S2 Zayday Poster.jpg
Biographical Information
Full name: Zayday Williams
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): College student (graduated)
KKT President (formerly)
Medical student
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Hood Rat
Usless Kappa Slut
Stupid Zayday (by Chanel)
Zayd (by Pete)

Z (by Grace and Chanel)
Nancy Drew (by Jane)
Stone Cold Hoe (by Denise Hemphill)

Relationship Information
Family: Unnamed grandmother
Relationships: Earl Grey (boyfriend; deceased)
Friends: Cathy Munsch
Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Chamberlain Jackson (deceased)
Grace Gardner
The Chanels
Jane Hollis (deceased)
Enemies: Red Devil
Boone Clemens (deceased)
Denise Hemphill
Green Meanie
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Hester Ulrich
Dr. Brock Holt
Boss: Cathy Munsch (formerly)
Patients: Catherine Hobart (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series)
How to Get Away with Murder (TV series)
Being President
Oakland Nachos
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
Strengths: Articulate
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneTwo
Episode count: 22
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Keke Palmer
Surprise, bitch!
—Zayday to the Green Meanie[src]

Zayday Williams is a main character on Scream Queens. She was the former co-president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority along with Chanel Oberlin, before later the becoming the sole president with Grace Gardner as her vice president and Hester Ulrich as treasurer. She graduated from Wallace University in only two years and is now currently running the C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital after it was sold by Cathy Munsch.

She is portrayed by Keke Palmer.



Zayday and Grace decide to join Kappa

Zayday is first introduced as Grace Gardner's dorm roommate at Wallace University, commenting on her fear of the bathrooms' physical state, due to a worm crawling in the communal bathrooms. They later go to the college cafeteria, where Grace reveals that her mother passed away when she was two and that it has been her and her father ever since. Zayday also mentions her tough, but good-natured grandmother. When they leave the cafeteria, Grace asks Zayday to join the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority with her, but Zayday comments that she would "rather die". But Grace sweetens the deal that if Zayday joins and becomes KKT president then she can one day become even more successful, or possible landing a job as the POTUS, which she agrees to join. Zayday is seen at the KKT party, alongside Hester Ulrich, Tiffany and Sam when Gigi Caldwell and Cathy Munsch announce the plan to make the sorority open to anyone at the college who wants to pledge, which amuses Zayday and infuriates the Chanels, especially Chanel Oberlin the current leader of the sorority.

Chanel devises a plan to scare the new pledges into not wanting to do with anything that goes on in the sorority, by pretending to burn the maid Ms. Bean's face in the fryer, however when the maid's creepy collage is discovered by Chanel #2, Chanel decides to drown Ms. Bean in the fryer instead (however unknown to them, the Red Devil turned on the fryer) which burns off her face and kills her. When Grace decides to go to the police, Chanel announces that she will pin the blame on Grace, with the other girls' help, but Zayday does not agree to help instead commenting that the one's who did agree to help are "ratchet". Grace agrees to keep quite and they take the body to the storage freezer, where Chanel vows the new pledges a silence.

Zayday during Hell Week

The new pledges later arrive for the beginning of Hell Week, but Chanel and Grace come to a disagreement when Chanel says that the girls are gonna be hazed. Chanel and Grace leave to iron out their differences, while Chanel #5 takes over and puts the girl's bodies' in the ground with their heads appearing while Chanel #5 and #3 leave, while the Red Devil mows off Tiffany's head and Zayday screams in terrifying fear.

Hell Week

Zayday is present when dean Cathy Munsch introduces Detective Chisolm to the Kappa Kappa Tau girls. She is not very pleased when the dean tells them that they cannot go out of the campus. Scenes later, the new pledges are cleaning the floor of the house and Chanel Oberlin tells Zayday that if she wants to demonstrate that she is worthy of Kappa, she must have more soup in he bucket. Zayday, angry, says that if she wants a clean floor then she

should have never burned Ms. Bean's face.

Later, Chanel is writing things in the belly of the pledges with a black eyeliner, but when she is about to write on Zayday, she says that she has to go to her room for a white eyeliner because the black one will not be noticed. Subsequently, Chanel is explaining that a guy in a red devil costume attacked her and Zayday seems to be worried. They all go to check if the Red Devil is still there, and Zayday grabs a flowerpot to defend herself. When they enter to a room, they see "SLUTS WILL DIE" written on the wall and scream horrified. In the last "Hell Week" dinner, Zayday says that Chanel is her primary suspect to be killer, because of what she did to Ms. Bean and the horrible accident that happened with Melanie Dorkess. They all start fighting about who the killer is until Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell enter to the room to announce the tragic deaths of Shondell and Boone, leaving Zayday and the other Kappa sisters scared.


Zayday unaware of the Red Devil

The episode begins with Zayday and Grace heading towards a store, discussing Pete Martínez's links to the possible Red Devil killings. While shopping, Zayday revealed that her grandmother sent her and Grace tasers for protection. Grace goes over to the other isle for syrup, but is confronted by the Red Devil and screams grabbing her taser, while Zayday pushes the shelves on top of him. The store manager appears and Zayday tells him to call the police because they caught the serial killer. When Zayday unmasks him it is revealed to be Eugene, someone from Zayday's classes who was only playing a prank on them. Zayday and Grace later go to find Chanel #2 in her bedroom and discover a stain on the carpet, however Denise Hemphill comes up behind them and confirms it is blood. Denise also goes onto reveal Chanel #2's final tweet, saying that she is being murdered by the Red Devil. Zayday and Grace decide to go to Bel Air to further elaborate their puzzling investigation about Chanel #2's disappearance.

Zayday and Grace later participate in a memorial, where college students bring signs saying that they are "not KKT" because they believe that the Red Devil is targeting Kappa and anyone who is associated with them. They to hear Cathy Munsch's speech, whom reveals the change in the mascot is an ice cream cone called Coney. They go to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Herfmann (Chanel #2's parents) and ask them about her whereabouts, telling them about the serial killer in campus, and also reveal that Chanel #2's still posting on Instagram, but Denise believes that the killer is using her corpse in the pictures. Shockingly enough, her parents revealed that she had a drinking problem and that she was in a relationship with Chad Radwell whom helped "even her out" with her drinking problem. He also left Chanel #2 a letter revealing that he loves her and her parents say if their daughter is missing then they have to find her and make sure she never comes home again.

