The following list is a timeline of Scream Queens, that estimates the years when some events of the show happened.


  • October 31, 1985: There is a Halloween party at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering.[1]
    • A pregnant woman named Jane asks Nurse Thomas and Dr. Mike for help because her husband Bill is dying.[1]
    • Instead of helping Bill, Dr. Mike sedates him and dumps his body in the swamp behind the hospital, so that he and Nurse Thomas could return to the party.[1]
    • Dr. Mike takes off his Green Meanie Halloween costume and throws it over Bill's body.[1]
    • Jane waits unknowingly in the waiting room as all of these events unfold.[1]






  • Due to Mary's extensive criminal tendencies, such as drug dealing and drunk driving with Grace in her lap, Wes is forced to sue her for custody of Grace, and fortunately, he wins.[8]
  • When Grace is two years old, her mother Mary is killed in a car accident due to drunk driving.[8]
  • Wes commits arson and burns their house down to destroy any evidence that Grace might find regarding the identity of her mother. From this point on, Wes lies to Grace about who her mother really is.[8]


  • June: Gigi recovers from the death of her sister Amy, but still remains in the asylum with Boone and Hester, where she raises the babies to become killers and avenge the death of her sister because she blames Kappa for Sophia's death, which in turn caused Amy's death.[7]


  • Gigi Caldwell is giving killing classes to Boone and Hester so they can learn about weapons and how to use them. Hester seems more enthusiastic about the lessons than Boone, which makes Gigi and Hester think that he is not very brilliant. They want to kill the Kappa Kappa Tau pledges and anyone who stands in their way.[7]



  • A world champion squash player named Marshall Winthrop gained notoriety for murdering over 600 of his squash opponents.[2]
    • After the police tracked him down, he was executed by the state, but not before he agreed to be a full body organ donor.[2]
  • Februrary 1st: Brock loses his hand in a garbage disposal accident at a Super Bowl party.[1]
    • He receives the world's first successful hand transplant, using the hand donated to him by Marshall Winthrop.[2]
  • Sometime before October, Chanel #4 leaves Wallace University and goes home sick, later dying of meningitis.
  • One year after Boone Clemens just showed up on campus and said he was a student, Hester wants to do things right and enrolls in the university with a fake high school transcript.[7]
  • Hester dresses up as Chanel Oberlin and goes to a hardware store to purchase all the weapons that they are going to use to kill, so no one knows it's actually her.[7]
  • Cathy Munsch wants to end the charter of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority because she hates the system that the sororities and fraternities have fallen into. Gigi Caldwell makes her change her mind, by saying that she is the President of the National Chapter of Kappa Kappa Tau and a lawyer (both of which are probably fake), and proposes to just let any girl that wishes to become a pledge to join the sorority, which Cathy accepts.[5]
  • Grace Gardner and Zayday Williams meet as they are both roommates and become best friends.[5]
  • Grace and Zayday meet Hester at the Kappa rush party and they are really nice to her, so that's why Hester and the Red Devil never attack Grace until the final episode of the first season.[5][7]
  • Now that any girl can join Kappa, Grace Gardner, Zayday Williams, Jennifer, Tiffany DeSalle, Sam, and Hester officially become pledges.[5]
  • Ms. Bean peeling her face off

    Chad Radwell, Chanel Oberlin's boyfriend, wants to break up with her because Kappa is now filled with non-popular girls. To solve this issue, Chanel wants to prank the pledges by fake killing Ms. Bean and drowning her face in a deep fryer so the pledges get scared and leave the house. However, Hester turns the fryer on without anyone knowing and Chanel ends up accidentally killing Ms. Bean. The other Kappa girls agree to keep the secret and put Ms.Bean's body in a freezer, which later disappears.[5]
  • Grace meets Pete Martínez and he confesses to Grace that he was previously in love with Chanel, as she made him think that she was in love with him only to completely humiliate him. He also warns Grace about KKT and tells her not to join, but she doesn't listen.[5]
  • Chanel #2 is killed by Boone Clemens as the Red Devil

    Chanel #2 is killed by Boone as the Red Devil, and The Chanels find her body and put it in the meat freezer with Hester's help. They later find out that her body disappeared too. The four of them decide to keep #2's death a secret.[5][11][12]
  • Hell Week starts at Kappa house.[5][11]
  • Tiffany is killed by Boone Clemens as the Red Devil with a lawn mower

