Ladies ... we have another serial killer on our hands.
Chanel Oberlin to the other Chanels.
Warts and All
Season Two, Episode Two
Warts and All Still 2.jpg
Air date: September 27, 2016
Written by: Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Bradley Buecker
Production code: SQ-202
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Warts and All is the second episode of the second season of Scream Queens, and the fifteenth episode overall. Brad Falchuk served as writer and Bradley Buecker served as director. It had its official release on Fox on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. After this episode, there was a two week break due to the U.S. Vice Presidential Debate.

A new patient with a hideous ailment visits the hospital in hope of a cure, but finds a love interest instead. Meanwhile, Chad returns to win Chanel back and, in the process, discovers a dark secret of Brock’s. Then, after another run-in with the killer, Munsch enlists the help of new Quantico special agent Denise Hemphill.[1]


The episode starts off with authorities sealing up a crime scene. A detective asks a crying Chanel #5 to confirm that someone in a 'plant' costume murdered Catherine and also attempted to kill Chanel #5, but not before she passed out from fear and was awakened by Chamberlain. Catherine's body is also missing. The detective simply notes 'the suspect can't stick with a story'. Chanel #5, outraged at being labeled as a suspect, pleads she was locked in the bathtub and couldn't have lead a trail of green slime into the room and killed Catherine. The detective then proceeds to take note of #5 as a 'suspect unclear of her own motive'. Dean Munsch asks if she graduated high school to become a detective, to which the detective respond "no." Desperate to be believed, she asks Chamberlain to back her up. He will only say he heard screaming and, when he came to investigate, he only found #5 until Munsch arrived. Dean Munsch says she was in a Skype call in her office when the killing occur. Chanel and #3 arrive, claiming #5 is crazy and killed Catherine to get attention because "she hasn't been touched in months". They argue that she's jealous they got asked out by Dr. Brock and Dr. Cassidy and, when they were on their double date, #5 tried to sabotage it by killing Catherine. Having had enough, the detective finds the evidence inconclusive and decides #5 made up some horror story that isn't scary. But #5 still claims she telling the truth.

In an examination room, Tyler, the new patient, responds to Dr. Brock's question that his warts started appearing about two years ago. Chanel suddenly stands up and moves the overhead lamp above Tyler, asking if he ever thought of popping those. Zayday quickly moves the lamp and angrily tells Chanel she won't be demeaning another patient. Chanel denies it and instead feels confident to say anything since she solved Catherine's condition. The Chanels proceed to compare Tyler to a toad until they are stopped by Zayday. Still, Tyler answers Chanel in that he tried popping them and it didn't work. He was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1, a genetic disorder. Dr. Brock proceeds to stand up and announces there is some bad news and good news. The good news is there is a machine CO2 laser that can painlessly remove the tumors; bad news is that the hospital doesn't have one. Tyler protests that he doesn't have money. He stands up, uttering that he's a monster; his life is ruined and only the team can help him.

Dean Munsch stops Zayday in the hallway and asks her if she knows any Papa New Guinean restaurants, in which she replies she doesn't. She visits Chamberlain the candy striper; he thinks she accepted his offer to go out with him, but she rejects. Zayday says he's the only person she can talk to. She's suspicious of why Dean Munsch would use her money to fund a hospital with a handful of patients with obscure diseases, and why she even hired her and the Chanels. Zayday also questions how Dean Munsch happened to say she was her office when Catherine and #5 were attacked. She thinks Dean Munsch hired the Chanels to pick them off one by one, and proposes an alliance with Chamberlain to investigate. She still says it isn't a date.

Later that night, Chanel and Dr. Brock go to a movie theater for a rescheduled date. He asks her why she brought the biggest popcorn tub, to which she replies she would butter the whole top and drop popcorn on the floor to make the fatties feel bad about themselves and eat more. Dr. Brock is stunned and compliments Chanel as the most amazing girl he's met. As the movie starts, Dr. Brock puts his arm around Chanel, but his hand roughly groups her boob. He apologizes but she isn't offended. As the movie progresses, Dr. Brock's hand violently grips the red licorice of the man behind him. Chanel realizes he's copying the same movements as the character with the possessed hand in the movie, but believes he's doing it willingly for her. She's smitten, finally ready to move on from Chad. The two proceed to kiss.

Back at the hospital, Tyler sits to comfort a depressed Chanel #5. She tells him her first boyfriend, Clarence, was imaginary and broke up with her before her high school graduation. She's upset that the other two Chanels are spreading lies about her again and have boyfriends already while she can't get a boy to look at her. Tyler sympathizes with her; it's been a long time since he talked with a girl. He takes out his phone and shows her a picture before his warts grew; she's stunned as she realizes he was super hot. Suddenly, she declares she'll help him find the money for his laser surgery, though she has no idea how.