Zayday, along with Grace and the other Chanels gather and reveal that all the Chanels dated Chad without #1 knowing. Chanel comes downstairs with a newly made over Hester Ulrich whom is now Chanel #6, which Chanel #5 is not happy with, but Cathy and Gigi are revealed to be moving in, shocking everyone. Zayday later goes to meet Denise her her police car, but Denise handcuffs her thinking that she is the killer. Denise goes on to reveal that she found Zayday's interest into becoming Kappa House President and that she shops at Best Buy, the same place where Shondell worked and also Denise thinks the killer has an ally, despite Zayday's alibis. Denise also goes on to reveal Zayday's tweets to the show How to Get Away with Murder, but Zayday's defence is that she just really likes the show. Zayday, using her free hand, reveals that she is gonna call 911, but Denise reveals that she found a chainsaw under Zayday's bed. Zayday revealed that the college took away her taser, so her grandmother sent her a chainsaw for protection. Denise decides to let Zayday go with a warning that she has "her eye on her". After practising ways to surprise the serial killer, with her chainsaw. Zayday decides to go out, but is stopped by Wes Gardner, asking where Grace was.

Haunted House

After last episodes events, where Gigi Caldwell is attacked by Red Devil and Wes accuses Cathy Munsch for being the killer. Denise rushes into the house and tells everyone about the attempted murder of Caulfield and says when they get fingerprints from the chainsaw that they will find them to be Zayday's.

At The Grind, Earl tells Zayday that he heard that she was running for president and gives her advice. Later on in Kappa, the Chanels and the pledges are carving pumpkins, when they reveal to Chanel their pumpkins, Zayday announces she is running for Kappa president against Chanel, which angers her and makes her vow vendetta.

Zayday in the Haunted House

Zayday and Earl scare Pete Martínez and Grace when they arrive in the haunted house setting for Zayday's fundraiser, but Denise interrupts and she and Pete tell them about the "urban legend" about the house and the "hag of shady lane" and begin to explore the house and come across the baby doll room. Denise takes Zayday aside and questions her on the attempted murder on Caulfield, to which she denies and reveals Denise's background as her attempt to becoming a Kappa Kappa pledge, but failed due to the sorority's racist standards. Denise is impressed by this investigation.

After it is discovered by Chad Radwell and Hester Ulrich about the Red Devil murder victims around the haunted house, Zayday tells people to leave, but ignore her and calls the police while going through the rooms to discover Shondell, Coney, Chanel #2, Ms. Bean and Mandy Greenwell. But has failed to get a reasonable response from the cop. When she gets outside she hangs up on the cop and is kidnapped by the Red Devil. It is revealed by Grace who wants to have a missing person's report on Zayday, whereas Chanel pretends to act shocked.

Pumpkin Patch

It is revealed that Zayday is still missing as Grace is nervous/anxious about her whereabouts, whereas Chanel thinks she is faking it to look for attention. Zayday is revealed to be trapped in a trap door in the Red Devil's secret lair. While trapped, Zayday tries to call for help. While Grace, Wes and Pete go to try and help Zayday, they go to talk to Cathy and Denise is there, still convinced Zayday is the killer. While searching for Zayday, Wes, Pete and Grace come across the secret creepy lair of the Red Devil's, but they cannot find Zayday even when they open up the trapped door she is no longer there. Denise then reveals that there is no sign of the Red Devil or Zayday, making her the only possible suspect as the killer.

Zayday returning to Kappa after being kidnapped by the Red Devil

Later on, Chanel has begun the voting for Kappa without Zayday. Zayday then busts in through the room and reveals that the Red Devil kidnapped her and put her in a pit. She also reveals that the Red Devil prepared her a dinner date and gave her flowers, but she escaped once she stabbed him in the hand with a fork. Grace then walks in and hugs Zayday, and Chanel #5 is mad that Zayday has a boy that likes her already and it took #5 three years to find people that liked her. But Chanel then says it is time to vote.

Seven Minutes in Hell

The episode picks up right where it left off as the girls continue to vote for the next KKT president. Grace asks what happens if it is a tie and #3 responds that it has never happened before but Kappa laws state that they must rule together. Jennifer then confirms that it is a tie and Zayday is happy for her part in winning, but Chanel refuses to rule with a pledge. Zayday offers to talk things through but Chanel storms off upstairs. Chanel #3 and #5 go find her in her closet and find a crying Chanel who then turns to laughter as she reveals that she voted for Zayday. She then goes on to reveal that she wanted to relief her responsibilities to decrease her risk of being Red Devil's next target. But then says that she was hoping that the Chanels would betray her but says that being co-president works out even better because she will look even better with an apology for her behaviour. Chanel then confirms that the pumpkin patch were all plans to get Zayday killed, and selfishly save her own.

Chanel then goes down and reveals the key to the storage room of the secrets of Kappa house and only the president gets to own it. She then agrees goes on to agree to co-work with Zayday as Kappa president. Grace goes into Zayday's room and congratulate her for her place as president and then goes on to to talk about the serial killer and how all the killings trace back to the house. Zayday then proposes a slumber party because secrets are commonly revealed during them.

Zayday then reveals her slumber party plan to the house, but Chanel is unhappy with the announcement and #3 defends Zayday's plans and calls to a vote, making the slumber party happen.

Zayday and Grace visit the kitchen to see the Chanels making s'mores using packing peanuts. Jennifer and Sam come in, revealing that all the windows and doors are locked. Grace goes on to reveal that her father might have done this with the system security for their protection, but Chanel thinks it is the killer hacking into the security system. Chanel then calls Chad to help them. However during their break in to help them, Caulfield is killed by Red Devil. While walking through the house, Grace reveals her stress and how she would prefer it if she were to leave Wallace University but Zayday tells Grace to pull herself together and go and play truth or dare.

