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Biographical Information
Full name: Weston Gardner
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Birthday: 1976
Age: 42 (at time of death)
Ailment: Trichophagia (faked)
Occupation(s): College student (formerly)
Professor (formerly)
Green Meanie (formerly)
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Green Meanie
Grace's Sexy Dad (by Chanel #5)
Relationship Information
Family: Grace Gardner (daughter)
Boone Clemens (son; deceased)
Hester Ulrich (daughter)
Relationships: Sophia Doyle (hook-up; deceased)
Mary Mulligan (ex-wife; deceased)
Gigi Caldwell (ex-fiancée; deceased)
Cathy Munsch (ex-fiancée; In love with)
Friends: Pete Martinez (deceased)
Zayday Williams
Hester Ulrich (accomplice)
Enemies: Red Devil
Detective Chisolm
The Chanels
Dr. Brock Holt
Chamberlain Jackson (deceased)
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Frenemies: Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Killer: Himself
Ingrid Marie Hoffel & Dr. Cassidy Cascade (indirectly)
Victims: Sheila Baumgartner
Chad Radwell
Chanel #5 (survived)
Denise Hemphill (survived)
Chamberlain Jackson
Marguerite Honeywell
Dr. Scarlett Lovin (unintentionally)
Boss: Cathy Munsch (formerly)
Doctors: Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Dr. Brock Holt
Other Information
Interests: Playlists
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Game of Thrones
Clique: Green Meanie
Talent(s): Killing
Hiding his identity
Weaknesses: Martial arts
Hair balls
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneTwo
Episode count: 14
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Lovin the D
Portrayed by: Oliver Hudson
—Wes' last words before killing himself[src]

Wes Gardner was a main character on Season One of Scream Queens and a recurring character on Season Two. He was Grace Gardner's father, and also the biological father of the Red Devil siblings, Boone Clemens and Hester Ulrich. In Rapunzel, Rapunzel, he visits C.U.R.E. and is diagnosed with Trichophagia, otherwise known as hair eating disorder, but later reveals he faked the ailment to get closer to the Chanels. It was also revealed that Wes became a Green Meanie copy-cat to get revenge on the Chanels after Grace went crazy as a result of her Kappa experience.

He is portrayed by Oliver Hudson.



Wes is seen driving his daughter Grace Gardner to her first day at Wallace University. He made Grace a mixtape with all her favorite songs, including "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, while he reminiscences the past when he took her to see her first PG-13 movie, Twilight. He also tells her not to join a sorority because of their harsh reputations. After they say goodbye in Grace's dormitory, Wes leaves crying.

Hell Week

Wes goes to Cathy Munsch's office to notify her that he wants to withdraw his daughter, Grace, from Wallace University because he fears that something may happen to her if there is a serial killer on the loose. Cathy assures him that there is not a killer on the campus, and fearful of a university shutdown, Munsch tries to convince Wes to keep Grace at school. Wes then demands to be hired as a professor so that he can keep an eye on Grace. Munsch agrees to his demand and flirtatiously states that she “finds good parenting attractive.”

Later, Wes is inside of his car parked outside the Kappa Kappa Tau house to look out for Grace. Grace is uncomfortable when she discovers this, so Gigi goes to talk to him to convince him that Grace needs some space. He tells her that he feels that Grace is pushing him away, but Gigi says that's just part of growing up. They begin laughing, singing, and bonding with each other. Gigi asks him if he wants to go and get a coffee with her, and Wes says that he would love to. He starts the car and leaves with her.


After the Introduction to Film Analysis class starts for Grace, she is surprised to find out that Wes is the new teacher of the class. She leaves angry because he never gives her any space. Wes then begins the class with a screening of the film that he considers the "greatest" film of all time, the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. When the movie ends, Wes gives a little recap saying that the chainsaw is the most perfect weapon of destruction. Gigi approaches to him and says that the class was amazing, but Cathy Munsch interrupts their talk to ask how the class went, to which Gigi responds that it was amazing. Munsch suggests that maybe she will consider Wes for full-time employment.

