The Final Girl(s)
Season One, Episode Thirteen
Air date: December 8, 2015
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Ian Brennan
Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Brad Falchuk
Production code: SQ-113
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It was a plan 20 years in the making, and it worked.
Hester Ulrich

The Final Girl(s) is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Scream Queens, and the thirteenth episode overall. It was written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan and was directed by Brad Falchuk. It had its official release on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 on Fox after the twelfth episode, Dorkus, as a special two-hour finale.

Shocking confessions are made as the killer is finally unmasked and tells the story of why the deaths are happening, but wants to get away with it by blaming three of our favorite Kappa sisters.


Fast forward to January of 2016, as Zayday and Grace, now the president and vice president of Kappa Kappa Tau, along with Hester, the new treasurer, are hosting an early rush party at Kappa house for the new pledges, declaring the new and improved Kappa Kappa Tau. Hester, now wearing an eye patch, begins her narration on how she is the only Chanel left because she successfully got away with all the murders on campus. There is a flashback to December of 2015, as Hester is being taken away to the hospital, where it is revealed that she stabbed her own eye with the red stiletto heel and put the blame on Chanel #5. She used an anatomy book and had x-rays taken of her skull so that she could successfully calculate the exact angle and force needed to pierce the heel through her eye socket without hitting any vital organs. She also created a fake Tinder account to swipe right on Chanel #5, so that she would leave Melanie Dorkus' house. From there, Hester slipped laxatives into #5's drink so she would have to use the bathroom and would not have an alibi for the time frame Hester was stabbed, as she was the only other person in Kappa house with Hester.

Hester then reveals through her narration that she is in fact the other baby in the bathtub, thus making her Boone's twin sister and the other Red Devil. She explains how they were raised in the asylum by Gigi, who spent 3 years grieving after her sister Amy committed suicide via laxatives. As Gigi started getting better, her sadness turned into anger, and she began planning the revenge plot and teaching the twins about various tools for murder. As Hester grew up and was getting old enough to enter college, she realized that she needed to find a new persona to use as a cover-up. Boone decided he was going to pretend to be gay, which Hester thought was foolish and would only make Boone stand out among his fellow frat brothers, so she had a better plan. She decided to steal an asylum's patient's neckbrace, as she felt that by appearing weird, no one would want to know anything about her personal life.

She reveals that Boone had shown up at Wallace a year prior to her, as to not make it obvious that they were the same age, but he never actually enrolled there. He just showed up on campus and joined the Dickie Dollar Scholars, and no one ever really questioned it since the Dickies never attended class anyway. However, Hester wanted to do it the right way, so when it came time for her to enter college, she faked having scoliosis and applied to Wallace University using fabricated high school transcripts, since she never actually attended high school. Despite her obvious false information, Dean Munsch accepted her regardless due to her own needs for the campus to have more special needs students.

Hester then talks about how the Red Devil costume came to be. While her and Gigi were sitting in the school cafe, a guy wearing the Devil suit, Wallace University's mascot, came in to make an announcement. Hester said she wanted a costume that would be as iconic as Jason Voorhees and felt the Red Devil costume was a perfect fit. It was satanic and red so blood wouldn't stain it, and because it was the school mascot, the twins could freely walk around campus in it without seeming suspicious. Later that night, Gigi repeatedly stabbed the mascot to death, so that they could steal the Red Devil suit to use as their disguise.

Hester goes on to describe that she was the brains of the whole operation, and Boone was the muscle, since he was the one doing most of the killing. It is also further revealed that Boone was the one who filled the spray tan machine with hydrochloric acid that burned Melanie Dorkus' skin, and that Hester was the one who turned on the deep fryer that burned Ms. Bean's face off and killed her. She states that the murder terror is over now and that she is finally happy to have a true sisterhood, and her real half-sister, Grace, even though Grace doesn't know it.

Hester pours laxatives into #3's drink

Back in 2015, after Hester is out of the hospital and recovering from the damage inflicted on her eye, she points at Libby and shouts that she is the Red Devil. Chanel and Chanel #3 start to corner Libby because they begin to believe she is the killer, just as Denise Hemphill arrives to support their theory. Grace and Zayday object, stating that Hester is the real killer and they have evidence to prove it. Hester suddenly arrives and perfectly dismisses all of their evidence. Grace says that she faked her entire high school transcript, and Hester rebuttals by saying she only did it because she was embarrassed about being home schooled, to which everybody gasps. There's also no record of Hester's parents, but then her mom and step-father suddenly show up, and it turns out Hester hired them to say that they are her real parents. Libby's parents also come, only to testify against their daughter, and since they hated Libby, and Libby was actually adopted with proves the email prank that Chanel sent Libby was actually accurate. Hester was able to easily convince them to turn against her. Denise then arrests Libby.

Suddenly, Hester then claims that Chanel #3 has also conspired with Libby. She forges a letter from Chanel #3's "psychiatrist" to manipulate Chanel #3 into believing that she has a split personality called "Dirty Helen" that has killed people, but Chanel #3 just has no memory of it. She accuses her of murdering Tiffany, but #3 says she couldn't have because she was at the White Stallion with Libby that night. Libby then confesses that #3 actually left the White Stallion early for some unknown reason, and Hester says that she must have killed Tiffany, since she doesn't have an alibi. A flashback then reveals that contrary to what Hester is saying, Chanel #3 didn't murder Tiffany, as the reason Chanel #3 left the restaurant early was because she had to use the bathroom, all because Hester had sneaked a laxative (three drops) into Chanel #3's cocktail. Chanel #3 then explains this to the others, so Hester whips out more evidence in the form of letters from #3's biological father, Charles Manson. She asks #3 to read a letter aloud in which Manson suggests that #3 strap a bomb to a pizza guy when she asked him if he knew anything about yeast infections. Hester then places the blame on Chanel #3 for the explosion of the pizza man that occurred a few days prior. Denise then arrests Chanel #3.