The Dickie Dollar Scholars and Kappa Kappa Tau gather to play the game in order to find out who the killer is. Grace then asks Sam truth or dare? Sam picks truth as Grace asks "what is Chanel #3's deepest, darkest secret". Chanel #3 is convinced that Sam is gonna reveal that she has feelings for her. During Sam's answer, #3 blurts out her confession, however Sam reveals that #3's biological father is Charles Manson, shocking everyone about both revelations. Sam is murdered by Red Devil after Chanel #3 angrily dares her to take a nap in the bathtub in the basement and later Rodger is murdered by him/her and everyone rushes to see what #5 was screaming at, where

Zayday is attacked and cornered, but Chanel knocks him/her out and they continue to escape.

Chanel accuses #5 and #6 off being the killers, and continues to accuse Grace and Pete off being the killers too. Chad finds a secret tunnel in Chanel's closet, however Zayday thinks it is suspicious that Chanel never mentioned the secret tunnels before. Zayday then says that she is going to explore the tunnels and Chanel agrees to go with her. While down the tunnels, Chanel reveals the former presidents that reside in Kappa house. Red Devil then appears with two axes and begins to chase them through the tunnels. Zayday is attacked and cornered, but Chanel knocks him/her out and they continue to escape.

The next day, Detective Chisolm reveals plans to have around the clock protection on the house and Cathy Munsch reveals to Zayday that she is happy about this because she can alert parents to allow their children to continue going to Wallace University as long as they are not a Kappa or affiliated with them then the college can resume. Wes then arrives and demands that Grace leaves with him, but she refuses and Zayday comes into her rescue, defending Grace's choice. Chanel then gather the house and reveal that she kinda likes Zayday now and that she bought her kappa sisters gifts, revealing to be pink nun-chucks for protection. Zayday then goes on to finish the slumber party that they did not finish with a dance party.

Beware of Young Girls

After Chanel #2 claimed that Chanel was the killer, via Ouija board, the Chanels made a pact to kill Chanel, however Chanel #2 later visits her in a dream to apologize and tell her that the Chanels are planning on killing her. So, Chanel decides to be the bigger person and reveal that she knows about the Chanels plans to kill her and reveal that they are gonna solve the case themselves and that she thinks that Grace and Zayday are the real killers, not Feather McCarthy, who had already gotten blamed.

Zayday and Grace are finally seen in the last moments of the episode, walking into the Kappa house and the Chanels watches over them at the balcony.

Mommie Dearest

The Chanels discuss Zayday and Grace as the killers and later Chanel #3 makes a bet with Denise to prove that Zayday is the killer. Later on Denise talks to Jennifer about Zayday, and it is revealed that Zayday talked to Jennifer about not fitting in when she was in high school. It is also revealed that Zayday got revenge on rich girls in high school called the Peacocks. Zayday walks in on the conversation as Jennifer was about to assume that Zayday could be a serial killer. Zayday then clarifies to Denise that if she really wanted to accuse her then she should get a warrant before Zayday tells both Denise and Jennifer to stay away from her.

After Dean Munsch reveals that she is closing down Wallace University, Chanel decides to hire British police officers to investigate Grace and Zayday, however they reveal that Zayday and Grace would not be the killers.

Denise is then seen dressed as a Chanel, giving orders to the girls, however Chanel walks in and is unhappy with Denise's announcement because she is still in charge as Kappa co-president.

Ghost Stories

In the beginning of the episode, Boone Clemens asks about Zayday on the phone to the Red Devil.

Zayday goes into her and Grace's room to pack her belongings for last night at Kappa. Grace reveals that she is planning on staying on campus a bit longer to continue her investigation. Zayday refuses to allow her to stay and invites her to come to her grandmother's for thanksgiving instead since her fallout with Wes for taking Gigi's side, which she agrees with a hug.

Later, Boone meets with Chad in their room (still pretending to be a ghost) for a dress shirt to take Zayday out on a date, however Chad is confused because Boone is supposed to be gay and Boone lies that he "can stay on earth if he seduces her". However, it is revealed that Zayday is dating Earl Grey.

Zayday is seen in her room, this time with Earl as they continue packing. They go in for their first kiss and Earl leaves so that they can spend their first time together with some essentials. When Earl leaves, Boone climbs up to Zayday's room with some flowers. He begins to seduce her, using the made up "afterlife story" that he used on Chad, but Zayday does not believe in him being a ghost. Grace walks in and her and Zayday realize that Boone is one of the Red Devil's when they find the stab wound on his hand that Zayday left there when she escaped the lair. They then attempt to drag him away, but he resists and is thrown out of the window, but he is gone when they go over too look and rush downstairs to see the other girls and tell them and Boone not actually being dead, when Chanel #5 reveals she is leaving before she ends up dead.

Earl later arrives back to the house with his things, but is stabbed and killed by the Red Devil before he can make it to the door, and reveal that it is Boone as the second Red Devil.

Chanel #6 returns to campus after being attacked by the Red Devil and Zayday finds out about Earl's death and is upset and believes that Boone is his killer. Zayday is later seen being interviewed by Detective Chisolm whom wants a sketch on Boone, but Zayday is angry because they already have enough pictures off him. Grace tells him that Boone is the Red Devil killer but Detective Chisolm's incompetence deepens as he believes that the killer is not caught because he is a ghost and has hired a paranormal expert. Zayday becomes even more angry when Dean Munsch steps in, and Zayday implies that she has not done anything to stop the killings. When Zayday and Grace leaves, Dean Munsch realizes that Detective Chisolm is really a moron and she is been blind to his incompetence because of their past sexual relationship.

Zayday and Grace continue to pack when Dean Munsch walks into their room to reveal that when she made Grace's mom and her friends leave the body after giving birth to the baby girl, she then gave birth to a second child, a boy, which they realize is Boone and they begin to question how the babies ended up in Gigi's care and in the asylum.