Later, Gigi is having a salad date with Wes that was soon crashed by Cathy. Gigi is glad Munsch joined them because she "loves all of the fun dressings [Cathy] brought." Wes abruptly leaves the date to find Grace. Just before leaving, Gigi and Wes exchange flirtatious smiles and arm touching. He calls Grace to find out where she is, and Grace tells him that she's at the library, but she actually went on a trip with Pete to find Mandy Greenwell.

At the end of the episode, Wes is falling asleep in his car outside the Kappa Kappa Tau house, but he wakes up after he hears screams inside. He enters the house only to discover that Gigi is being attacked by the Red Devil with a chainsaw. The killer makes a cut on Wes' arm, and Gigi later kicks the Red Devil, which makes him flee. Cathy Musnch then comes to the scene and asks what is going on, but Wes takes the chainsaw that the Red Devil left on the floor and demands that Cathy not move until the police arrive, because he and Gigi think that she is the killer.

Haunted House

Detective Chisolm is interviewing Cathy Munsch, asking if she saw the Red Devil entering the house or not after the killer attacked Gigi and Wes. Wes and Gigi argue that she's the killer, but Cathy starts to flirt with Wes and invites him to a Halloween party. Denise Hemphill then rushes into the house and tells everyone about the attempted murder of Caulfield that happened in the previous episode, and says that when they collect the fingerprints from the chainsaw, they'll find Zayday's prints.

Later, Wes is watching a movie with his class, and when the class ends, Grace enters the room. After discovering that Sophia's baby is a girl, she asks Wes if she is the baby. Wes doesn't know what she is talking about, and this leads Grace to say that if he turns out to be the killer that is getting revenge for "mom's death" in the bathtub, then she will never speak to him again. She then storms out of the room, leaving Wes confused.

Wes is later present when Detective Chisolm and Cathy are discussing the bodies that were found at the Shady Lane house, and he says that if Cathy doesn't close the campus now, he is going to talk with the media about what is happening. Cathy says that it will be better if all the adults go to the kitchen to talk about what to do, and Wes goes with them.

Pumpkin Patch

In Munsch's office, Cathy and Denise talk about their experience sleeping with Chad until Grace, Pete, Gigi and Wes barge in and talk about their search for Zayday. Cathy says she hired an investigator from Secure Enforcement Solutions, which is Denise, which makes everyone groan.

Grace, Pete, Wes, Gigi and Denise later find the Red Devil's secret lair, where the Red Devil turns the power off leaving them in total darkness. Gigi, however, manages to taser the Red Devil, and when the power turns back on, Denise runs to the others to tell them. They all run to Gigi, but when they arrive, she says the Red Devil got up and hit her in the head with a baseball bat and escaped down a laundry chute.

Seven Minutes in Hell

After the slumber party, Grace talks to Detective Chisolm about how the murders may be related to Kappa, except Coney's. Grace receives a text from Pete, but Wes then appears and says they're leaving, but she refuses, claiming that her sisters need her.

Beware of Young Girls

Gigi is seen in the kitchen where she gets a call from the Red Devil, who she ordered to kill an unknown male and is angered that they didn't do so. Wes then appears with flowers and asks who she was talking to, but she lies to him saying that it's just family issues.

Mommie Dearest

In this episode, Gigi Caldwell gets engaged to Wes. It is also revealed from Chanel (talking to Grace) that Wes was at the party in 1995. There, he had hooked up with Bethany and later got her pregnant. As a result, she had Grace.

Grace later confronts Wes about her mother, and he admits that Bethany was a criminal, and that he had to sue her to get Grace away from her. He explains that he was going to tell her the truth eventually, but she just got so attached to the fake story that he didn't want to upset her. He admits that he is the one responsible for burning their family's house down to cover up any evidence that Grace might have found. He says he cares about her so much that he committed arson to protect her, and that he didn't want her joining the sorority that brought out the worst in her mother. He apologizes to Grace for lying, but tells her that he worked his ass off to try to give her a wonderful life, and because of that, he got to decide what was best for her, which included making up a fake story about her mom. Grace then warns her father to stay away from her before angrily storming out, feeling betrayed that Wes would lie to her.

