Challenge One
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date: Oct 1 2015
Episode Guide
Elimination One
 Welcome to Wallace University, you're all quite late, unfortunately due to our strict guidlines which EVERYONE was given, it states that you must make your first arrival before 4pm and...well it's already 9pm! I don't care about the rain, I can only let 9 of you in, and you're going to have to give me some pretty good reasons to let you in tonight, the rest of you are going to have to stay out here for the whole night!

The Challenge

That's right guys, each team is going to have to come up with reasons explaining why you're late, that's if you want to have a safe nights rest, or there could be terrible consequences!


- Sigma Chi Members will have to include the words ; extreme, happy and annoyed in their explanation, Alpha Delta Members will have to include the words; depressed, distraught and content in their explanation.

- Explanations will HAVE to make sense!

- Atleast 5 sorority members must make a contribution to the explanation, how you all come to doing that is in your hands!

- Explanations must be atleast 250 words, you will be judged on grammar, punctuation and mostly creativity!

- No images are allowed, explanations can be text only.

- If you have an questions you may contact me on my message wall, but remember this is a challenge and it'd be better if you worked it out between your sorority.

- Infringement is not allowed so any copying or vandalizing the oppositions work will result in immediate elimination!

- Each team has been given a page to put their work on - and (although this can be done anywhere else if preferred), when your sorority is completely sure about handing it in I must be notified on my message wall or if you see me in chat!


- Explanations will be judged by me and possibly another member of the wiki

- The losing sorority will be at risk of losing a team member

The Deadline for the explanation to be handed in (That means sent to me either in chat or on my message wall) Is Sunday 7pm GMT! 

Sigma Chi
Fragile Patient
Princess of the Fandoms
Alpha Delta
Princess Salvatore
Fearless Swiftie
Big Brother 99
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