While on the phone to Wes, Grace reveals that her and Zayday are not leaving Kappa house. Zayday is then seen helping making the thanksgiving dinner with Dean Munsch and Chanel #3. Cathy reveals plans for a game during dinner. The game is revealed to guess who they think the Red Devil killer is? After Cathy accuses Chanel #3 of being the killer, #3 then accuses Cathy of being the killer, when they are joined by Chanel #5. Zayday asks #5 that she thought that she was leaving and never coming back, to which she responds that her parents are away on holiday. Chanel #3 then continues with her theory that Cathy is the killer; because she hates Kappa and allowed "losers" to join the sorority, to which Grace says that #3 has a good point, pointing out that she could have known where the bathtub twins are and used them as her killers. Cathy denies this and Zayday refers back to Sophia's death and that Cathy could have plotted revenge for 20 years. Grace continues to believe that Cathy waited for her because she was Bethany's daughter in order for her revenge to take place. Chanel #3 then continues and noticed that Cathy had a balony sandwhich, which Grace realizes that Cathy is supposed to be allergic and believes that she was responsible for her ex-husband's murder. Chanel #5 then realizes that balony is deli meat which is in her stuffing that Cathy is eating and #3 says that there is meat in the wine that Cathy is drinking also, and that she is going to call the police. Wes then interrupts them and believes that the killer is Grace.

Zayday and Cathy follows Grace and Wes into the living room, where Wes reveals that he cannot clear Grace as the killer. Chanel #3 and #5 join them where #5 believes that Grace could be the killer because it would fit with her horrible determined personality and #3 agrees, saying that she was obsessed with her mother and #5 believes that Grace already knew about her mother's identity and plotted revenge to redeem her mother's greatest shame. Pete then joins them and reveals that Zayday has been live tweeting the events and that Grace is not the killer, but Wes continues with his theories and refers to Mandy, whom no one knew where she was for 20 years and died after coming in contact with Grace. Grace claims that Pete was also there. It is revealed that Grace visited Kappa house when Melanie Dorkess' spray tanned was replaced with acid, and was met by Chanel #3 and #5 who kicked her out. It is also revealed that Grace was talking to someone one night when Wes followed her. It was, however revealed to be Pete in the Red Devil costume because he's the mascot. Pete then believes that Wes is the killer because he did not want Grace to join the sorority and knew about the secret tunnels. It is also revealed that Wes was in the meat lockers to steal the meat, but claimed to have never found a body. It is also revealed that Wes is Boone's father, which also makes him the father of the Red Devil, but Wes did not know that it was his children. After the air clears up, they decide to all finally celebrate thanksgiving, when Chanel joins them after a horrible dinner with the Radwells.

As Chanel thanks everyone to join her for Thanksgiving and reveals the turkey, they all scream in horror as it is revealed that Gigi's decapitated head is in the platter.

Black Friday

Cathy comforting Zayday

Zayday is shown traumatized by the events of Thanksgiving and discussing them with Cathy Munsch.

Chanel gathers the sisters at Kappa house and reveals her suspicion that Dean Munsch is the killer. While all the Kappas agree that Dean Munsch is the killer, except Zayday. Chanel proposes that they kill her to prevent anymore murders. Zayday disagrees with the plan and is shocked when Grace agrees with Chanel and plans to stand by her plan. Grace and Chanel then propose that they murder her.

To trick Dean Munsch into drinking the poison, it is revealed in a flashback that they went through her online profile and discovers her love for apple cider. In another flashback, it is revealed that they used puffer fish poison, which #3 reveals would kill a single person in minutes.

Chanel later asks for updates on Dean Munsch's status, but she is not yet died from the poison. Grace decides to cancel her plans because there is still not enough evidence for her to be the killer, but Chanel decides to kick Grace out of Kappa with the rest of the Chanels in agreement. Zayday then reveals her change of heart that although murder is wrong, they still have to stop Dean Munsch, whom is "obviously the killer".

The Chanels and Zayday later trick Dean Munsch to join them for a sauna but in reality they put her in a cyrogenic booth, where Dean Munsch freezes, but when they open the door, she did not die, much to Chanel's disappointment. The Chanels and Zayday discuss new ways to kill Dean Munsch and why she did not die and they eventually decide to drown her instead.

Because they failed to show up, this prompts Chanel to write an mean email to the Chanels and Zayday.


It is now revealed that Chanel's mean email to her Kappa sisters has been leaked and went viral as she is now known as "the most hated woman in America". Because of this, Chanel decides the only way to end her public shaming is if she kills herself. Zayday comes into Chanel's bedroom to stop her from using an asp snake to kill herself with. However, it was revealed to be a garter snake wearing a sweater to look like an asp. Zayday then comforts Chanel as both agree to work as co-presidents to keep Kappa running. However, the Red Devil walks in and attacks them, but they both fight to stop him. However he notices the snake and begins to panic and Zayday knocks him on to the floor and rips off his mask, but neither off them recognize the attacker. They tie him up and bring him downstairs as the Chanels come down to witness the man. It is revealed that the man is a pizza delivery man whom was knocked out by the real Red Devil killer and forced to attack Chanel and Zayday because he had dynamite strapped around him. The bomb begins to countdown as the Chanels and Zayday run for their lives and explodes, killing the man.

Chanel reveals to #3 and #5 that she is a changed woman ever since her chat with Zayday and is planning on regaining her reputation.

Grace and Zayday break into Dean Munsch's house, while Wes distracts her, in order to steal the Chanels' student records. They begin to investigate the Chanels. They discovered that one of them took courses in all the stuff needed to be the killer and lied about her high school application and they go to find the Chanels and manage to stop Chanel from killing Melanie Dorkus, (since Chanel thinks Melanie is the killer), and have proof that Hester is the real killer.

The Final Girl(s)

In a flashfoward to January 2016, it is revealed that Zayday is now Kappa president while Grace is vice president. They have begun a winter semester rush after the unfortunate events during last fall's semester. They introduce Hester, whom now wears an eyepatch and no longer wears her neckbrace. Hester goes into a voiceover revealing that she was the real Red Devil killer.

During Hester's flashbacks, it shows Hester befriending Zayday and Grace, with Zayday thinking that her neckbrace was cool. Back to the flashfoward, it is revealed (continuing with the voiceover) that Hester sees Grace and Zayday as her only family, especially because Grace is her biological half-sister and she is aware that Wes is her father, even if they do not know it. She is also happy that there is no more Chanels at Kappa and had to have someone to take the blame.