Just then, Gigi then walks in and asks Wes if everything is okay, as she saw Grace running out the door. Wes says that Grace is just upset, and Gigi tells him that Grace has been slowly falling apart ever since she got to Wallace. She says that she thinks Grace's inability to keep her friends from being murdered is driving her insane, which in turn is affecting her grades. Since Grace is failing out of school, Gigi suggests Wes take some serious action, such as committing her to an asylum, and tells him that he will be failing her as a father if he doesn't do something. Wes then gives a smirk as if he's pondering the decision.

Ghost Stories

When in Grace's room, Zayday mentions Wes and Grace replies saying "to hell with my dad" and continues by saying that he lied to her about the most important thing; who she is and where she came from. She also says she'd rather stay in Kappa house than spend Thanksgiving with him and Gigi.


As Cathy is preparing Thanksgiving dinner with Grace, Zayday, Wes, Pete, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5, they begin to argue over who they think the killer is. Wes starts to think it's Grace, but Grace provides evidence as to why she couldn't be, and instead explains why she suspects it's Chanel.

Pete then arrives with a box of compiled evidence he has dug up, claiming Wes is the killer. Pete reveals that, by bribing a government official with drugs, he discovered that Wes was Boone's father, and thus, the father of the other bathtub baby, and Grace looks at him somewhat disappointingly.

Wes talks to Grace alone and tells her that he didn't know he had slept with Sophia. After the two make up, Zayday calls them over for dinner. Chanel and Hester arrive, as does Chad soon afterwards. As Chanel uncovers the Turkey, everyone begins screaming in horror as Gigi's severed head is on the platter instead of the turkey.

Black Friday

While in the police office, Wes, Grace and Pete are greeted by a worried Detective Chisolm. Wes explains the situation to Chisolm, in which he replies saying "I would keep that to yourself. Pretty much always, the boyfriend is the prime suspect". As Chisolm walks away, Wes agrees that Gigi was "crazy" and how "she was nuts", but Pete interrupts him before he can go on.

Later in the episode, Grace walks in into her dad's apartment to check in on him, just to see him and Pete working together. Pete tells her that they've been doing research on Gigi, and Wes tells Grace that he basically knew nothing about her and even thought that her last name was spelled "Caldwellt" not "Caldwell". Pete, however, replies that her last name was not Caldwell either, it was Meyer. In her intake paper from the asylum, her name was admitted under "Jess Meyer" not "Gigi Caldwell." She was also diagnosed by her psychiatrist for a "mental breakdown" after her sister, Amy Meyer, committed suicide a few months earlier. As Pete leaves, Grace asks Wes how he's doing. He confesses that he felt betrayed by Gigi but he still liked her because she liked his playlists. Grace then begins questioning Wes about having sex with Pete, as she is unsure when the right time is. Wes clarifies that he probably isn't the best person to ask for sex advice, seeing how he was promiscuous in college and ended up fathering serial killers. However, he tells Grace if she doesn't feel ready to "do it" with Pete, then don't.


Grace visits Wes to talk to him about Pete's death because she was extremely upset about it. She explains to him that before his death, Pete disclosed that the remaining Red Devil is one of her Kappa sisters. She decides to institute a plan to unmask the killer once and for all: Wes will have to seduce Dean Munsch, so that Grace and Zayday can gain access to the school records on her laptop and investigate the Chanels to determine who has the skills to be the killer.

Wes then heads to Cathy's apartment to set up a romantic ambiance. Cathy arrives home to candles scattered everywhere and a trail of rose petals leading to her bedroom, with a half-naked Wes laying on her bed. She jumps on top of him, and Wes puts on a romantic playlist before the pair begin making out. As they begin loudly having sex, Grace and Zayday arrive to discover that Hester is the Red Devil and daughter of Wes, as she fabricated her transcripts and took some suspicious classes.

After their romantic encounter, Wes then confesses his love for Cathy. However, Cathy says, in order for them to be together, Grace will have to be out of the picture, as Cathy finds her unbearably annoying and feels as though she will convince Wes that Cathy isn't good enough for him. Wes looks rather confused, and Cathy heads to the bathroom to freshen up for their "round two".