    Tiffany is decapitated by Boone with a lawn mower during Hell Week, while Zayday, Hester, Sam, and Jennifer witness her death.[5]
  • Hester slips laxatives into Chanel #3's drink, which forces her to leave the White Stallion early, so she no longer has an alibi for Tiffany's death.
  • Tiffany's death leads Detective Chisolm to "investigate" the case and Gigi to hire Officer Denise Hemphill to "protect" the Kappa girls, so she doesn't seem guilty.[11]
  • Chanel tells part of the 1995 story to Grace, which makes her and Pete Martínez wonder who the bathtub baby is. Grace also discovers that Pete has a costume of the Red Devil mascot in his closet.[11]
  • Wes Gardner and Gigi meet and start dating.[11]
  • After Chanel finds out that Boone "is gay", he says to The Chanels that he wants to join Kappa after he comes out, but this never happens as he fakes his death, with everyone thinking that he was murdered. This makes everyone start thinking that there is a killer on the loose, since Chanel was also attacked and Shondell was killed earlier.[11]
  • After doing some stalking, Pete discovers that Boone is the Red Devil, but keeps his secret after he discovers that Boone's intentions are the same as his, to destroy Kappa. However, Boone doesn't confess to him who the other killers are.[10]
  • Hell Week ends at Kappa house.[11]
  • Cathy decides to change the school mascot after all the killer rumors, introducing Coney, an ice cream cone, to the students at the university, who is then also killed.[12]
  • Wes asks Dean Munsch for a teaching job at the university and she accepts. He becomes Grace's teacher in the Introduction to Film Analysis class, which Grace takes.[12]
  • Grace, Zayday, and Denise find it strange that Chanel #2 is missing, so they search for her in her house at Bel-Air, where her parents confess to them that she has a drinking problem and has slept with Chanel's boyfriend, Chad, multiple times. Grace and Zayday ask the other Chanels if they have slept with him too and they answer yes.[12]
  • Chanel turns Hester into Chanel #6 since she is running out of minions.[12]
  • Chanel #3 confesses to Sam that Charles Manson is her biological father.[12]
  • Gigi and Cathy move into the Kappa house to keep an eye on the girls.[12]
  • The Dickie Dollar Scholars confront the Red Devil to avenge Boone's death, only to find out that there are at least two killers. One of the two Red Devils cut Caulfield Mount Herman's arms off and hits Chad causing him to faint.[12]
  • Denise Hemphill starts thinking that Zayday is the killer and interrogates her, but she defends herself.[12]
  • Gigi gets "attacked" by the Red Devil (Boone) and Wes helps her, getting a minor gash from the chainsaw in the process. After the attack ends, he blames Cathy and says she is the killer, but she is later interrogated by Detective Chisolm and he doesn't find her guilty.[12][4]
  • Pete and Grace drive to Mandy Greenwell's RV to ask her about the night that Sophia Doyle died. She tells them that she was there and that Cathy made them drop out of the university. She also reveals to them that Sophia had a baby girl, as she was unaware Sophia actually had twins. After Grace and Pete leave, Mandy is killed by Boone as the Red Devil.[4]
  • Zayday announces to the other girls that she wants to run for Kappa Kappa Tau's presidency, after one of the Dickies, Earl Grey encouraged her to do it.[4]
  • Mandy's confessions make Grace think that she is Sophia's baby and that Wes is the killer that is trying to avenge Sophia's death, which Wes denies.[4]
  • Denise and Pete tell Grace, Earl, and Zayday the story of 'The Hag of Shady Lane', the former resident of the abandoned shack, who took care of the bathtub baby in 1995, which they don't know was Gigi. Pete and Grace later discover that The Hag of Shady Lane has something to do with the night that Sophia died.[4]
  • Zayday discovers that Denise pledged KKT in 1988. Hester and Chad also discover all the dead bodies of the Red Devil victims in an abandoned house that Zayday was going to use to make a party for her presidential campaign. At the party, Zayday gets kidnapped by Boone, as the Red Devil, where the main attraction are the dead bodies.[4]
  • Chanel gets arrested for the murder of Ms. Bean, after Hester tells it to the police. #3 pays the bail so she can get out.[13]
  • Denise confesses to Cathy that she slept with Chad.[13]
  • Dodger, a Dickie brother, gets killed by the Red Devil (Boone).
  • Grace, Denise, Gigi, Pete, and Wes find the Red Devil's secret lair while trying to find Zayday, but they don't find her.[13]
  • At the presidential election, Zayday shows up and says that the Red Devil let her go, after he invited her to dinner, revealing that Boone has a secret crush on her. After voting, Chanel and Zayday are tied, and Chanel lets Zayday be co-president.[13]
  • Hester and Boone, in the Red Devil costume, appear to Pete and tell him that they will kill him because they think he is a double agent. Therefore, to save himself, he says that he will kill Roger, a Dickie brother, to prove he is on their side.[10]
  • In a slumber party at Kappa house, Sam reveals to the Kappas and Dickies that Charles Manson is #3's biological father.[14]
  • Caulfield, Sam, and Roger die at the slumber party. The first two killed by Boone and the last one by Pete.[14]
  • Hester tries to have a relationship with Chad but he doesn't want to.[14]
  • The people at the party discover that the Kappa house has a secret underground tunnel system that connects the inside with the outside, which the killer might use to get in and out of the house.[14]
