The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charitable Foundation
Location: Wallace University
Purpose: Fraternity
Leader(s): Chad Radwell
Status: Active
Episode count: 12
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: The Final Girl(s)

The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charitable Foundation, previously known as the Dickie Dollar Scholars, is the main golfing fraternity featured in the first season of Scream Queens. Its members are the most popular boys of Wallace University. It is introduced in Pilot as the Dickie Dollar Scholars, but in The Final Girl(s), Chad Radwell turns it into a charity foundation and renames it to The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charitable Foundation, in memory of his fallen Dickie brothers in season one.



Boone and Chad Radwell are seen playing golf on the golf course at Wallace University while they talk to Chanel about what happened at the party. Chad tells Chanel that he cannot date her if she has misfits in her sorority, as this would damage his popularity. Boone supports his decision, and Chanel angrily leaves the golf course.

Hell Week

Boone sharing his bed with Chad

Chad is seen trying to sleep in their dormitory with Boone, until Boone says that he is scared of the killer and asks Chad to sleep with him, so Chad, as his best friend, lets him sleep with him, but clarifies that Boone will not try touch him at night like past times and will respect Chad's heterosexuality. Chanel enters the room to try to fix her relationship with Chad, but she witnesses Chad and Boone sharing the same bed and starts to believe that Chad is gay. Chanel then leaves the room and Chad follows her. After he explains the situation and that Boone is gay, Chad breaks up with her for being a "spoiled, homophobic little girl." Scenes later, Boone goes to talk to The Chanels to tell Chanel that there is no need for her to tell everyone about his sexuality, because he wants to come out in his own way soon. He proposes that after he comes out, they accept him in Kappa, and Chanel likes the idea because that would give her a good reputation as the first girl who accepts a gay man in her sorority. Chanel #5 disagrees, but Boone leaves knowing that they will consider his idea to join Kappa as a homosexual man.

Caulfield, Roger, Dodger, and Earl screaming after they see Boone's "dead body"

Later, Boone is seen working out in his room, alone, when the Red Devil enters his room. Boone stares at him and says "What? Am I supposed to be scared?" After some time, Caulfield, Roger, Dodger, and Earl Grey go to Boone's room, to get him to go with them and hook up with some girls at the White Stallion, but they hear a scream and go to the dining room, only to find a dead Boone laying on the dinner table with his throat slit. They all scream in fear.

Chad, along with Denise, interrupt the last dinner of "hell week" at Kappa, to announce that Shondell's body has disappeared and that Boone is dead. At the end of the episode, the Red Devil goes to the mortuary and opens a drawer where Boone's body is being stored. Boone later opens his eyes and the episode ends with him saying to the Red Devil "What took you so long?" taking his throat slashing make-up off, revealing that he is the Red Devil's ally.


Chad and Earl are seen at the protest holding candles and signs against Kappa, Chanel asks Chad if he is okay after Boone "death" and after a small argument, Chad breaks up with her again. Dean Munsch then talks to the crowd and says they are

The Dickie Dollar Scholars meeting

mourning the passing of Tiffany and Boone whose death is being ruled as a suicide by the County Coroner. Scenes later, the Dickie Dollars have a meeting, and Chad reveals he believes that Boone did not commit suicide. Roger then questions the rumors about Boone being gay, and Caulfield denies, but Chad reveals the rumors are true, surprising them all. They decide to make a witch hunt by getting baseball bats and yelling "Red Devil" so they can avenge Boone's death by killing the Red Devil. They start smashing a red car in the middle of the street, assuming that it is the Red Devil car, until the Red Devil appears, holding a chainsaw on the right side of the street. They get ready to battle him, until another one appears holding a chainsaw. They start to fight, and Chad tries

to attack one of the Red Devils alone, until he is knocked out. Caulfield tries to save him, but has his arms cut off by the Red Devil and falls on the ground.