The Final Girl(s)

Hester confesses to the viewer that she is indeed the final Red Devil and biological daughter of Wes, although the Chanels took the fall for it. Cathy later approaches Hester and reveals that she knows Hester is the killer, but Hester defends herself, stating that she was robbed of a normal life with Wes as her father, and it was necessary for her to carry out these murders so that she could gain revenge and live a happy life.

After the murders, Grace sets up a hotline for girls who may find themselves in situations similar to that of Sophia, to prevent anything like that from happening again. Though it is unsuccessful, Wes still tells Grace he's proud of her and says that she deserves her own space to grow up. He also starts a relationship with Dean Munsch, and the two plan a vacation together.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Dr. Brock is seen informing Cathy of a new patient at C.U.R.E, who came in complaining of lower back pain and abdominal cramps. He explains that the patient was asking about her, as they used to date and his symptoms began to flare up as soon as they broke up. Cathy then walks into the patient's room, to find none other than Wes Gardner, getting his pulse taken by Cassidy. Cathy is astonished to see him, and Cassidy explains to her that Wes has an abdominal tumor the size of a grapefruit that needs to be removed immediately. A concerned Cathy asks Wes when the cramps began, and he explains that they intensified after she left him and broke his heart. Cassidy is confused that the two used to date, and Wes clarifies that they ran off together after the Wallace murders to live in a log cabin, where Wes got a part-time job as an English teacher at the University of Rural Oregon, and furthered his dream of growing a beard and starting a microbrewery.

As he is getting wheeled off to the operating room, he continues to explain that Cathy was only pretending to be supportive of his dreams, when all she really wanted to do was drive a wedge between him and Grace. She blocked Grace's number on Wes' phone, and he ended up not seeing Grace for over a year. As the surgery begins, Wes is still talking, explaining that a bunch of people got sick from his beer after a mice got into the mash and that his book about quarters was a huge flop. Cathy questions why Wes was not put under anesthesia for the procedure, but Cassidy explains that he gave Wes an epidural, as he insisted on being fully awake so that Cathy could hear the devastation that she caused him when she walked out of his life. Cathy promises that she will try to make everything right for Wes, when just then, Cassidy reveals that there wasn't a tumor in Wes' stomach, but rather a giant hairball, causing Wes to let out a laugh.

After the surgery, Brock diagnoses Wes with Trichophagia, the compulsive eating of hair associated with hair pulling, and scolds Wes for not being honest with them prior to the surgery. Wes admits that he was really stressed out about his break-up, but was managing it well until Grace decided to go to Stanford for her master's degree. She was too far away for him to handle, and coupled with the sudden loneliness, the failure of his brewery, the tanking of his book, and the loss of his teaching job because he refused to use trigger warnings before screening horror movies, he resorted to hair pulling to relieve stress. He started it one day while writing his second book titled "Historical Playlists" and it became an unconscious addiction, with him not even realizing he was doing it. It went on for about three months, and Wes assumed he had excreted out all of his hair, but he expresses his gratitude that everything worked out the way it did, as the hairball gave him an excuse to see Cathy again. The pair begin to reminisce about their time together, and Wes then asks Cathy out on a dinner date, to which Cathy happily accepts.

After their date, the couple are laying in bed after a round of sex, and Cathy subsequently asks if he would like a "round two." Wes confesses his happiness for reconnecting with Cathy, as he finally feels whole again, and Cathy says she feels the same, even though she previously broke up with him because she thought he was a loser and hated his daughter. She admits that she made a huge mistake in leaving him, when just then, the Green Meanie appears behind her, wielding a machete. The pair fly off the bed in panic, and the killer then flips the bed over on top of them before repeatedly stabbing through the bed frame with the machete. They then kick the bed over on top of the Green Meanie and begin fleeing the apartment, until the Green Meanie gets up and jumps out the window.

