alive. And then they all get ready to vote.

Seven Minutes in Hell

The Chanels and Pledges are all voting and end with Zayday and Chanel being tied, Chanel in rage goes up to her closest Chanel #3 and #5 go up to check on her to see crying but turns out to be laughing because she wanted Zayday and her to be tied because its her plan to die last she tells then as they head downstairs

The girls voting for Kappa president

back downstairs. Later at their Slumber party they play "Spin the Bottle" Chanel #3 and Sam kiss. Chanel starts to freak out thinking someone hacked into the security system before the lights go out. Chanel calls Chad who was already on his way over. Chanel opens the widow so they can get in but the red devil attacks and end up with Caulfield being killed. When they go back downstairs they "Truth or Dare" the game ends with Sam reveals Chanel #3's dad is Charles Manson which makes Chanel #3 mad and then dares her [Sam] to sleep in the bloody bathtub. They then decided to play "Seven minutes in Heaven", which ends with Chanel and Chad getting together and Roger being killed in front of Chanel #5. The group goes into the closest and Chad finds the trapdoor which they think that how the Red Devil got in.

Chanel giving the girls pink nunchakus as defense weapons.

Chanel and Zayday go down to explore it which ends up with Chanel saving Zayday from the Red Devil. Zayday actually questions why Chanel saved her, and Chanel states that she needs the numbers when the Red Devil attacks again. The next day Chanel #3 and #5 are talking about Sam's death and their plan to overthrow Chanel, saying 'whatever/whoever we have to kill and/or step over'. It ends with the girls getting pink nunchakus and dance.

Beware of Young Girls

The Chanels are all seen at the funeral putting Chanel #2 to rest.

After the funeral Chanel is upset because Chanel #2 slept with chad so the other Chanels decide to have a Chanel Night and use a spirit board to contact Chanel #2. But things go horribly wrong when Chanel #2 tells the other Chanels the Chanel is the Killer. Chanel upset stomps away while the other Chanels are worried. The Chanels all then plot to kill Chanel. While Chanel is dreaming Chanel #2 comes to her to apologize and warn her that the other Chanels were going to try and kill her. Chanel then confront the other Chanels and they confess. Chanel forgives them and tells them she is not the killer. Then Chanel Gives them Nany Drew hats and magnifying glass so that they can solve the murders and claims that Grace and Zayday are the Killers.

Mommie Dearest

At Kappa house, Chanel conducts a meeting with the rest of The Chanels to see what evidence they discovered that proves Zayday and Grace are the killers. Hester says she went rummaging through Zayday's drawers and found that not only are both Zayday and Grace on the pill, but also their cycles are synced, just like their thirst for murder. She says that "those who pill together kill together" and Chanel gets annoyed that that's not even a saying. Next, Libby says she knows for a fact that Zayday is the murderer and plans on killing again because when you rearrange the letters in her name, it spells out "I MAY SLAY LIZ DAW". She says she has no clue who Liz Daw is, but clearly Zayday is contemplating slaying her. Chanel gets angry that all of the clues are terrible and says that in order to get anything done right, you have to pay someone a lot of money to do it, and that's just what she plans on doing. She also tells the other Chanels to put on some oat bags and poop green turds like the old sad hags like they are. 

Meanwhile, Denise calls a meeting with the Chanels and says that she has no evidence that Zayday is the killer. But what she does do is ask them if she could have a 10% advance on the $3 million she was offered. Chanel agrees and starts heading downstairs, with the the Chanels and Denise following. Chanel starts complaining of there being an awful burning smell. As they walk downstairs towards the dining room, they witness Jennifer's dead body sitting frozen stiff on the dinner table in a meditation pose. Her body is covered in melted wax, and she has a candle melting on her head. She is holding two burning candles and has multiple candles surrounding her. The girls scream in horror.

Later at Kappa, Chanel is meeting with the Scotland Yard detectives to see what evidence they might have found. The detectives tell Chanel that one of her very housemates has contemplated killing her - Libby, better known as Chanel #5. She apparently hosts several chatrooms online with names such as "Does anyone want to help me poison Chanel Oberlin?" Chanel gets angry because she did not ask for dirt on Chanel #5, but then laughs at the fact that her real name is Libby.