At a nurse's station, Chanel is applying lipstick when she hears a loud screaming in the dark hallway behind her. She stands up to investigate, walking into the dark. Then, the elevator opens, with light spilling into the hallway. Still, Chanel turns to the dark hallway to her left to find the screaming, only for the Red Devil to appear with an axe from one of the rooms. Chanel screams, and runs blindly through the dark hallway as the Red Devil chases her. She trips, and shields herself with her arms as the Red Devil catches up to her and raises his axe. Suddenly, laughing erupts from inside the costume. The Red Devil takes off his mask, revealing a giddy Chad Radwell. Chanel protests, reminding him that it still isn't funny since he scared her as the Red Devil at the asylum. She holds her arm out for Chad to help her up, but he doesn't understand the gesture. As she gets up, she asks what the screaming's about. Chad responds it's his buddy Randall, who needs medical attention. He ominously says he's going to die, adding that he wants Chanel back.

Later in a hospital room, Dean Munsch asks why Randall is screaming so much. Chad starts off saying they were at a hunting trip when Munsch interrupts, placing a towel in Randall's mouth to silence him. Chad asks if Chanel and Dr. Brock in a relationship, where Dr. Brock states he groped her boob on a date. Chad dismisses it as just one boob, as Munsch quiets both of them. Continuing on, Chad says a person named Liz popped out from a bush, scaring Randall into shooting her into the face. The trauma then caused the screaming. Dr. Brock diagnoses his condition as "Jumping Frenchmen of Maine" disease, in which he screams at the smallest and subtle motion. Chanel is impressed, and the two share a look, once that Chad notices. He strides the room and tells Chanel he formed a band, but she isn't as interested and leaves with Dr. Brock. Frustrated, he turns to Munsch and asks her to have "revenge sex".

Chanel #5 shows the other Chanels the video she made to raise money for Tyler's surgery. Chanel is quick to close the video, declaring it to be the worst fundraising video she has ever seen. #5 protests that it's super emotional, but #3 disagrees. Chanel infers that #5 wants the laser surgery Tyler needs to become hot again so she can date him. #5 silently nods. However, Chanel and #3 tell #5 that the only shot she has with Tyler is when he's still warty: she'll have to stay with him throughout his ordeal and, when he's hot again, he'll feel obligated to date #5. However, Chanel #5 is unsure.

Zayday investigates the history of the hospital on a computer, but only finds out when the original hospital opened and when Munch bought the building. She believes someone wiped the harddrive, as there is no information of the original hospital operating in the 80s. Chamberlain hands her some archives from the local library, where they find out an article from November 1st, 1986: the entire hospital staff was murdered on Halloween night.

In a flashback, we see Dr. Mike (dressed as a space shuttle), Nurse Thomas (as the planet Uranus), and the other hospital staff (dressed as baseball players) arrive at a party, with the staff leaving shortly to snort cocaine. Heavily drunk and high, a knife is thrown and slits the throat of one of the men and lands in the chest of another, killing them both. The Green Meanie arrives and chases the last man, whose crawling to escape. The killer proceeds the stab him with a machete. Later, Nurse Thomas and Dr. Mike are heavily making out against a wall when the Green Meanie appears and walks toward them in a hallway. Dr. Mike tries to confront it, but the Green Meanie stabs him right in the chest. He collapses as Nurse Thomas screams and runs. She reaches an entrance where she sees a crowd dancing. She screams for them to run and that there's a killer, but she is ignored. She turns and sees the Green Meanie chasing her. Nurse Thomas screams and tries to run, but falls; the Green Meanie threw a knife that landed squarely on her back, killing her.

Back in the present, Chamberlain tells Zayday the killer was never apprehended, nor his/her identity revealed. When they walk back in a hallway, they are stopped by Ingrid, who is heavily high from overconsumption of pills. She asks Zayday if she knows the schedules of the Chanels, because she wants to keep track of them as they're idiots and not made for the medical field. Zayday questions if she is part of that tracking; Ingrid lamely tries to lie but Zayday isn't convinced. Angry, Ingrid throws the rest of her pills at her, and declares if she won't help her, she'll find someone who will.

Later, Chad enters naked into the employee locker room, rudely opening Dr. Brock's shower curtain. Chad then claims Chanel as his, but Dr. Brock disagrees, saying he is more ideal for her as he's rich and handsome, checking both boxes of the "dateable checklist". Offended, he once again opens Brock's curtain and stems inside the shower locker with him, telling him to back off Chanel. Creeped out by Chad's seemly homoerotic actions, he steps out of the stall and grabs a towel, but Chad still follows him. He makes a proposal: they play squash at the YMCA and the winner claims Chanel. They accept and shake hands, but Chad makes a comment that their junks touched.