  • Chad reveals that he is lactose intolerant.[15]
  • Cathy Musnch kills her ex-husband, Steven Munsch, and makes it look like it was his current girlfriend Feather McCarthy.[15]
  • The Chanels try to kill Chanel because they think she's the killer, but their plan fails after she finds out.[15]
  • Cathy Munsch is attacked by Hester, Boone, and Gigi in their costumes, but gets out alive.[8]
  • Denise becomes the Kappa house mother and takes Chanel #2's room.[8]
  • Jennifer is killed by Boone Clemens as the Red Devil.[8]
  • Chanel # 5's name is revealed to be Libby Putney.
  • Pete and Grace discover that Gigi is 'The Hag of Shady Lane' but she denies it and turns against Grace. They also discover that there were two babies involved the night that Sophia died.[8]
  • Chanel wants to prove that Zayday and Grace are the killers because she thinks they are, so she pays two good detectives to investigate the case. The don't find anything suspicious but they do find that Bethany Stevens changed her name to Mary and she is the real mother of Grace. Chanel reveals this to Grace and Wes confirms it to her.[8]
  • Boone kills Earl and a truck driver.[16]
  • Zayday and Grace discover that Boone faked his death and tell the other Kappa sisters.[16]
  • Boone confesses to Pete that Gigi is the one who is giving orders to him and that she is the weakest link, so he asks for his help in killing Gigi. Pete betrays Boone and kills him instead in an effort to make the murders to stop, since Boone was the main killer.[16]
  • Hester is in love Chad and says she is pregnant with his baby, but it's false and Chanel tries to kill her because she is jealous, but fails.[16][6]
  • Chanel and Hester solve their problems after both visiting Chad's family and discovering they all have awful personalities.[6]
  • Hester decapitates Gigi and serves her head for Thanksgiving dinner at Kappa house.[6]
  • The Chanels get locked up in a mall where Pete as the Red Devil attacks them, injuring Chanel with a crossbow and killing a police man, but he only did it because he would get arrested if he didn't distract Denise, who appeared to save The Chanels.[9]
  • The Kappa girls try to kill Dean Cathy Munsch because they think she is the killer, but fail because Chanel's sorority sisters didn't follow her orders. This makes Chanel send a very hateful email to her sisters, but Hester secretly breaks the email to the news.[9][7]
  • Pete and Grace discover that Gigi was Amy Meyer's sister and that she took care of the babies after Amy committed suicide and later joined an asylum.[9]
  • Pete confesses to Grace that he is part of the Red Devil team, which makes her break up with him. He reveals that he discovered who the other killer was by taking the Kappas DNA, but before he could say the name, the Red Devil (Hester) shows up and kills him.[9][10]
  • Chanel is hated worldwide because of the hateful email Hester forwarded to the news.[10]
  • Hester, as the Red Devil, puts dynamite on a pizza delivery man, and says to him that she would make the dynamite explode if he doesn't put on the Red Devil costume and get into the Kappa house and kill the girls. The bomb explodes, killing the pizza guy, and spewing his guts all over the walls.[10][7]
  • Wes has sex with Cathy in order to distract her while Zayday and Grace search through her computer for information on the Chanels' to determine which of them is the killer. They conclude that Hester is the killer after seeing her fake high school transcript and that she took strange classes such as domestic terrorism, sewing, and human anatomy. Wes falls in love with Cathy and they start a relationship.[10]
  • Chanel visits Melanie Dorkus to kill her, because she thinks Melanie is the killer and wants revenge on Chanel for burning her skin, even though Chanel didn't actually do it. Before she could kill her, Zayday and Grace arrive and say that Hester is the killer.[10]
  • The Kappas (except Chanel #5 because she wasn't there) turn against Hester and make a plan to end her, but they later discover Hester alive with a heel buried in her left eye. This makes the girls think that she is no longer the killer, and Hester says #5 is the Red Devil, and the girls believe her because #5 was the only one in the house when that happened. In reality, Hester studied an anatomy book and got x-rays taken of her skull so she could jab the heel in her own eye without harming any vital organs, and she did it so the girls wouldn't suspect her as the killer anymore. She also slipped laxatives into #5's drink so that she would be forced to stay in the bathroom at Kappa, and Hester could easily blame her for the heel incident.[10]
  • Hester framed The Chanels to make it look like they are the killers. She hired fake parents to say that she was never adopted. She convinced #5's parents to say that she is actually one of the babies in the bathtub, which is not true. She read a letter that Charles Manson sent to #3 in which he suggests that she strap a bomb to pizza delivery guy, so everyone thinks she was the one that put the dynamite on that guy. She also forges a letter from #3's "psychiatrist" to make it look like #3 has split personality disorder, and that her alter ego, Dirty Helen, killed some of the victims. At the beginning of the year, Hester bought all the Red Devil weapons dressed up as Chanel, so by watching the security footage of the store they think Chanel is the killer too. Denise, now as the chief of the police department, arrests the three of them.[7]
  • Denise and Chad start a relationship around the end of the year.[7]