Later, Denise is shown wearing Chanel #5's clothes while she makes an announcement to the Chanels that she is going to be the new mother of Kappa house. Chanel then walks in and tells Denise that she is the one who calls the shots, since she is the president. Denise gets defensive and tells Chanel that she is in charge now and ushers her out of the meeting to have a talk in the bathroom. There, Denise tells Chanel that she heard about the mean things she said to Grace about her mom, and she demands that she apologizes to Grace. Chanel says that everything she told Grace were facts, so she does not need to apologize. Denise then decides to threaten Chanel that she will take her man, Chad Radwell, if she does not apologize, so Chanel angrily agrees and storms out of the bathroom.

Ghost Stories

When Chanel #3 goes back to Kappa House and informs the other Chanels of her encounter with Boone, Denise tells them a couple of ghost stories, stating that they will be so scared of the cautionary tales that it will take their minds off of the Red Devil and Boone's ghost. The stories only make the Chanels more frightened.

Arriving back at Kappa House, Chanel #5 returns with news that the Red Devil attacked her, but Chanel says that this was just mirroring the tale that Hester had told them before about the meathook killer. Chanel #5 still continually rants about how nobody is consoling her. Chanel is plotting with #3 and #5 on how to kill Hester, when Hester reveals that she is not actually pregnant, but says that she will still have Chad get her pregnant. Angered, Chanel pushes Hester down the stairs, presumably breaking her neck.


Chad takes Chanel to spend Thanksgiving with his family, when all of a sudden, Hester arrives unexpectedly. As the Radwells play Pictionary, they continue to insult Chanel and Hester. Finally, Chanel gets fed up and goes on a rant. She apologizes for trying to kill Hester and then proceeds to tell off each of the Radwells, ending with Chad, and telling him she never wants to talk to him again. She then storms away, accompanied by Hester, the two girls having made amends.

Chanel and Hester then return to Kappa for Thanksgiving dinner. Chanel makes Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 go retrieve the turkey.

Black Friday

In the beginning of Black Friday, the Chanels are walking down the staircase, on the way to stores for Black Friday doorbusters. Dean Cathy Munsch stops them a gives them a 'time-out', but still The Chanels go to the mall for Black Friday sales.

During the stay at the mall, Chanel asks Chanel #3 about her opinion for what earrings that looks better on her. Chanel #5 and #6 say she is going to get Chanel a Coco Chanel bag, and Chanel says she gets those stuff for free from her relative. Chanel then has a change of mind about presents and then decides to get them all matching pink cars. Chanel #3 is seen looking around questioningly and sees the lights go off.

The Chanels all get worried and decide to exit the mall.

Chanel #5 tries to open the door but it's locked on the other side. The other Chanels scream and Chanel #5 turns around to see the Red Devil with a crossbow. They all run, but it looks seemingly hard to run in heels. There is a small hole to the exit, so #3, #5, and #6 use it to get out, but Chanel stays to fight the Red Devil.

Chanel turns around to see the Red Devil descending from the elevator and the Red Devil walks out. The Chanel says to shoot her, and goes on to call the Red Devil 'an old hag' thinking that the Red Devil is Cathy Munsch. The Red Devil shoots her on the shoulder, and she falls down and screams in pain, but does not cry. In slow motion, the Red Devil reloads the crossbow, and then Denise Hemphill runs on the scene with two backup officers. Chanel questions why Denise Hemphill has a gun, and Denise says she upgraded, and one of her backup officers gets shot in the head with the crossbow.

After this incident, the Chanels all vote that they should kill Cathy and they attempt to kill her, after that does not work, Grace Gardner changes her mind about killing Cathy, so Chanel gets the Chanels to vote Grace out of Kappa. Then all the Chanels and Zayday go to a spa where they try to kill Cathy again and failed.