In the present, Hester is rushed to the hospital from the heel in her eye in order to get away with murder, and continues to pin the blame on #5. While Chanel and the others interrogate #5 as it is revealed that #3 and #5 used to be roommates in the house and she used to confess secrets in her sleep. This causes Chanel to believe that #5 murdered #2 and confessed it after having sex with Roger and Dodger, causing her to kill them. Chanel promises to have #5 executed as Denise walks in and reveals that the deceased body of Boone was found. However Grace reveals that they already knew that Pete killed him and goes on to say that #5 is not the killer because the real killer is Hester. Hester then walks into the house and reveals that there is no major damage on her eye, but Grace is adamant that Hester is the killer as she brings up her fake high school, but she lies saying that she was embarrassed because she was homeschooled. Grace continues to reveal that Pete revealed that Hester and Boone shared the same DNA, but Hester justifies that Pete could not be trusted because he confessed to being a killer and points to #5 as his partner in crime.

Hester's "parents" then arrive and it is made clear that they are actors that she hired to pretend to be her parents in order to take the scent off her. Chanel #5's parents arrive to reveal that she was adopted and that they were asked by Gigi to take care off her. It is revealed two weeks before, Hester had a meeting with #5's parents whom wanted to disown her ever since she learned how to talk. Denise then places Chanel #5 under arrest, but Hester stops her and reveals Chanel #3 as the other killer. It is revealed that the night Tiffany DeSalle died, she disappeared from the White Stallion because she had stomach issues and refused to use the bar's bathroom because it was disgusting. So she went back to Kappa house to use the bathroom. It is revealed that Hester drugged her drink before she was buried up to her neck. Hester then accuses her off murdering Sam because she saw someone running away wearing earmuffs. Hester then goes on to reveal that #3 receives letters from her father, Charles Manson, on how to kill her friends. One of the letters references an idea to strap a bomb to a pizza delivery guy. It is revealed that #3 has a split personality called "dirty Helen" whom goes to see a psychologist whom she threatened. Chanel #3 then believes that her split personality may be one of the killers. Denise then places #3 under arrest, but Hester does not end there as she pins Chanel for being a killer too as she has security footage of her buying the murder weapons at home improvement, but in reality it was Hester disguised as Chanel.

Zayday then mentions that Chanel killed Ms. Bean, but a flashback reveals Hester was the one who turned on the fryer. #3 mentions that Chanel also tried to kill Melanie. Chanel confesses her innocence by saying that if she was really a killer then she would have killed Grace and Zayday by now, which Hester points out by noting that she did not to cover up her tracks and Denise arrests Chanel and calls in back-up to have them taken away.

Five months later and it is revealed that the Chanels got arrested without bail and Hester, Zayday, and Grace had a memorial built to remember those who were mudered when Dean Munsch approaches them to congratulate them on the memorial piece. When Grace and Zayday leave, Cathy reveals that she knew that the killer was Hester because she recognized her as the baby in the bathtub. Hester goes on to reveal that she would never kill again and that people like the Chanels are the reason why the Greek system fails. Cathy then says that she is going to turn her in but Hester blackmails her for the cover up of her mother, so Cathy decides to turn the other cheek.

Scream Again

During Cathy Munsch's revelation to what happened to the Chanels, and Hester Ulrich's true killer confession and eventual arrest. It was also revealed that Cathy visited Zayday at an unnamed restaurant where she now works. It's revealed that she is now at medical school and is working three jobs to support herself. Cathy, then offers to pay for her intuition and offers Zayday a job at the C.U.R.E Institute Hospital, which she now owns. Cathy then claims that she wants to see "the hospital succeed". Zayday then accepts her offer and begins working at the hospital.

Zayday then meets her new co-workers Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade, and Dr. Brock reveals to them both how he lost his hand, and got the first hand transplant. Zayday appears sympathetic towards this revelation. After Dr. Brock leaves, Zayday touches Dr. Cassidy's back and says that he "feels like a block of ice". After he leaves, Zayday appears a little freaked out by her new co-workers' revelations.

Later, Zayday, Brock and Cassidy are seen tending to Catherine Hobart, a woman with Hypertrichosis, and Zayday assures her that she will have a normal life, like everyone else. The other two claim that there is nothing that they can do for Catherine's condition, but Zayday is adamant that they try harder. A candy striper named Chamberlain Jackson then appears and tries to cheer up Catherine with a lollipop and manages to upset her by calling her "hairy Mary". Catherine then decides to leave but Zayday convinces her to stay for one more week until they find a cure and she agrees.

Zayday then appears to Cathy's office and asks her to hire some female staff, which gives Cathy the idea to employ the now-poor and disowned Chanels.

While working on laundry, Zayday begins to hear a noise and then the Chanels walk in and towards her. Zayday isn't happy by their unsuspected arrival and screams. They claim that they now work at the hospital and are now medical students, after Cathy gave them a job, however Zayday manages to put aside her feelings towards them and takes them to see their work clothes, but they refuse to wear it, when Dr. Brock appears naked in the shower, exciting Chanel and making her now get ready to wear the clothes that she initially refused, only to get half-naked for Brock to see her. Cathy then appears and introduces the Chanels to Brock. Cathy then goes over their job roles.

Zayday, the Chanels, Brock and Cassidy then appear to offer Catherine good news about her condition, however it's only research by Zayday and not a "real doctor". Zayday then gives her more information about the procedure and Catherine eventually agrees. Zayday calls for them to come to Cathy's office and reveals the incident, where they offended Catherine Hobart and Cathy makes them return to their dorms and a temporarily suspension, until Thursday.

Before Zayday and Cassidy could begin the procedure on Catherine, Chanel Oberlin and Brock appear and reveal that the foods that Catherine eats make her testosterone really high and she needs DHT for the hormone levels to go down and hair will eventually thin. Chanel found a real cure before Zayday and her and the Chanels get back into Cathy's good graces. The Chanels also get new stylish uniforms and go to see Catherine without body hair for the first time, but Catherine isn't happy because she didn't only loose her body hair but all of her hair and is very angry. The Chanels then give Catherine a makeover, while Cathy and Zayday watch in a amazement and both congratulate the Chanels.