Haunted House

Chad and Hester at the 53 Shady Lane Haunted House

In The Grind, Earl says to Zayday that he heard she is running for Kappa president, he give her advice and supported her, Earl reveals that he tried to be president of the Dickie Dollars Scholars, but lost to Chad. Scenes later, at a graveyard, Chad is seen unzipping his pants by a grave when Hester appears behind him, stopping him. They both talk about their passion for death and soon Hester starts to seduce him. He asks for them to do it on a grave and she says it is not scary enough and says he might be lucky if he gets a text saying which scary location they should meet at.

Earl is seen again at the 53 Shady Lane, he along with Zayday and Pete scares Grace. When Grace asks what they are doing there, Zayday says she is having the haunted house charity there. Denise appears, startling them and says the house is haunted and tells them the story of 'The Hag of Shady Lane', the former resident of the abandoned shack, who took care of the bathtub baby in 1995. That evening, Hester and Chad meet at the Shady Home to have sex, Hester finds Agatha Bean body, she touch it thinking it is a wax replica, until her finger pierce her leg, they start to scream and Chad hits a closed bunk bed, it opens and reveals Shondell body, they run away and end running at Coney and Chanel #2 corpses. At The Grinder, Chad and Hester are traumatized and thinking what to do, they decide to warn everybody about the real corpses, however, that only encourages them to go.

Pumpkin Patch

Rodger and Dodger are seen lighting pumpkins at the Kappa Kappa Tau maze with they girlfriend, Chanel #5, until the Red Devil appears behind her holding hedge shears, she screams and Rodger and Dodger run out of the maze and they both see

Dodger's corpse

the Red Devil and they all run into the maze, Dodger and Roger both stop Chanel #5 and ask her to choose one of them to be her boyfriend before they run to a passage to escape, Chanel #5 picks Roger and Dodger picks his own direction all by himself trying to escape Red Devil, but unfortunately is caught up and quickly is sliced and gutted in the stomach with hedge shears. His body is left sitting in the maze lifeless with his stomach organs hanging out.

Seven Minutes in Hell

At Dickie Dollar Scholars, Earl confronts Chad about him sleeping with Dean Munsch and Denise, which he happily confesses to and announces they should have a pantie raid at Kappa. When the lights of Kappa goes out, Chanel calls Chad to help her using her satellite phone. When the Dickie Dollars arrive with stairs to reach the windows, however they end up seeing Red Devil. While Chad, Roger and Earl easily go up, Caulfield cannot climb because he do not have arms. When he makes a quarter of the way up, the Red Devil knocks over the ladder, causing Caulfield to fall and the Red Devil then stabs him in the chest twice with an axe before chopping his head off.

Caulfield's corpse

Regardless of what happened, the Kappa sisters and Dickie Dollar brothers decide to play "Truth or Dare" to determine who the killer is. The group soon decide to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven" and Chanel picks Chad and they are then seen in Chanel's closet making out, until she says that Chad must promise not to sleep with anyone else and pinky swear on it. Soon it is Chanel #5 and Roger's turn and they walk in. Chanel and Chad are walking back into the living room when they hear a scream. They go down to the basement and find Hester who discovered Sam's body and some of the sisters claim that Heater's the killer as she was the first to find her. In Chanel's closet, Chanel #5 and Roger, who probably did not hear the scream, are making out until Roger starts talking about how happy he is to be separated from his brother, Dodger. While he continues to talk, Chanel #5 sees the Red Devil behind him and Roger is shot three times with a nail gun and falls to the floor as the Red Devil continues to shoot him with the nail gun while #5 watches in horror. The killer continues to shoot him until they run out of nails. Chanel and Zayday go explore it.

Beware of Young Girls

Earl and Chad at the funeral

Chad and Earl are seen on #2's funeral, putting flowers on her open casket.

When #2 talks with The Chanels using the Ouija Board and says Chad is cheating on Chanel, she storms into Chad's room and catches him with a goat on his bed. At first, she thinks that he was planning on screwing the goat, but then Chad explains that he is lactose intolerant and his reason for having the goat is that goat's milk is lactose free. Chanel apologizes and Chad asks if she wants to have sex. She says yes.

