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Wallace University
Wallace university-0.png
Purpose: University
Leader(s): Unknown (current)
Cathy Munsch (former Dean of Students)
Dean Reynolds (former Dean of Students; deceased)
Status: Active
Episode count: 13
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: The Final Girl(s)

Wallace University is the main setting of the first season of Scream Queens, and the school in which the vast majority of characters on the same season attend. It is run by Cathy Munsch, and is home to the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority and the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity. The Red Devil is the school mascot, but the costume was stolen by Gigi, Hester and Boone, who wore it as a disguise and killed people. Wallace University is likely in Nebraska as that is the only state with electrocution as the only method of execution and the characters mention frequently being sent to the electric chair.


Wallace University was first opened in 1928, as seen in the logo.

Intern organizations

The Sentinel

The sentinel is the Wallace University newspaper. It is mentioned in Pilot that student Pete Martínez serves as investigative reporter and editor.

The Grind

The Grind is the Wallace University coffee shop in which Pete works as barista.

Secure Enforcement Solutions

Secure Enforcement Solutions is a private security contractor that's hired by Dean Munsch and by Gigi to keep the campus safe and to protect the Kappa Kappa Tau girls respectively. Denise Hemphill and Shondell Washington are part of the company as private security guards, but only Denise works for the campus.



Cathy Munsch Dean of Students
Wes Gardner Film Professor
Agatha Bean Housekeeper
Aaron Cohen School Mascot
Steven Munsch Professor
Pete Martinez School Mascot
Gigi Caldwell Kappa President
Denise Hemphill Security Guard


Winter 2016

Grace Gardner Sophmore or Junior


Cathy Munsch Unknown
Denise Hemphill 1988
Gigi Caldwell Unknown
Amy Meyer 1995
Bethany Stevens 1995
Coco Cohen 1995
Mandy Greenwell 1995
Sophia Doyle 1995
Feather McCarthy Unknown
Melanie Dorkess 2015
Chanel #4 Unknown
Boone Clemens Junior
Sonya Herfmann Unknown
Tiffany DeSalle Freshman
Dodger Unknown
Caulfield Mount Herman Unknown
Sam Unknown
Roger Unknown
Jennifer Sophomore
Earl Grey Unknown
Pete Martínez Unknowm
Chanel Oberlin 2016
Sadie Swenson Unknown
Libby Putney Unknown
Chad Radwell Unknown
Zayday Williams 2017
Hester Ulrich Freshman