  • January: In a whole new Kappa where everyone is accepted and treated with respect, Zayday introduces herself as the president of the sorority and Grace as the vice president. Zayday also introduces Hester as the treasurer.[7]
  • May: The Chanels are denied bail, sent to jail, and are awaiting trial. The campus order has been restored at Wallace University. Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell break up because she has to move to Quantico, Virginia for extensive FBI training. Chad changes the name of the Dickie Dollar Scholars to The DDEGRDCCF (The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charitable Foundation), in memory of his fallen Dickie brothers, and all the proceeds of the fraternity will be donated to charity. Cathy Munsch becomes an icon after publishing a successful feminist book that was written by a ghost author. On campus, Grace, Zayday and Hester put up a memorial of all the victims of the killer, which was paid for by Chad and his family. Grace makes sure that the story never repeats again by creating a help line center at Kappa, that serves for every girl to call when she needs help while having a baby in a bathtub. Cathy admits to Hester that she knows she was the killer all this time because she recognizes her as a baby, but they both agree to not say anything because Hester would also reveal to the police that Cathy covered up Sophia Doyle's death and that she also killed her ex-husband, Steven Munsch. Also, Cathy and Wes continue with their relationship.[7]
  • The Chanels are sentenced to life at the Palmer Asylum, the same asylum that Hester and Boone grew up in. There, #3 fully embraces her pansexuality by having an affair with a lesbian nurse, #5 becomes Chanel's best friend, and Chanel is elected president of the asylum.[7]
  • Chanel # 3's real name is revealed as Sadie Swenson.
  • Chad sneaks into the asylum, while wearing the Red Devil costume, to scare Chanel in the middle of the night.[7][2]
  • Cathy goes on a book tour, making a stop in Papua, New Guinea. She attends a funeral, where she is fed a custard that was, unbeknownst to her, made of human brain tissue.[2]