Warts and All

Zayday is first seen with the rest of the doctors, having a meeting with new patient Tyler whom is seen with an unusual condition. She also stops Chanel from making fun of him.

Next, Zayday is seen walking the hallways of the hospital when Cathy Munsch stops her and asks her about restaurants. Zayday then goes to see Chamberlain Jackson about Cathy's intentions for the hospital. She also thinks it's suspicious that she was present during the Green Meanie murder of Catherine Hobart. She also thinks that she is guilty of wanting revenge on the chanels.

Zayday discovers missing reports on the hospital during the 80s. Chamberlain and Zayday then continue their research that Chamberlain recieved in the library. It's revealed that the entire hospital staff was murdered during 1986; including Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas by the Green Meanie and the killer was never caught. Ingrid Marie Hoffel then appears and asks Zayday questions about the Chanels. Zayday and Chamberlain then go to confront Cathy about the missing reports on the hospitals dark history. She then accuses Cathy for bringing her and the Chanels to the hospital to take revenge. She denies being the murderer but reveals her real reasons for building the hospital; she has an incurable/unknown condition and wants to find a cure in order to save her own life. Zayday then apologizes and they both hug, while it's shown that Ingrid is overhearing the conversion.

Denise Hemphill is back and is seen with Cathy discussing Zayday's accusations at Cathy and how to prove her innocence and reveal that to "catch a killer, you must get inside the mind of a killer."

Zayday then discovers that Cathy has contracted Kuro from her stay in New Guinea, after eating something that a tribe has given to her. Zayday also tells her that there is no known cure for Kuro and she will die within less of a year. She also makes Zayday and Chamberlain keep it a secret because if they don't the hospital board will fire her. It's revealed that Ingrid has planted a secret recording device in Cathy's office.


Zayday joins the Chanels at their apartment and plays scrabble with Chanel #5 and cracked Hester's code left for Chanel about her skin revealing "nurse" as the clue. The Chanels, Zayday, Cathy and Denise then go Lynn Johnstone, the only remaining survivor of the 1986 massacre at the hospital and only survived due to being on the toilet for a really long time and was paid shush money. He also reveals that he was best friends with Nurse Thomas, who was freaked out by Halloween after what happened the year before when she murdered her patient alongside Dr. Mike. He also reveals that he recently got anonymous phone calls presumably from the killer and thinks he heard a woman's voice and thought it could have been that patients' wife or maybe her unborn child.

The Chanels, Zayday, Denise and Cathy then theorize who the killer is and come to the conclusion that it is a male who is over 6'0" tall and in his 30s. Chanel then suggests that Cassidy could be the killer. But Cathy says Chad, and Denise reveals that he was held back in elementary school for 8 years. Chanel #3 then suggests Chamberlain Jackson which shocks Zayday. Cathy then leaves in a rush to stop Chad Radwell from performing surgery.

Chanel then shows off her new engagement ring from Chad to the Chanels and Zayday and offers Chanel #3 and Zayday to be one of her bridesmaids who accept the offer and asks Chanel #5 to be the ring bearer which offends her. She also tells him that the wedding is tomorrow. Zayday and Chamberlain then congradulate Sheila Baumgartner who is leaving the hospital after being cured when the Green Meanie throws a machete that decapitates Sheila, while Zayday and Chamberlain scream in horror. The Green Meanie then picks up the machete and slashes Chamberlain across the chest and runs away, while Chamberlain survives.

Denise and Zayday then welcome Hester to the basement of the hospital in exchange for her knowledge of the killer and he or she won't come for Zayday. Hester then laughs and tells them that it's too late when Denise demands to know who the killer is.

She is then seen attending Chanel and Chad's wedding, but Chad is appearing late to the alter when Chad's body falls from the ceiling, dead.

Halloween Blues

After Chad's death, Cassidy, Zayday, Denise, Cathy, Brock, and the rest of the Chanels rush over to Chanel at the hospital's morgue to comfort her, while she is literally crying over Chad's body. Denise then makes everyone else leave to examine the body (when in reality she wanted to be alone with the body and vows to find his killer).

Later on, Chanel accuses Denise of being the killer, and Denise then points the blame to Cathy, with her accomplice being Zayday.

After Chanel is attacked by Hester disguised as Ivanka Trump, Zayday bandages a wound on Chanel's leg. As she describes the details of the costume, Chanel #3 and Zayday look at #5, whom they helped in making her Ivanka Trump costume. After having a look in #5's closet, they discover that the costume has disappeared. They then begin to accuse her of being the killer.

Zayday is then seen at the Halloween party with the rest of the staff in her Isis: Goddess of Ancient Egypt costume. Hester then appears dressed as Ivanka Trump, and everyone at the party becomes suspicious, as they are unaware it is Hester wearing the costume. Suddenly, a wave of hospital patients appear in critical condition, and Hester hides away in the crowd, while the staff rush to help the patients after they were all poisoned by apples. Zayday then rushes to get Denise and Chanel who were contacting Chad on the Ouija board.

Dr. Cassidy, Zayday, and Chamberlain later discover that the patients were spiked with DMT when the water for bobbing apples was drugged by the Green Meanie. Zayday then passes the information about DMT to Cathy and Chanel, and explains how they can recover without drastic measures. Zayday also comes to the conclusion that the killer wanted a distraction to kill Denise.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

The Chanels, Cathy and Zayday rush to save #5 after Chanel heard her screams, only to discover Denise's dead body and #5 injured on the floor. Cathy then tells them that they must put Denise's body in the swamp, which Zayday finds crazy, but Cathy thinks it will spare the hospital as the Green Meanie's rising body count could potentially shut down the hospital. However, they hear a scream and rush to discover bodies all around the hospital. Cathy tells the Chanels to get out of their Halloween costumes and asks Zayday to follow her.

Cathy reveals to Zayday that Denise is still alive, with the faintest heart beat and use a cryogenic freezer to preserve her, which Cathy will also use as her plan B if she can't find a cure for Kuru.