All the Chanels are gathered downstairs with the pizza guy who is strapped to dynamite when Hester claims she saw someone who was wearing a veil and mumbling "something dork". The pizza guy is then blown apart in the Kappa house, with his intestines spewing all over the walls.  #3 and #5 then are talking about Zak the pizza guy where #3 gets extremely mad at her until Chanel comes in and tells the other Chanels that she wants to go on an apology tour, starting with Melanie Dorkus. The Chanels then arrive at Melanie's house for the apology, however Hester stays behind to rob Chanel's closet, and Chanel #5 leaves for a Tinder date. As it turns out, Chanel never intended to apologize, and instead, she repeatedly attempts to stab Melanie to death with scissors, while #3 films the entire thing. Chanel was convinced Melanie is the killer, due to Hester's description of a woman wearing a veil and mumbling "dork". She is just about to finish off Melanie, when Grace and Zayday show up and stop her with the proclamation that Hester is the actual Red Devil. 

Grace, Zayday, Chanel, and Chanel #3 all return to Kappa house, and are discussing what to do about Hester, when suddenly, they hear a loud scream. The girls all grab assorted kitchen utensils as weaponry, and slowly walk upstairs to the source of the noise. They find Chanel #5 coming out of the bathroom, who says her Tinder date was actually fake. From there, they all walk into Chanel's closet and find a distraught Hester laying on the ground with a stiletto heel jammed into her eye socket. Grace seems noticeably confused as she was convinced that Hester was in fact the killer, but now she is questioning everything. Just then, Hester looks up and points her finger at Chanel #5, referring to her as the Red Devil, and claiming that she was the one who attacked her. The rest of the girls all turn to give a dirty look at Chanel #5.

The Final Girl(s)

There is a flashback to December of 2015, as Hester is being taken away to the hospital, where it is revealed that she stabbed her own eye with the red stiletto heel and put the blame on #5. She also created a fake Tinder account to swipe right on Chanel #5, so that she would leave Melanie's house. 

Back in 2015, after Hester is out of the hospital and recovering from the damage inflicted on her eye, she points at Libby and shouts that she is the Red Devil. Chanel and Chanel #3 then start to corner Libby because they begin to believe she is the killer, just as Denise arrives to support their theory. Grace and Zayday object, stating that Hester is the real killer and they have evidence to prove it. Hester then perfectly dismisses all of their evidence. Grace says that she faked her entire high school transcript, and Hester rebuttals by saying she only did it because she was embarrassed about being home schooled, to which everybody gasps. There's also no record of Hester's parents, but then her mom and step-father suddenly show up, and as it turns out, Hester hired them to say that they are her real parents. Libby's parents also come, only to testify against their daughter, and since they hated Libby, and she was actually adopted, Hester was able to easily convince them to turn against her. Denise then arrests Libby.

Suddenly, Hester then claims that Chanel #3 has also conspired with Libby. She forges a letter from Chanel #3's "psychiatrist" to manipulate her into believing that she has a split personality called "Dirty Helen" that has killed people, but she just has no memory of it. Hester accuses her of murdering Tiffany, but Chanel #3 says she could not have because she was at the White Stallion with Libby that night. Libby then confesses that Chanel #3 actually left the White Stallion early for some unknown reason, and Hester says that she must have killed Tiffany then, since she does not have an alibi. A flashback then reveals that contrary to what Hester is saying, Chanel #3 did not murder Tiffany, as the reason she left the restaurant early was because she had to use the bathroom, all because Hester had sneaked a laxative (three drops) into her cocktail. Chanel #3 then explains this to the others, so Hester whips out more evidence in the form of letters from #3's biological father, Charles Manson. She asks Chanel #3 to read a letter aloud in which Manson suggests that she strap a bomb to a pizza guy when she asked him if he knew anything about yeast infections. Hester then places the blame on #3 for the explosion of the pizza man that occurred a few days prior. Denise then arrests Chanel #3.

Lastly, Hester accuses Chanel of being one of the killers. She shows her a video recording from the hardware store of "her" shopping the tools that the Red Devil previously used to murder people. It is revealed that it was actually just Hester wearing a blonde wig in order to frame Chanel, as the video only shows her from the back. She says if the video is not enough proof, she has the receipt from the purchase since "Chanel" used a credit card in her name, which Chanel claims she does not even own. She also gives ultimate proof that Chanel is the killer, by saying that she might see the opportunity to kill all the weird pledges so that the reputation of Kappa Kappa Tau will not be ruined. Chanel fights back by saying if that were the case, she would have killed the two pledges she hates the most, Grace and Zayday. Hester says that the only reason she did not kill them is because it would have been too obvious, so she left them alone to keep the scent off her. Denise is then convinced that Chanel was involved, so she arrests her as well, but not before placing suspicion on Zayday. All the Chanels attempt to run away but Denise calls for back-up, a bunch of male strippers dressed as officers, to apprehend the girls and escort them out of the Kappa house. 