Later that night, as Chamberlain is doing his rounds, he finds Wes' hairball on the floor in a Ziploc bag. After sifting through it, he discovers not only a hardware store receipt for a machete and chainsaw purchase, but also a piece of fabric from the Green Meanie costume. He immediately goes to confront Wes at his apartment, where he is doing cardio to bounce back from surgery. Wes lets Chamberlain in, and he begins describing his suspicious findings to Wes, to which Wes reveals that Grace went insane following her traumatic experience at Kappa and was admitted to Stanford Mental Asylum, all because of the Chanels. He expresses his anger that the Chanels are working at a hospital and get to become doctors while Grace is locked up in a mental institution because of what they did to her. He explains that after the murders started at the hospital, he decided to use the Green Meanie identity to exact revenge on the Chanels for the way they mistreated Grace, and no one would ever suspect him, as there was already a Green Meanie to take the fall for it. Chamberlain then questions why he ate all that hair, and Wes clarifies that he paid a hair salon for the clippings and then got drunk enough to be able to swallow them, but since he was so intoxicated, he accidentally swallowed some other things that were on his table as well. He says he did it to get closer to Cathy, thus allowing him to roam freely around the hospital whenever he wants, making his revenge plan a lot smoother.

After divulging all of this information to Chamberlain, Wes tells him that he can't allow him to leave, but then laughs it off and pretends he's joking. Chamberlain laughs along, and Wes then asks for a hug, to which Chamberlain agrees. However, as Chamberlain goes in for the hug, Wes aggressively stabs him in the sternum with a kitchen knife. He collapses to the ground before Wes rips the knife from his body, allowing him to bleed to death. Wes then picks up Chamberlain's phone and listens to the voicemail left by Zayday in which she explains that Jane Hollis is the mother of the killer.

Lovin the D

Wes is seen in his Green Meanie costume along with Cassidy and Hoffel attacking the Chanels through the hospital's hallways. Just as Wes was about to kill Chanel with a machete, Hoffel stops him, wanting to kill Chanel herself. Their brief bickering allows Chanel to escape. They then take off their masks and Wes complains that they ruined everything and as they begin to argue, Hester silences all of them and tells them that they will have to make a Green Meanie summit.

Once there, Hesterarranges a little game of “Who Killed Who?”. Wes and Cassidy claim a majority of the killings, while Ingrid only claims three of the murders: Chanel #9, Chanel #10, and Slade Hornborn. In reality, Chanel #9 was killed by both Cassidy and Ingrid, but Ingrid decides to take the credit. In the end, Cassidy wins with the most kills, so he gets to pick who he wants to kill out of the remaining hospital staff. Wes decides to take Chanel, and when Ingrid interjects, he offers her everyone else, including Cathy Munsch, Chanel #7, Chanel #8, and Chanel #5, in exchange for Chanel. However, Ingrid declines the offer with a contemptuous “go suck a hot fart," and argues that Chanel was responsible for burning her sister's face off. Hester then decides to take a vote, and Hester, Cassidy, and Ingrid all vote for Ingrid, thus winning her the opportunity to murder Chanel in any way she sees fit, leaving Wes angered, though the four of them reach an final agreement: Cassidy would kill #3, Ingrid would kill Chanel and Wes the remaining targets. Wes then kills #7 by strangling her with a noose. He crosses paths with Cassidy and they make a deal to bring down Hoffel and Wes would kill Chanel himself.

Wes then returns to the hospital and poisons a coffee for Chanel to drink and makes it look like a gesture from Brock. His attempt once again fails when the coffee is accidentally drunk by Dr. Scarlett Lovin, who was about to go on air with the Chanels for a surgery, making her spit foam and collapse to the floor, further infuriating Wes, not only for the mistake itself, but also because that the Chanels continued the surgery without her and became famous all of a sudden. He is ultimately confronted by Cassidy and Hoffel for breaking their agreement and plan to kill him in order to give everyone a false sign that the Green Meanie is dead. They start cornering him to a tub filled with hot oil and, under coercion, Wes turns around, crosses his arms while looking upwards, whispers "Playlist" and commits suicide by falling backwards into the tub, causing him tremendous pain and frying his entire body, with both Cassidy and Hoffel initially shocked but glad by their former partner's demise. His corpse is left on the floor and found by Munsch and Arthur Annenburg, causing them to scream in horror and Munsch to faint at the sight of it. When everyone is given the false news about the Green Meanie, Wes is last mentioned by #5, referring to him as "Grace's Sexy Dad", when she states how weird it was that he was the killer all along, with Chanel arguing that the most weird thing was him stalking the Chanels outside their sorority house. Cassidy also reveals Wes' revenge plan against the Chanels for what they did to Grace, but that he "accidentally" slipped and fell into the hot tub.