Zayday, Dr. Brock and Cassidy, the Chanels (with the exception of #5), alongside Cathy are met with a new patient with an interesting ailment called Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Zayday goes to visit Cathy and shares her concerns that Chamberlain could be the baby from the bathtub, however, Cathy reveals that she never put out an ad on Craigslist and didn't hire him. Zayday goes to investigate the baby's mother, but finds Chanel #5 still injured, who was forced to leave the hospital by Chanel. She then agrees to work with Zayday to find out who the child's mother is.

Zayday and Chanel #5 continue researching the mother of the child, when Zayday discovers a woman named Jane Hollis gave birth to a baby 48 hours after her husband Bill Hollis was thrown into the swamp.

Zayday and Chanel #5 go to visit Jane, and begins to suspect that Hester is living with them and asks #5 about it, however, #5 denies it. Jane reveals to Zayday and #5 that she hasn't heard from her son in years. Zayday believes that Chamberlain isn't her son because she is white, however, before they leave Chanel #5 points out a picture with Jane's husband showing that he is African-American, making Zayday raise her suspicions that Chamberlain could still be the killer.

Zayday then goes to interrogate Chamberlain about lying about being the hospital's candy striper. However, Chamberlain claims that he likes helping people, and the fact that the hospital has a dark history was merely a coincidence. He also promises Zayday that he is a good person.

Blood Drive

The episode begins with Cathy demonstrating the lack of blood within the hospital to the Chanels, Ingrid and Zayday. Chanel #3 then confesses that she has been recycling blood from the Green Meanie's victims. Chanel then suggests a blood drive to get blood donations and Cathy agrees.

Ingrid then gives the staff an announcement, and reveals that the employee who collects the most will be going to blood island, when in reality the island is a horrible place to live, in which she hopes to send the Chanels for being responsible for her sister's death.

While Zayday takes blood from Chanel #5, she gets the idea to take Jane's blood and cross-reference it with the C.U.R.E. staff to find out who the Green Meanie is.

Zayday visits Jane and asks her to donate blood to the hospital, however, Jane refuses and angrily storms off.

Zayday then meets Chamberlain, but is still unsure of him. He tells her that he found out that Bill's blood type was O-negative, but Zayday believes that she can't trust Chamberlain.

After Chanel finally convinces Chanel #9 to donate blood, Chanel briefly leaves #9 unattended, when the Green Meanie appears. Ingrid Marie Hoffel then appears and says that they "are on the same team". The killer takes off the mask, revealing it to be Cassidy. Ingrid tells him that Zayday is close to finding out who he is, and he reveals that he was gonna kill her but he is scared of her.

Chamberlain then reveals to Zayday that Jane's blood type is the same as Bill's after using her saliva. He also reveals that his blood type is AB negative, which can't make him the child's father. Zayday hugs him, relieved to find out he isn't the killer and apologizes for accusing him. Cassidy sneaks into the blood store room, and switches his blood type results with Brock, to get the scent away from Zayday, whom has found out that Bill and Jane's child will only have O-negative blood.

Zayday and Chamberlain then have a meeting with Cathy and Brock, who all begin to suspect him of being the killer, which results in him angrily storming off.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Zayday begins using Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to interact with the C.U.R.E. patients, however, Chamberlain begins stalking them until she asked to speak to him. She tells him about boundaries and that he's coming off as creepy. However, they both change the conversation to the Green Meanie and decide to find the costume maker.

Zayday goes to take a bath in the hospital, however, this was only a ruse to trick the Green Meanie, when in reality she and Chamberlain tricked him, where she shocked him with a taser and Chamberlain tackled him, however, he got away, but Zayday managed to steal a bit of fabric from his costume.

Zayday goes to a fabrics store and meets a weird owner who knows about the Green Meanie's costume. The man revealed that he made three of them; one in 1986, and the other two in recent times. Zayday comes to the conclusion that one of the Green Meanies' is Jane Hollis.

Due to Chamberlain blocking Zayday's number to prevent himself from stalking, Zayday is unable to reach him when she knows who the killer is. Zayday goes to Jane's house to confront her about the killings. Jane reveals that she wanted revenge on the staff for the murder of her husband, and the fact that the police never believed in her drove her to having the costume made to look exactaly like Dr. Mike's. She also reveals that she got her brother to murder the hospital staff, however, he died the following year. Jane reveals that she and her son vowed to kill everyone in the hospital if it ever re-opened, until it's shut down.

Zayday protest that the C.U.R.E. staff or it's innocents patients have nothing to do with her husband's death. Zayday begins to hallucinate because Jane drugged her tea, until she passes out. Zayday later wakes up, trapped.

After Wes is revealed to being the third Green Meanie as part of his revenge on the Chanels because Grace went insane from her experiences at Kappa Kappa Tau, and also killed Chamberlain, Zayday's voicemails for Chamberlain, revealing Jane to being one of the killer's as Wes listens to them.

Lovin the D

In the beginning to the episode, it's revealed that Zayday is still missing by Chanel #3 and #5, but they are unaware that she is in fact kidnapped by Jane.

Zayday is still trapped in the secret well within Jane's house. She hears Cassidy calling out his mom, making her realize that Cassidy is Jane's son, to which Jane sarcastically congratulates her for figuring it out.

After Cathy discovers Wes' burnt body while wearing the Green Meanie costume, she faints and later wakes up surrounded by everyone. Ingrid and Cassidy then place the Green Meanie kills on Wes. Chanel #5 then mentions her concerns of Zayday being still missing as Cathy only realizng this, wants to find her. She also reveals for the first time of her ailment as she is dying with Kuru and it's incurable.

Drain the Swamp

As Jane calls Ingrid for help in assisting her in the Green Meanie murders (since she disowned Cassidy after he retired killing) and is seen watching Zayday, still trapped in the secret well, but with a gag in her mouth, making it harder for her to scream for help. Jane then cuts to the chase and tells her that her son is now "dead" to her and wants Ingrid's help in continuing the Green Meanie legacy, however, Ingrid refuses her help and hangs up.