The Chanels are denied bail and sent to prison awaiting their trials. During their trials, Chanel, Libby, and Chanel #3, whose name is revealed to be Sadie Swenson in this scene, are sentenced to life in a mental asylum. They unexpectedly find happiness there; Chanel is unanimously voted as the asylum president, Sadie embraces her lesbianism and begins a relationship with one of the female nurses, and Libby is placed on a series of medications that completely transform her personality into someone Chanel actually likes, resulting in them becoming best friends. The three of them happily eat anything they want since there are "no boys to be skinny for."

Scream Again

The Chanels are first seen when Dean Munsch reminisces about the Netflix documentary made about them. It is revealed they were acquitted when the real killer confessed to her crimes.

They are later seen when Chanel wakes up and greets Chanel #3 and Chanel #5. Chanel says that they all went back to college and got their degrees in Communications; however, they soon discovered that these degrees are practically useless. We find out that the girls are treated badly by the public as people shout insults at them as they walk down the street. This makes Chanel decide that they need to clean their image up and get jobs serving the community. Chanel #5 gets a job as a dental assistant, where she is seen screaming at the patients in the waiting room to be quiet while she's on the phone. Chanel comments how she thinks #5 is working there to get free braces for her "vagina teeth". Chanel #3 is seen mopping floors at a sperm bank, a job which she seems to enjoy. Chanel herself is a phlebotomist and is seen drawing blood from a woman.

However, the girls are still poor and forced to eat nothing but fruit pies as they lounge in the yard of the place they live in. Suddenly, a limo pulls up, with Dean Munsch inside. She offers the girls places at her new hospital, where they would both be majoring in medicine and serving as assistants. They accept the offer.

Zayday is later seen getting her laundry when she hears a strange noise. She goes to investigate, only to discover the Chanels. She drops the laundry and screams in terror, although eventually hugging the girls and remarking on how fun this is going to be. They are all lead to the locker rooms by Dean Munsch and handed slacks to choose from. They protest at first, but when they catch a glimpse of Dr. Brock showering, Chanel quickly slips down into her underwear. The girls are introduced to Dr. Brock before he leaves. The four new students are then seated by Dean Munsch, and the Chanels are told that they will be ghosting: observing what the doctors are doing and not saying a word.

They are later seen in Catherine's room together with Zayday, Dr. Brock, and Dr. Cassidy. While they manage to stay polite and not speak at first, this is quickly broken by #5 when she asks Catherine how she manages not to freak out every time she looks in the mirror. The three girls proceed to ask her very rude questions about her disease. They then exit the room and approach the nurses, remarking how the nurses are their servants. They are then approached by Ingrid Marie Hoffel, who is very hostile towards them, saying that they're not real doctors and that they don't belong at the hospital. They cheerfully tell her they have a personal meeting with Dean Munsch. When they arrive at her office, they see Zayday there, who told the Dean that the Chanels were very rude to Catherine. As a result, their dorms are taken away and they're put on academic probation. They ask if they will still get paid, and when the Dean reveals they were never gonna get paid, all three scream in terror.

Later, they hang out at their apartment, with Chanel ranting about their future. She then gets the idea to find a cure for Catherine's disease before Zayday does, thus getting the Chanels back in the Dean's good graces. She is later seen approaching Dr. Brock, saying that she wants to work with him as #3 and #5 are very stupid. The three girls are later seen very happy that they came up with a cure before Zayday did.

The girls later go see Catherine, who is now freaking out because she lost absolutely all of her body hair. It's time for Chanels to do what they do best: perform a makeover. They put a wig on Catherine and do her makeup, which makes her very happy and thankful. The girls then enter the elevator, commenting how easy being a doctor is. They run into Ingrid and Dean Munsch, with the former once again telling them they don't belong there. The girls choose to ignore the threat and go celebrate with appletinis. Ingrid and Dean Munsch both say that they have plans for the girls.