Wes is caring, mysterious and overprotective. He always tries his best to make the right decision but usually ends up making it wrong and most of it affects his daughter Grace, who he loves and cherishes very much. Wes can be very overprotective and annoying towards his daughter Grace, since that she is the only family he has left because his wife Bethany died by killing herself which has affected Wes and leaving him very lonely. Him and Grace have never left each other or abandoned one another, Wes always makes sure to protect Grace and know where she is at all times, that's why Wes was upset when he was driving Grace to Wallace University because he was going to miss her and finally let her live her own life. Even when the Red Devil killings were happening Wes tried his best to get Grace out of Wallace University and bring her back home but he failed to do so because she didn't want to leave, he convinced Cathy to get him a job in the University instead as a professor so he can always keep an eye on his daughter and make sure that she is safe. But Wes is also very romantically lonely too, he still searches for love and when he met Gigi he realised that he found his true soulmate, even if Grace disagreed with his decision about Gigi Wes wouldn't listen and tries to convince Grace about changing her mind. Wes also loves horror movies, his favorite horror movie is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and he considers it the best movie of all time. At one point, he put it on in film class as a means to get closer to Grace while she is at Wallace, where he shows his favorite horror movies.

Wes's style is mostly long formal shirts with no sleeve jackets, jeans and ties. Sometimes he also wears sweaters and belts.


Main article: Grace-Wes Relationship
Wes and Grace have a very close family bonding best friend relationship, Wes will do anything to help and protect Grace and make sure that she is happy and healthy as always, Grace feels a bit overprotected but she still loves her dad and will always do as he says.

Main article: Gigi-Wes Relationship
Wes and Gigi have a close love relationship that just started Hell Week and is still going on. Eventually Gigi interference with his and grace's relationship makes him contemplate dumping her in Thanksgiving that is until Gigi is murdered and served to the channels at dinner time for the feast.

Main article: Cathy-Wes Relationship
At first Wes feels threatened and smothered by the obsessed Cathy who tries to steal him away from Gigi and forces him let Grace still stay in Kappa Kappa Tau. But after time Wes falls in love with Cathy Munsch after Gigi dies. The eventually two get engage and it places a strain on their priorities.


Season One (12/13)

Season Two (2/10)


  • Wes was originally supposed to be portrayed by Joe Manganiello, but he dropped out of the series due to scheduling problems, so Oliver Hudson came in as his replacement.
  • Wes' name was supposed to be "Rodrigo" according to the original leaked script of episode one.
  • He has a thing for creating playlists.
  • He considers the greatest film of all time to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).
  • The episode Ghost Stories was the first and only Season One episode he didn't appear in.
  • In Thanksgiving it was revealed that Wes is the father of the Red Devil siblings.
  • Everyone he is known to sleep with eventually died including: Mary Mulligan, Sophia Doyle and Gigi Caldwell.
    • This does not, however, apply to Cathy Munsch, who is still alive.
  • Both Wes and his daughter Grace Gardner dated people involved with the killings - Wes having dated Gigi, while Grace dated Pete Martinez.
  • He is one of the 10 survivors of the first season.
    • Wes is also one of the two male characters to survive in Season One and die in Season Two, the other being Chad.
      • They also are the two male characters that have appeared most in the series, both having been in 12 episodes as main characters and 2 episodes as recurring characters.
    • In Rapunzel, Rapunzel, it is revealed that he is the third Green Meanie, seeking revenge on The Chanels for his daughter, who went insane after the Kappa Kappa murders.
    • Wes is the first and only character to commit suicide on-screen.
  • According to Cathy, he knows where the G-spot is.
  • When asked if he had any last words, he merely crossed his arms, looked up and whispered "playlist" before falling backwards into hot oil.
  • Wes appears in the episodes Handidates, Halloween Blues and Blood Drive disguised as the Green Meanie.


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