Mommie Dearest

Chad trying to compliment Chanel

When Denise calls a meeting with The Chanels and asks them if she could have a 10% advance on the $3 million she was offered. Chanel agrees and excuses herself to meet up with Chad for their "night of 1,000 compliments", where Chad sits across from Chanel and consistently compliments her. When Chanel's upset that Kappa is officially done and that they cannot throw anymore awesome parties, she think that Chad will break up with her. In one point of the episode, Denise says that if Chanel do not apologize to Grace, she would steal Chad from her.

Ghost Stories

Boone pays a visit to Chad, who hugs each other, Chad thinks Boone's a ghost. Boone asks Chad if he can borrow a "date shirt'" of his, saying that the only way for him to be "among the living" would be to have sex with Zayday, as Chad complies. Zayday and Earl are seen sitting on Zayday's bed, as Earl announces that they have not had their first kiss yet. They begin to passionately kiss until Earl stops them, saying that he wants everything to be perfect, running quickly to get his 'equipment'. Boone climbs through her bedroom window, trying to seduce Zayday Williams, still pretending to be his ghost. Zayday does not buy into it at all and realizes Boone is one of the killers. Grace walks in and realizes everything that's going on. They try to drag him away so they can turn him in, but he shoves them away and falls out the window. But when they look out the window, he has disappeared.

When coming back to Kappa, Earl is fatally stabbed by the Red Devil. Before Earl dies, the Red Devil removes his mask, revealing it is Boone. We are then back at Chad's house, as Hester is seen wearing her neck brace, once again. Interrupting Chad packing, she ask Chad why she was not invited to the Hamptons for Thanksgiving. He then states that Chanel is richer than her, and does not have a 'poo belly'. Hester menacingly smiles, saying they will just have to wait and see if Chanel makes it to the dinner. Hester, in Kappa, announces that she is indefinitely going to the Hamptons as she is carrying Chad's child. That same night, Chanel walks into Chad's room, wondering if the rumours of Hester's pregnancy are true. Chad says it probably is, stating that he will have to marry her now and lie in bed with hosis-neck brace wife'. He says that he could still have an affair with her, but she is upset, saying that she wants Chad to pay the ultimate price. Chad asks if Chanel is the Red Devil. She turns around and stares at her. "I guess we will see."


Chanel tells Chad that Hester was not actually pregnant and that she pushed Hester down the stairs. Being the necrophiliac Chad is, he wants to see the body, but when Chanel leads him to the meat freezer to show it to him, the body is not there. Chad suggests that Hester was not actually dead and that she got up and walked away after the Chanels put her there. Chad takes Chanel to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Each of his family members share one thing they are grateful for. As Chanel becomes more and more irritated by Mrs. Radwell's arrogant remarks about her, Hester arrives unexpectedly. She claims to be Chad's "sober coach," claiming that he has a drinking problem. A fight quickly ensues. As a result, Mr. Radwell offers Chanel a check for 50 thousand dollars if she leaves their house and never comes back.

The Radwells play pictionary, they continue to insult Chanel and Hester. Finally Chanel gets fed up and rants. She apologizes for trying to kill Hester and then proceeds to tell off each of the Radwells, ending with Chad, and telling him she never wants to talk to him again. She then storms away, accompanied by Hester, the two girls having made amends. During Kappa Thanksgiving, Chad arrives and makes up with Chanel. He is seen screaming of Gigi's decapitated head.

The Final Girl(s)

With Chad being the only member left, he renames the Dickie Dollar Scholars the Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charitable Foundation in memory of the deceased members. He can be seen doing an interview with press about his new frat name and the purpose.



  • There are multiple unnamed Dickie Dollars. One can be seen screaming after Boone's faked death, three can be seen when Chad has a group meeting about Boone being dead and the others can be seen in the flashback in Black Friday when Pete is trying to pledge.
    • These, however, left after Dean Munsch shut down the campus, thus making Chad the only remaining member of the Dickie Dollars.
  • Boone pretended to be gay and went undercover in the Dickie Dollars as he never actually enrolled in Wallace University.
  • It is revealed in Black Friday that there is a longstanding DDS tradition that if you are offered membership in the Dickie Dollar Scholars, and you refuse membership in the Dickie Dollar Scholars, you must duel.
  • The original name for the Dickie Dollar Scholars were PEX which is a play on the word 'Pecks'.


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