They are then seen in the locker rooms getting changed to go home, when Chanel says that they're lucky to have made things better with Dean Munsch, but that #5 still has to work that night, as the other two have dates with the two doctors. #5 protests and reminds Chanel of their time in the asylum and how they were very close and shared secrets. Chanel yells at her for reminding her of that traumatic time and #3 says that she is not a nice person. The two then leave.

Warts and All

At the beginning of the episode, #1 and #3 are seen accusing #5 of murdering Catherine Hobart. The girls think that #5 was so jealous of their double date with the two doctors of the hospital that she killed Catherine to interrupt the date and have the girls hurry back. While accusing her of the murder, they throw insults at her.

They are later seen with Dr. Brock, Dr. Cassidy and Zayday, examining Tyler's tumors. They once again insult the patient, much like they did to Catherine in the previous episode.

The girls are later shown watching #5's fundraiser video, in which she asks America to donate money for Tyler's laser surgery. The other two say that the video is horrible and advise #5 on how to win Tyler over: by being there for him even in these troubling times. Chanel and #3 later join Dean Munsch and Denise Hemphill in visiting Hester, who knows who the killer of Catherine is and gives them several tasks they must perform before she reveals it.

Tyler and #5 are then seen kissing after a date, when suddenly white and green confetti explodes everywhere. Chanel and #3 approach them and congratulate Tyler on being able to see past #5's hideous looks and accepting her for who she is. They explain that they were testing him and he passed; thus, they bought the laser necessary for the removal of his tumors.

Chanel and #3 join #5 while she's FaceTiming Tyler. He is quickly wheeled off for his surgery, which confuses the girls as it wasn't supposed to happen until the day after. #3 says that it's impossible for the surgery to happen that night as Dr. Brock and Dr. Cassidy had already left for their "handsome" contest. The girls realize that something bad is happening and run to save Tyler. However, when they arrive there, the Green Meanie has already killed him. The girls realize that they have to deal with yet another serial killer.


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Halloween Blues

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Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

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Blood Drive

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The Hand

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel

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  • Chanel Oberlin offered Grace Gardner to be Chanel #6 in Hell Week, but she declined the offer. In Chainsaw the title went to Hester Ulrich.
  • Grace is the only known Kappa to decline the offer to be a Chanel.
  • Chanel #2 is the only one of the five appearing Chanels to be recurring instead of main. This is until Season Two when all of the new Chanels are recurring.
  • Chanel #4 is the first Chanel to die.
    • She is also the only Chanel never seen on-screen.
  • Chanel #2 is the only Chanel to be killed by the Red Devil.
  • Chanel Oberlin gave Hester Ulrich a makeover in Chainsaw and made her Chanel #6.
  • All original Chanels (including Chanel #6) have dated/slept with Chad Radwell. It is possible that Chanel #4 dated/slept with him before her death.
  • Chanel and Chanel #6 are the only Chanels whose names were confirmed before the series started.
  • Hester was the only Chanel still referred to by her original name. This is not counting Chanel #1, as Chanel is her original name.
  • Chanel #1, Chanel #2, and Chanel #5 all had the same goal to become network newscasters.
  • The Chanels are inspired by the Heathers and have been also compared to the Plastics from Mean Girls.
  • Chanel #5 is the most targeted Chanel, and has survived four altercations with the Red Devil.
  • Chanel #3 is the least targeted Chanel.
  • Chanel #8 is the only Chanel introduced in Season 2 to have survived.
  • All the original living Chanels (#1, #3, #5, #6) have been to the Palmer Mental Asylum at some point in their life.
  • All 3 Chanels have had one of their love interests murdered at some point.
  • In Chanel Pour Homme-Icide, Chanel recruited 3 more Chanels (#7, #8 and Chanel Pour Homme) to use as bait for the Green Meanie.
    • She also brought back Hester as a Chanel to gain more information about the killer.
  • Tristan St. Pierre was the first and last male Chanel.
    • He was also the only Chanel who never got an assigned number, and instead was called "Chanel Pour Homme".
  • Cathy Munsch recruited 3 more Chanels of her own (#9, #10 and #11) to assist with hospital work.
  • As of Drain the Swamp, there are 5/12 Chanels alive in the series.
    • However, there are only 4 "Chanels" left as Hester left the group in Drain The Swamp.