Lastly, Hester accuses Chanel of being one of the killers. She shows her a video recording from the hardware store of "her" shopping the tools that the Devil previously used to murder people. It is revealed that it was actually just Hester wearing a blonde wig in order to frame Chanel, as the video only shows her from the back. She says if the video isn't enough proof, she has the receipt from the purchase since Chanel used a credit card in her name, which Chanel claims she doesn't even own. She also gives ultimate proof that Chanel is the killer, by saying that Chanel might see the opportunity to kill all the weird pledges so that the reputation of Kappa won't be ruined. Chanel fights back by saying if that were the case, she would've killed the two pledges she hates the most, Grace and Zayday. Hester says that the only reason she didn't kill them is because it would've been too obvious, so she left them alone to keep the scent off her. Denise is then convinced that Chanel was involved, so she arrests her as well, but not before suspecting on Zayday. Chanel refuses to be taken into custody and attempts to run away, with Chanel #3 and Libby following, but Denise calls in a bunch of male strippers deputized as officers for back-up, and the Chanels get taken away as Hester elatedly smugs.

The plot moves forward to May of 2016. In the aftermath of Hester framing the Chanels, the characters move on with their lives. Chad is revealed to be dating Denise, but they were forced to break up since Denise has to go to Quantico for FBI training, leaving Chad devastated. He starts a charity foundation based on the Dickie Dollar Scholars deceased members, and all the money collected will be donated to charity. Cathy Munsch writes a book, using a ghost writer, called "New New Feminism", which become a New York Times best-selling hit. She became a feminist icon and landed herself on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and Men's Health.

Grace, Zayday, and Hester are shown up-keeping the memorial dedicated to the fallen victims of the Red Devil, which was able to be built due to a sizable donation from Chad's family. As Grace and Zayday go prepare for an event at Kappa, they leave Hester to finish polishing the memorial. Dean Munsch, who now knew all along that Hester was the Red Devil and the bathtub baby girl, confronts her. Cathy remembers the baby girl's face and would certainly remember what she would look like all grown up. Hester immediately defends herself, saying that she could've had a normal life with Wes as her father. She states all of these people had to die in order for her to live happily, and admits that she didn't even kill any of the students except for Pete, which was justifiable because he was also a murderer. Cathy threatens to turn her in to the police to bring justice for those who were murdered. In retaliation, Hester threatens Munsch by responding that they should both move on with their currently happy lives or else she's going to turn Cathy in as well for covering up the murder of her mother, Sophia Doyle back in 1995 and for killing her own ex-husband, Steven Munsch. Cathy agrees, and they part ways, looking as if the conversation never took place.

Grace makes sure that the story never repeats itself again by creating a help line center in Chanel's walk-in closet at Kappa, that serves for every girl to call when she needs help while having a baby in a bathtub, or in any kind of teen pregnancy/birth. Wes finally learns to trust Grace and give her her own space. Wes and Cathy are now officially dating, and the pair plan to go on vacation together. The Chanels are denied bail, probably because they're 'gross rich', and sent to prison awaiting their trials. During their trials, Chanel, #5, and #3, whose name is revealed to be Sadie Swenson in this scene, are sentenced to life in a mental asylum. They unexpectedly find happiness there; Chanel is unanimously voted as the asylum president, Sadie embraces her lesbianism and begins a relationship with one of the female nurses, and Libby is placed on a series of medications that completely transforms her personality into someone Chanel actually likes, resulting in them becoming best friends. The three of them happily eat anything they want since there are "no boys to be skinny for."

Chanel getting attacked by the Red Devil

The season ends with Chanel preparing to go to sleep. Chanel walks by the people sleeping and smiles. She finally lays on her bed and covers her eyes. She hears a knife being taken out of his/her sheath, but doesn't pay much mind to it. The Red Devil appears behind her bed wielding a knife. She screams as the Red Devil is about to stab her from overhead, leaving her fate unknown as the season ends.


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Character Cause of Death
Original Red Devil Mascot Stabbed numerous times by Gigi.

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Red Devil.
Character Situation
Chanel Scared with a kitchen knife in the asylum. Later revealed to be a prank by Chad Radwell.

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Special Guest Stars

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  • In an alternate ending, Chanel winks instead of screaming when she saw the Red Devil.
    • It was revealed in Season Two that the Red Devil who surprised Chanel was Chad Radwell.
  • The title might refer to Hester being the final Chanel left.
  • During the scenes that Boone dressed-up as the Red Devil, Nick Jonas has a voice-only role since there's a stunt inside the costume in reality.
  • This is the last episode to credit Glen Powell and Oliver Hudson as series regulars.

  • As Chanel tries to prove she is not the killer she indirectly reveals that Chanel #5's real hair isn't blonde but black.
  • Hester is revealed to be the killer.
  • Hester turns back to her usual self and wears casual clothes instead of wearing elaborate clothing.
  • Chanel #3's hair when she gets arrested is put in buns on either side, which pays homage to Billie Lourd's mother, Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in Star Wars.
  • According to this website's poll, the Final Girl(s) is the episode which received the most "it could have been better" votes among Scream Queens' fans.



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