Jane then feeds Zayday soup and complains that her son isn't doing the right thing since quitting killing. Zayday then tells her that what Cassidy is doing is the right thing as he knows right from wrong, because of Jane. Jane and Zayday then find something in common as both had lost a loved one to other people. Zayday then offers Jane a visit to the hospital to prove that the facility has really changed since her husband was murdered.

Ingrid tricks the Chanels, Cassidy, Brock and Cathy to come to the basement, where she trap them in a cage as she has been planting a fertilizer bomb in the basement. Cathy then realizes that she is the Green Meanie, and then she outs Cassidy as the baby and the other Green Meanie. Ingrid then reveals that her real name is Ingrid Bean, but the Chanels don't remember Ms. Bean, her sister. Ingrid then reminds them that she was Chanel's maid that she killed with a deep fryer. Ingrid becomes adamant that everyone will die and Cassidy will take the blame, however, Zayday appears with Jane, whom has changed her mind on the hospital after seeing that the facility now cares about it's patients. Jane then regrets her part in the Green Meanie conspiracy but Ingrid shoots her in the chest and tells Zayday to drag her body in the cage. As Jane dies, she apologizes to her son for everything and that his father will be proud. Zayday also promises her that the hospital will continue helping the incurable, as Jane passes away. Cassidy then threatens to kill Ingrid. But she knows this is impossible as he is trapped. She then reveals her bomb, and bids the Chanels a life in Hell. Denise Hemphill then appears after her slumber (as Ingrid unplugged the cyro-chamber). Before Denise could catch up Chanel points out the bomb ticking away. Denise then tries her lucky hand at disarming the bomb from her experience watching Quantico and it works.

As Ingrid walks away, everyone gathers and chases after her, grabbing her machete as she runs out of the hospital. Ingrid then throws her machete at Chanel #3, but Cassidy jumps in front of the blade, killing him as he dies in Chanel #3's arms. She forgives him for his murders, but everyone else doesn't see it that way, however, #3 cuts them off. Cassidy then confesses that he truly loves Chanel #3 and dies. The group then chase after Ingrid who then runs into quicksand. Chanel then decides to let her drown, as none of the masked killers actually face justice. Cathy then calls a vote to save Ingrid, but no one agrees and allow her to die, walking away. But Cathy feels bad and goes to save her but it fails and she instantly drowns, dying in the process.

Chanel, Zayday and Chanel #5 then watch as Jane and Cassidy's bodies are taken away by the coroners office. It's revealed that Dr. Brock and Cathy left the hospital (but not together), so Zayday and Chanel #5 are now in charge.


Zayday is intelligent, ambitious and fierce. She is very driven and focused but still knows how to have fun, she is also easy going and up for anything. She is a smart young woman with a genius IQ and does not like her time to be wasted with rude or uneducated people. Zayday does not like sororities but because she is an overachiever, she joins Kappa Kappa Tau so she can run for president and turn the evil sorority into a beautiful welcoming place full of loving sisterhood. Zayday is also a very good loyal friend, she is fun and friendly and loves to hang around with her best friend Grace who also wants to make Kappa a better place. Zayday does not like to hold grudges either as even though she is treated like crap from Chanel very often, Zayday still cares and pities her and knows that Chanel is only emotionally confused and damamged. Zayday is a little bit fearful, as she hides a chainsaw under her bed that her grandma gave her for protection against the Red Devil, and sometimes she gets worried about a few things. But at the same time, Zayday is quite brave and very confident as she will fight the Red Devil whenever she gets the right opportunity to and will never be intimidated by Denise's threats and allegations that she is the Red Devil. Zayday's favorite food are Oakland nachos and her goal in life is to become the president of the United States, which is something she is very focused on achieving.

Zayday has a fun and stylish flair. She is eclectic and hip and loves to wear patterns. Many of her clothes come from Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and Forever 21. She usually wears big earrings and has a navel piercing.


Main article: Chanel-Zayday Relationship
Chanel has hated Zayday since she first joined the sorority, but she is not the only one whom she tried to make suffer during Hell Week, as shown with the other pledges. Zayday also returns her hate on Chanel.

Main article: Denise-Zayday Relationship
Denise began to investigate Zayday and accuses her off being Red Devil, however it is revealed in Haunted House that Zayday began to investigate Denise and found out she was a Kappa during the 80s, but failed to get in due to Kappa's racist standards, causing Zayday to accuse her.

Main article: Grace-Zayday Relationship
When Grace and Zayday first met in Pilot they became really good friends instantly. They show great support for each other, like when Zayday joined Kappa Kappa Tau to accompany Grace. They both want to change the system that the sorority has fallen into and change it into a really big and nice sisterhood. Both seem to be the only members that realize that something strange is going on at Wallace University and want to know what it is.
Main article: Earl-Zayday Relationship
Earl and Zayday became friends in Haunted House as Earl wants to help Zayday become Kappa president.
Main article: Boone-Zayday Relationship
In Haunted House, Zayday was kidnapped by the Red Devil, who held her in his/her lair. In Pumpkin Patch, Red Devil then prepared a dinner date with Zayday, hinting a possible crush. But Zayday did not return these possible romantic feelings and stabbed Red Devil in the hand to escape and preventing herself from finding out why he/she kidnapped her instead of killing her. In Ghost Stories, it is revealed that Boone was lying about being gay and was the second Red Devil, whom had a crush on Zayday.


Season One (13/13)

Season Two (9/10)


  • After Chanel Oberlin, Zayday is the second character to get an offical teaser trailer for the series.[1]
  • She is a fan of the show How To Get Away With Murder.
  • She loves Oakland Nachos, Doritos covered in chocolate syrup.
  • She is the second character to be seen with an official Twitter account; the first being Chanel #2.
  • Brad screwed up Zayday's name as Zadai.
  • Zayday is the first black President of Kappa.
  • She was kidnapped by the Red Devil.
  • Pete follows Zayday on Twitter.
  • She is one of the 10 survivors of the first season.
  • Despite everything that happened in The Final Girl(s), Denise still thinks that Zayday is the killer.
  • The Red Devil (Boone Clemens) was infact in love with her.
  • First seen in Scream Again, Zayday has a tattoo on her arm that says : We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit


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