Chanel #5 and Tyler are out in a diner. #5 is upset about how the other Chanels treat her and no one believes she was attacked. Tyler thinks they can help find proof she was. Suddenly, Chanel admits she likes Tyler's personality and doesn't care about his warts. Two guys in the next booth, however, stand up and mock his appearance. #5 explodes: She smashes her plate against one of them and hits down the other, proceeding to kick off them and screams Tyler has a beautiful soul and that she does not have teeth in her vagina. When she calms down, she apologizes to Tyler and admits she hasn't been taking her meds. Tyler, however, is impressed.

Zayday and Chamberlain burst into Dean Munch's office, demanding answers. She has no idea what they're talking about. Zayday believes Munch purposely wiped the hospital computers of any mention of the Halloween massacre. She also claims Munch attacked Chanel #5 and Catherine since she was present in the building during the murder. Munch stands up and closes the door: what she is about to say will only be between Zayday and Chamberlain and her. Munch starts off by telling she had headaches since eight months ago. Joint pain and cold shivers followed. She thought nothing of until she realized her walk was different. She saw many doctors and specialists but they couldn't find nothing. The reason she started this hospital was to find a cure for his disease. An emotional Munch cries that she thinks she doesn't have much time left, and is quickly comforted by a changed Zayday. Outside her office, a woman with dark and light hair and dressed in a patient gown eavesdrops.

After her emotional episode, Munsch is walking in a hallway when she hears a strange sound. Coming to investigate, she is startled by the sound of the elevator and its doors opening. Turning around, she is attacked by the Green Meanie. Using a pamphlet folded into a roll, she engages in a struggle with the Green Meanie, who is armed with a knife/machete. Munsch is successful - she is able to throw down the killer to the floor multiple times. Finally, the Green Meanie falls without a sound. Just as she is about to rip the mask open, Chanel #3 and Dr. Cassidy decides it's the perfect damn moment to appear. Munsch explains that #5 was correct about a killer and that she caught them. But as she looks down, the Green Meanie is gone and the elevator doors close. Frustrated, she yells at the pair and knocks some stuff off the tables.

Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Brock lead Chad to a seperated hospital bed for Randall, with Cassidy explaining Randall's disease is treatable. Dr. Brock accidentally moves the room's curation too fast: an unsuspecting Randall, behind a glass window, screams at the sudden motion. Dr. Brock explains that treatment makes the symptoms worse but eventually makes them better. However, Chad notices Dr. Brock's right hand seems to be writing by itself on a notepad. Dr. Brock promptly asks to let Randall alone and the trio leave, not before Chad notices that he had written "Rocket Salad".

Back in Musnch's office, Denise Hemphill has arrived, hired by Munsch to investigate to killings. Denise explains to Munsch that the most important thing she learned as an FBI cadet was to trust her instincts (when she first saw Zayday, she thought she was a cold stone hoe). However, Denise spills that the only way to find a killer was to think like a killer, and she thinks she knows the exact person to help.

At a YMCA center, Chad and Dr. Brock begin their game of squash. Chad taunts Brock throughout the game, but it's clear Dr. Brock is more professional than Chad's clumsy moves. When Dr. Brock is about the grab the ball from Chad, he grips Brock's wrist, demanding to know whose hand is that. However, Brock insists it's from an anonymous donor, and decides the end the game. However, Dr. Brock comes to warn Chad to back away from Chanel, threatening him that his hand is capable of more than playing squash.

We learn Denise has taken Munch, along with Chanel and #3, to a place (more specifically a tunnel of sorts) where the mentally-ill are incarcerated. The creepy warden unlocks the gate, ominously saying 'she' is in the end of the hallway and that he'll be watching. The group starts to move forward, scared of the mental episodes the inmates are currently experiencing (one throws cake frosting at Chanel). Finally, they arrive to Hester's cell. Chanel and Chanel #3 greet her warmly and compliment the drawings she makes, but Hester knows it's a fib to gain her trust. Hester explains she knows why they're here: another serial killer is targeting them, and she knows all about it: the costume with horns, the MO (targeting patients at night and leaving green slime behind), possibly inferring his/her true identity. Denise demands she tell her who it is, but Hester has a list of demands of her own: she wants to be transferred to C.U.R.E., and wants a list of discontinued beauty products. Until she gets what she wants, Hester say they better hope they're not next.

On the steps of the hospital, Chanel #5 admits she had a great time with Tyler. The two look into each other's eyes, and tentatively kiss. However, bright lights startle them, then confetti explodes around them. Chanel and #3 appear, congratulating Chanel #5 for pasting the test. She asks what test, and Chanel responds she looked into a creature society has deemed ugly and looked into its soul rather than its looks. #5 is honored, but Chanel was actually talking to Tyler. She also tells she got Chad to write the money needed to pay for Tyler's surgery by lying it was for a product that could shave permanently shave Chanel's 'box'.