  • Zayday Williams graduates from Wallace University after only 2 years and enrolls herself in medical school.[1]


  • After returning from Quantico, Denise Hemphill is promoted to a Special Agent for the FBI.[1]
  • April 25th: Hester Ulrich confesses to being responsible for the murders at Wallace University, thinking that since the Chanels have already been tried and locked away for the murder, double jeopardy will allow her to remain free and untouched.[1]
    • However, since Hester herself was never tried for the crime, she can legally be convicted, and Denise oversees her arrest.[1]
  • April: Denise assists in the Chanels' defense by coming to the stand and testifying for their innocence at their release trial.[1]
  • The Chanels are released from the asylum and disowned by their families after getting paid the injury award, leaving them with no money.[1]
    • Chanel #5 stops taking her medication after leaving the asylum.
  • May: An award-winning Netflix documentary series, similar to "Making A Murderer", details the murders at Wallace and turns the Chanels into a national obsession. It is entitled "Entrappa Kappa Kappa: Murder on Sorority Row".[1]
  • The Chanels became hated by America, and society as a whole began to ostracize them. To better themselves, they returned to community college and obtained degrees in Communications, which they later realized were useless.[1]
    • To give back to the community, Chanel got a job as a phlebotomist, Chanel #3 got a job mopping floors at the local sperm bank, and Chanel #5 got a job as a dental receptionist.[1]
  • After becoming synonymous with "New New Feminism", Cathy decides to take on a new cause: reforming America's health care system.[1]
    • Using her personal publishing fortune, she purchases an abandoned hospital and re-opens it as the C.U.R.E Institute, with the goal of taking on the world's most incurable medical cases.[1]
    • She hires Dr. Brock Holt after seeing his "Ten Hottest Doctors" spread in Playgirl and offers him a huge signing bonus.[1]
    • She hires Dr. Cassidy Cascade after he sought her out subsequent to seeing her TED talk online and agreeing with her philosophy.[1]
    • She hires Zayday Williams after showing up at the restaurant where she works and offering to pay for her medical school.[1]
    • She hires Chamberlain Jackson after he contacted her about her ad on Craigslist seeking an "uplifting male" for an unpaid nurse's aid position.[1]
    • Ingrid Marie Hoffel is hired as an APRN and the Head of Administration.[1]
    • Cathy visits the Chanels at their apartment and after realizing they have some experience in the medical field, offers them jobs at the hospital and gets them enrolled in medical school.[1]
  • Catherine Hobart is checked in as C.U.R.E's first patient, after Cathy found her in a creepy disease chatroom.[1]
    • She is diagnosed with Hypertrichosis, otherwise known as werewolf syndrome, and is eventually cured of her condition after being put on dihydro-testosterone and a soy-based diet.[1]
  • The Green Meanie begins targeting the patients of C.U.R.E, and decapitates Catherine Hobart with a machete as she is taking a hydrotherapy bath with #5.[1]
    • The Green Meanie then attempts to murder Chanel #5, before she eventually passes out.[2]
    • The killer then flees the scene, taking Catherine's headless body with him, and leaving a 200 foot trail of swamp slime.[2]
  • Tyler checks in to C.U.R.E, and is diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type I. The only treatment is using a CO2 laser that can shrink and remove his tumors.[2]
  • Brock and Chanel begin casually dating.[2]
  • The Red Devil returns to scare Chanel, but it turns out to be Chad playing a prank on her.[2]
  • Chad's friend Randal checks into C.U.R.E and is diagnosed with Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disease, which causes an exaggerated startle reflex.
    • He is placed into a sealed glass room where there are no stimuli present to startle him.[2]
  • While looking through the computer, Zayday discovers that someone was hired from a reputation redemption company to scrub clean any past files on the hospital.[2]
  • Chamberlain and Zayday find a newspaper article on the 1986 Halloween Massacre at the local library.[2]
  • Chad becomes jealous of Brock's relationship with Chanel and challenges him to a game of squash.[2]
    • Brock wins, and Chad tells him that he wants to become a doctor now, to win Chanel back.[2]
  • Tyler and Chanel #5 begin a romantic relationship.[2]
  • Cathy confesses to Zayday and Chamberlain that her true reasoning for opening the hospital was to save her own life and get treatment for her unknown disease, as no doctor has ever been able to diagnose her.[2]
  • Cathy is attacked by the Green Meanie in the hallway, but successfully fights him off.[2]
    • Before she can pull the mask off, Cassidy and Chanel #3 interrupt her, and the killer gets away.[2]
  • Chad notices Dr. Brock's right hand writing uncontrollably on his prescription notepad, seemingly having a mind of its own.[2]
  • Cathy Munsch once again employs Denise Hemphill to help solve the mystery of the killer.
  • Cathy, Denise, Chanel, and Chanel #3 go to visit Hester in maximum security to gain intel on the Green Meanie.[2]
    • Hester confesses that she knows who the killer is and that they have a connection to the Halloween massacre that happened 30 years ago.[2]
    • She agrees to tell them everything she knows if she is transferred to Cathy's hospital.[2]
  • Chad discovers that the donor behind Brock's hand transplant was world champion squash player and serial killer, Marshall Winthrop.[2]
    • He notes that Winthrop's last meal was the same menu that Brock's hand wrote subconsciously on his notepad.[2]
  • Chad confesses to Brock that he knows the secret behind his hand.[2]
  • Zayday diagnoses Cathy with Kuru, a disease first discovered in New Guinea that occurs after cannibalists eat people. There is no cure, and Cathy has less than a year to live.[2]
    • Cathy demands that Zayday not tell anyone about her disease, as if the board finds out, they will deem her unfit to run the hospital.[2]
    • Unbeknownst to Cathy, Ingrid was eavesdropping on the entire conversation via a secret microphone placed under Cathy's desk.[2]
  • Tyler is murdered by the Green Meanie with the same medical laser that was supposed to be used to treat him. His throat is then sliced with a scalpel.[2]


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