Presumably the next day, Chad's Private Investigator, Richard, arrives late to an angry Chad, who calls him a dick. Quick to pacify him, Richard had cross-referenced famous squash players and organ dornors and found a man named Marshall Winthrop - an Olympic-medaled squash player who was a notorious serial killer. He would kill players who responded to his Craigslist ads for a game of squash, and kill them if they lose (he found it disrespectful to lose). However, he was caught when eating his last meal, a plate of rocket salad. Before he died, he became a full-bodied organ donor. Richard says Dr. Brock has the hand of Marshall Winthrop.

Dr. Brock is testing new techniques on a dead body when Chad comes in. He turns to leave, but Chad announces he knows his hand belonged to a serial killer. Dr. Brock stops, and faces him and asks what Chad is prepared to do. Chad tells him he'll see, and leaves. Dr. Brock angrily hits the body.

Zayday is complaining to Chamberlain about Dean Munsch's symptoms. She understands the flu-like ones, but can't explain the weird gate in her walk. Chamberlain decides to get lunch, and asks Zayday if she wants any Ethiopian food. Suddenly, Zayday gets an epiphany. In Munsch's office, Zayday asks her if she ever went to Paupa New Guinea. Munsch says she did per error, and met with an amazing indigenous man. He took her to a party, where she ate something and declared it to be the most delicious thing she ever had. Zayday looks, grave, and announces that the Dean might have kuru - a disease that cannibals get from eating the brains of people. Dean Munsch looks as if their diagnosis is absurd. But she realizes the party followed a funeral. She asks what the treatment is. Zayday says she only has less than a year to live. and that there's no cure. Munsch declares that this be kept a secret, but we see Ingrid eavesdropping through a hidden voice recorder in a tube of pills.

Tyler is face-timing with Chanel #5. She explains her parents finally accepted her again. But Tyler gets her to admit their boyfriend and girlfrien, and both look very much happy. However, someone enters Tyler's room and begins fiddling around. Tyler thinks the surgery is going to happen now, and ends the phone chat. Chanel #5 explains to the other Chanels that his surgery isn't scheduled till the morning. She suddenly panics and tells them they have to go the the hospital. Tyler, meanwhile, is being restrained and brough to the surgery room. However, the Green Meanie is revealed. The killer blinds Tyler with the laser, and proceeds to use it to burn marks all over his chest as he screams. The Green Meanie then slits his throat. All the process, the Chanels are racing through a hallway to get to Tyler, alerting the Green Meanie.

The Chanels burst through the room, looking in horror at Tyler's mutilated body. A heartbroken #5 mourns him as Chanel announces to the girls that they have another serial killer in their hands.


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Character Cause of Death
Doctor #1
(Mets 17 costume)
Throat slit with a machete by the Green Meanie. (flashback)
Doctor #2
(Mets 6 costume)
Machete thrown into his stomach by the Green Meanie. (flashback)
Doctor #3
(Daryl Strawberry costume)
Chopped in the head with a machete by the Green Meanie. (flashback)
Dr. Mike Impaled in the stomach with a machete by the Green Meanie. (flashback)
Nurse Thomas Machete thrown into her back by the Green Meanie. (flashback)
Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering Staff Murdered with a machete by the Green Meanie. (flashback)
Squash Opponents Murdered with a knife by Marshall Winthrop. (flashback)
Tyler Eyes and chest seared by medical lasers and throat slit with a scalpel by the Green Meanie.

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Green Meanie.
Character Situation
Cathy Munsch Fights off the Green Meanie and wins.

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Michael Saltzman as Keith Hernandez
  • La'Charles Trask as Daryl Strawberry
  • David Paul Sommer as Orderly
  • Lorenzo Bastien as Douchebag #1
  • Tarik Woodbine as Douchebag #2
  • Gio Zavala as Guy




  • Chad makes his debut in a Red Devil costume that was used in Season One.
  • When Chad shows up to scare Chanel at the hospital in a Red Devil costume, Chanel reveals that it was Chad who snuck into the asylum and scared her at the end of The Final Girl(s).
  • When Denise Hemphill explained her experience as a NAT, she, along with the other cadets, mentioned the show, Quantico, including the production of season two.
  • Vincent Van Dyke Effects, the makeup team responsible for Colton's wart prosthetics, believed the character was named 'Tyler Westbrook'.



Youtube-16.png "I Will Remember You" – Sarah McLachlan
Youtube-16.png "Mad About You" – Belinda Carlisle
Youtube-16.png "I Think We're Alone Now" – Tiffany
Youtube-16.png "Holding Out For A Hero" – Bonnie Tyler





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